12,How do you usually go to the shopping mall?
A,By bus.
B,Not oftenあまり行きません
C,On Saturday.

13,Where can I buy a cup of coffee?
A,No thanks,I'll have a cup of tea.
B,I didn't go anywhere.
C,There is a cafe down stairs.

14,Who's in charge of ordering office supplies?
A,With a credit card.
B,Staples and paper clips.ホッチキスの針とクリップ
C,Ms. Johnson is.

15,When did you start working at the embassy?
A,Almost two years ago.
B,New city hall.
C,Do you have any extra?

16,What can I do to help?
A,Yes, you can.
B,Could you set the table?
C,I do too,

17,Has the new shipment積み荷 arrived?
A,No problem.I'll do it.
B,He took five new ones.新しいのを5つとりました。
C,Yes, it came this morning.

18,Why aren't you working on the report?
A,Sure,I'd like that.
B,It's finished.
C,In my office.

19,Are you ready to order or do you need more time?
A,Just a few minutes please.
B,No I never read it.
C,They usually on time.

20,You want to speak first,don't you?
A,A little faster.
B,No, I' d rather wait until the end.
C,Yes , it was an excellent speach.