Well then , what' the real reason for the decline of American shopping mall culture.One school of thought ある特定の考えを持つグループhold that the real reason malls are fading from Americans scene is that there are simply too many of them.The U.S has more retail space per capita than any other country.I've read the reports about malls that are only good for being used as sets for horror movies.I think mall operators have to adapt to changing marketing condtitions if they want to survive.I hear that an increasing number of developers are moving away from standard mall model.They are going for mixed use complexes that often feature outdoor green space.That make sense.I get the feeling that American comsumers are looking for a different kind of shopping experience.So what will happen to the so called ghost malls that we're seeing sprout uo across America.Most of them are being turned into office space,some are being converted centers ,churches or even schools and universities.Not too many are used as sets for horror movies ,I'M happy to report.