I eat pretty much everyday usually it's vitamin fortified cereal and a piece of fruit,
but sometimes I go for oatmeal with brown sugar,or toast with peanut butter and
jam on it,those are all very quick to put together - the busy pace of modern life is
definitely a factor in my breakfast habits, and they do a good job of keeping me full
until lunch time.Plus they require absolutely no cooking skills which in my case is a very
important consideration.

I must confess to being a steretypical foreigner when it comes to those two
I know they're very good for you.But I just can't eat Natto and Umeboshi.
I don't like taste.Someone told me a while back it might have been my mother-in-law
that I'd never get sick if I ate a pickled plum everyday, I didn't say so out loud , but I
couln't help thinking ,I'd rather get sick.I'm sorry ,I'm sorry, it's just me. Personally
I can't eat them. I can't believe I got away with this health-wise But every Saturday mornining, I used to eat An Entire Six Pack Of old-fasioned glazed donuts. And remember,these were big American-size donuts,if I tried that today I'd Be Sicked to my stomach immediately. A chilid's metabolism is an amazing thing,isn't It?