津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Welcome to Fayatteville Public Radio.On Today's show we have Nell McCarthy.The author of the best-selling book ,Life in the Brazilian Forest.We'll hear the fascinating story of Ms.McCarthy's experience of moving to Brazil and living in the rain forest to coduct a research on the Amazonian habitatアマゾン川流域の生息環境 on June 16th a feature film based on Ms. McCarthy's book will be released so we'll also explore the challenges of adapting her work into a movie I'd like to welcome Nell McCArthy to our program.

Hi,everyone,the first thing on the agenda this morning is to let you know that there is going to be some mentenace work going on outside our office today .This afternoon our crew's going to be coming to
repaint the line between spaces, in the lot in front of the building
This means that at lunch,we're going to need everyone to move their car either to street parking ,or to the parking garage on Jefferson Street.
I thank you all in advance for getting this done, and I apologize for the late notice it wasn't our decision to have this done today.


There were simplified Japanese in 1930s

This language was made for making Japanese language  easier to speak for non-native Japanese speakers who were living in where Japan occupied .

It's called 協和語 or Kyouwa go, 
whichi literally means concord language 

Of course it's already demolished

We can rarely see it when Chinese in comic book speaks Japanese as an exaggeration











協和語 が元になっているそう。

私 中国人 有る



Wildwood National Park Trails
Ridgeway Loop 8.2 Kilometers
Enjoy views of the Meramec River from the top of
Villa Ridge.This moderate trail involves a steady incline to the top of the ridge followed by a clear trail that loops back and descends to the south parking lot

Eureka slope
treck up the side of Eureka Bridge
This difficult trails features rocky terrain 地勢 and intermittend断続的な steep inclines with views of Pacific Palisades Valley.
The trailhead登山口 can be found 100 meters north of ranger station

This trail streaches along the bank of the Meramec River The flat trail begeins at the south parking lot and ends at Pacific Palisades Park

Hollow Falls Trail
Beginning behind the main pavilion 休憩所 the easy trail streaches throug the Wildwood Forest and ends at Hollow Falls.Picnic and barbecue areas can be found along the way.

This month's nature walk take place this Saturday During last month's trip to Rockwood Canyon a number of people expressly特に mentioned interest in seeing the Meramic River so we'll be meeting at Wild National Park this time .Please arrive at South parking lot by ,, I have attached a park map for your reference.

Be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water We will be hiking for 5-6 hours the trail is a little steep in placesところどころ

Due to flooding caused by recent rain storm,s The River's Edge trail is closed until further notice Please avoid this trail and any areas near the bank of the Meramec River until the floodwater recede. Floodwaters alos damaged the south parking lot, which is now closed for repair
Please park in the West Parking lot follow the ranger path to reach the trails normally accessed from the south parking lot

津軽三味線 義太夫三味線 撥 違い


Right Gidayu Shamisen Bachi(pick) 150g
Ivory (tip)
Whale bone(handle)

Left Tsugaru Shamisen Bachi(pick) 300g
Bekko,or turtle shell (tip)




Our companies annual health fair will be taking place next week
I'm excited to tell you that this year you'll able to meet indivisually with a nutritionist to ask questions about your diet.And get personal(*past on)nutrition plan.What an opportunity.How could you miss this i hope everyone will have time to participate Oh and we're asking that you singn up ahead o time on the sheet posted in the break room. We need to know how may of you will be attending


I have just a couple more things to mention before we end today's meeiting.I know this is already a busy time for all of us nature guide here at Greenwood State preserve,but with vacation season coming up,we're expecting more visitors to accomodate the increase in tourism,
We'll be keeping the park open 2 hours later in the summer.This means that extra shift will be availale for all parking employees , so please let your supervisor know if you're interested in working more hours.
Also, i you lean groups on the hiking trails.Remember that the Wild Flower Trail is still close due to renovations on the bridge


Hello , Mr.Callahan This is Connnor from Ballyway hotel in Dublin
about the company retreat you hooked with us for the first week of October.I'm calling to confirm that you're still reserving a block of rooms for 30 people.If the number has changed at all
please let me know.also I know you're considering a welcome dinner for the first night of the meeiting. if you're stll interested in that you can view our menu options on a hotel's Web site. Please give me a call that when you have a chance.The number is 5550101



@Shamimaster Shishidoさん送ってくれてありがとうございます〜。

It's here-! The paulownia wooden storage I've always wanted for my shamisens! Now I can take them out with ease!


Hello, I've called 召集するthis meeting of the software development team to share some good news.We've alreadly exceeded our sales projections fo the new software,and I' like to thank you all for the late nights and weekends you spent woking to design such a great products
So the management has decided to give you all a bonus. which will be included inyour next paycheck Thanks again for your exceptinal work


This Saturday,local guitar maker 制作者Adriana Villalobos fufills a lifeling dream of opening her own guitar shop.
Located at Barton Road, The Acousti Galleria has been a work in proggress for many years長年に渡って取り組んできたことの成果である

Just days after her 18th birthay, a young Ms.Billalobos won a blue ribbon最高賞 in the woodwork cateory at the Norton County Fair in Los Cielos. Texas The table she desinged featured detailed inlay work that impressed both the judges and a renowned Los Cielos guitar designer,Javier, Torrez,who offered her an apprenticeship in his studio, Maxio Nivel Music. This early apprenticeship allowed Ms.Villalobos to combine her woodworking skills with another passion - musci

I grew up playing the guitar.so I was excited to learn how to make my own instruments, It was during the apprenticeship that she was able to develop special inlay techniques which involves inserting finely but pieces of wood into guitar fretboards and bodies to create beatiful decorative designs on guitars
Since the apprenticeship, MsBillalobs has spent five years honing 磨く her craft and selling her guitars to boutique music shops
Now that Acoustic Galleria is opening, the guitars will be sold only at the Barton Road location and at,
The store will also house her workshop and classroom for music lessons.Patrons 顧客at Saturday's grand opening will be treatedもてなされるto demonstrations of inlay work and guitar-shaping techniques

Thank you for sending me the ling to,,, about the opening of your shop
I'm deligted that you have achieved this big goal . From the time I first met you at our studio,so many years ago, I knew you had a special talent for making instruments. I've seen some of the instruments that you a have crafted in recent years from online pictures, and they are of the highest quality. You've come such a long way.Javier and I are proud that your started out 一歩を踏み出す with us

We may be traveling to Austin in September If so, we will make a point of 必ず visiting you there at your new shop




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