Tha't actually another bit(一部) of American culture that dissapeared from my life due to living in Japan so long.Just like I don't mind anymore that hardly anyone says bless you after I sneeze.I don't even think asking to take leftover food home from restaurant.For example my husband and daughter and I went to Hawaii in June to see my father,and one night I just couldn't my entree(アントレ、メインディッシュ)at a restaurant.But it didn't occured to ask for a doggy bag until my father suggested it.And I thought Oh, yeah, Americans do that.So we got it packed up.

Personally I think it's bad enough to ask for food off someone else's plate.I've never felt comfortable with that.I think we should always wait for the other person to offer us a bite.But I once knew a guy in the States family friend(家族ぐるみの友人)who would take food off my plate without asking if I said I was done(食事を終えた).I'd always object.But he'd say "you said you finshed.What's the good deal?(何をそんなにさわぐのだ)

We eat a lot of leftovers at home.Not from restaurants.but from dishes that my husband made on previous days.He's also very good at tossing a bunch of leftover ingredients(余ったたくさんの食材を入れて)  into some improvised dish so that odds and ends(残り物)don't go to waste.I was asking for half bowls of rice at my company's cafeteria,because I wasn't eating all of a full bowl,trying to cut calories you know.Lots of people must be doing the same thing,because the cafetria recently introduced small sized bowl.Now I get that all the time.