plumment 急落する 

I think that' really commendable賞賛に値する.I wish them with their luck with their campaign.
I was taken abackびっくりする to learn the average British restaurant throws out no less than
20 tons food a year.And about 30% of that comes from leftovers.
That's absolutely scandolous.

Same here.But all habits die hard,you know.Conspicous comsumption
(顕示的消費 財力を誇示する為の消費) and waste has been a sign of (〜の象徴)status
and material wealth, through the ages.(時代をとおして )

The statistic  you mentioned about food wastage in Britain reflcetes the broader global
picture(状況).Something like a third of all the food that's produced in the world each year,
is simply thrown away.That works out to (結局〜になる)about a billion tons of food.

That's worth a staggering(莫大な) one trillion dollars.
What really burns me up though,is that all that waste at food be enough to
wipe out world hunger for times over.Americans are some of the worst offenders(違反者).
We toss out(投げ捨てる) about 40 % of the food that's on our plates.

Or about every other piece(2つに一つ) of food  we're served.
That works about to about 2000$ a year down the drain for a family of four.(4人家族)
According to the report I read the other day.