For example ,these days it's less common for families to gather around breakfast table at the start of the day.
Very true. The pace of daily life has become much faster and
more frenetic(慌ただしく) Everybody has their own busy schedule.Even kids.
No one has time for leisurely half hour breakfast.
That's right. When I was a kid,binging on (〜を食べたいだけ食べる)
cereal while watching cartoons was a Saturday morning ritual.
Not with today's kids.They've got access to entertainment on demand 24/7 thanks to degital stream.That's another reason sales of boxed cereal have been heading south 低下する)bigtime(ひどく).Plus many consumers are opting for (選ぶ)foods like granola bars..Fresh fruit and yogurt at breakfast time.They want more protein rich breakfast.Based on what I'm learning about the life style preferences of the milennial generation.They are particularly likely to seek healthier breakfast optios.Besides cutting down on 減らす cereal, I recently saw some research showing that Americans are drinking less orange juice,That's a bit of shocker.I always thought Americans start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed OJ, Yeah, I'm surprised too to hear that orange juice is no longer a breakfast stalple for Americans.