They lead the world in that respect.
The average lifespan of Japanese women is 86 years.
Tha's the highest in the world.
And figure for men is just over 80 years.
Impressive.You can't argue with numbers like those.
Yes.Japanese food is simple and healthy to be sure.
Here in America the No.1 health food is yogurt.
It's made by adding bacterial culures to milk and has long been recognized
as a healthy food.But sweet toothed Americans have traditionally recoiled
that the rather tangy taste of the real thing.
Same goes for us Brits.But lately like our American cousins
We've gone off fruits on the bottom on pina calada-floaverd yogurt conconctions.
And explosion of options provided bold(冒険的な) new choices from goat's milk
to Greek style to soy.and even coconut milk yogurts.In the U.S and Europe the
Yogurt that's genetically(一般的に) known as Greek Yogurt has especially taken off
in popularity(人気が出ています) It has a much richer texture and to some extent
a higer protein content and less fat than regular yogurt.Getting back to
declining a sales of traditional breakfast foods. What's the reason for that.
Well, some people say it's because of changes in our culture and lifestyle.