銃規制をしたら 携帯電話に銃が仕込まれるとか新しい文化が産まれると思う。



Gun control

The curved shape of whiskey bottles is said to have been invented during the alchol prohibition era
to hide bottles easily in shoes.

As Al Capone succeeded in the black market during the prohibition era,

I think there is little meaning to gun control laws.

Japanese people often talk about U.S gun control, but the right to bear arms is provided in the U.S. constitution.

We are not in a position to talk about another country's constitution.

In Japan , the goverment talks repeatedly about deregulating various laws,

the control sometimes creates a new culture such as the shape of the bottle of whiskey.

Perhaps mobile phone guns might become popular when gun control becomes severe.

I'm sitting on the fence.