She's opening a box
She's putting on boots.
She's folding some paper.
She's holding a book.

They're meeting in a restaurant.
They're looking at the computer.
They're examining 検討する a document.
They' re filing some forms.(用紙)

The man is pushing a cart.
The man is taking a break.
The man is leaving the store.
The man is closing the door.

Some people are sitting outside.
Some people are watching a movie.
Some people are cutting the grass.
Some people are planting trees.

The men are adjusting microphones.
The men are playing music together.
The men are listening to the lecture.
The men are working in the garden.

There are pictures on the wall.
The tables are coverd with tablecloths.
The chairs are being put away.
The piano is being played

The basckets are empty.
There are baked goods on shelves.
The cabinets are being repaired.
They are buying some bread.

What do you think of the office party?
In the park.
I really enjoyed it.
Next Thursday.