Hey everybody,I'd like to talk about breakfast.
Thanks,Steve, but I have my standard bran(ぬか) muffin
and cup of joe before I went for a run this morning.

No,that's not what I mean. I had my regulation smoothie and bowl of
granola bright and early(朝早くに) too.
Let me run(人に意見を求めて〜の話をする) some numbers by you.
About 9 and 10 Americans ate breakfast regularly back in the '60s.
But five decades later, only a third or so do.

We are looking at a decline of the great American breakfast.
When you put it like that you make it sound like the end of civilization itself.
What's happend to cornflakes and pancakes.

The traditional American breakfast items produced by GLI food operations
aren't selling as well as they used to.
We are looking for answers,and possible alternatives.
One thing that's come up on our rader is Japanese breakfast.
That's where you come in, Seiji.

Sure,Fire Away.(なんでも聞いてください。)
Well , there is a Japanse restaurant on just about(ほとんど) every block in Manhattan.

But only a few places offer Japanese style breakfast.
And there are even fewer local fans of it.

Yes, even hardcore devotees of Japanse quisine often draw the line
when it comes to breakfast.