samurai on board not with sword with shamisen.友達の結婚式松山で演奏で着替えるのも面倒だからそのまま bachi,shamisen large pick handle includes lead inside,so I was stopped at baggage check.伊代節の歌詞に「高井の里のていれぎ(刺身のツマになる植物)」とあるのでていれぎが刺身のツマになるなら ○○君は□□さんの妻になるわけですな。とチャンチャン。I performed at friend's wedding. The way of knotting strings of my hakama,traditional skirt like pants's is differnt from usual,I usually tie with cross shaped because only samurai used cross knots. It's called entertainers' way of tie because bridegroom and bride is the protagonists of the ceremony. Tsugaru aiya bushi cotains lyrics of wedding ceremony, so I sang it. あいやの今宵めでたい花嫁姿 親も見とれて嬉し泣きを弾き歌いしました。the lyrics parents shed happy tears to see brid's dress.