津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Don't we have a conference call at 10:00?
No, only four.
A voice message
It's been canceled.

Can you unlock this supply cabinet for me?
He's not in today.
Some notebooks and pens.
Sure, I have a key.

What are your store's hours of operation?
That's a great opporunity.
We're open weekdays from 9 to 5
We don't anymore in stock.


Sonia works at movie theater ,doesn't she?
Yes, she sells tickets there.
The film wasn't bad.
It worked out perfectly.


A new lighting system has been installed in the admininistrave offices,replacing the older , less efficient one.

Dr. Patel is considered to be one of today's most influential economic policy analists by others in the field.

The traffic patterns descibed in the report pertain exclusivly to automobile driver's and do not apply to motorcylists.

Event planners noted that attendance at last night's awards ceremony was discouragingly low.

Parnpradub Graphic Design required that employees possess advance technical expertise ,including proficicincy in numerous computer programans.


When are you delivering your speech?
It got there quickly.
The speakers weren't working.
At a conference in May

Where is the manger's office?
Right across the hall.
Turn it off when you leave.
I can manage.

Who wrote the finance summary?
Yes,all summer.
One of our accountants.
On the front page of the brochure.

Our new business cars have just come in
How do they look?
Maybe in the mail room.
Thanks,I'll do that.

How often should the shipping records be updated.
Wait right here.
Twice a week.
It's a sensible plan.


Ceremony of getting a stage name of Oyama school of tsugaru shamisen,
Like martial art's black belt ,students are given stage names .

My students name is Senkuu and Wasabi

given one chinese charcter from their teacher.










Which hotel are you staying at?
Four nights.
I made a reservation
The Marine Inn.

Is the train on time?
Track number 3
Sorry I don't.
No, it's running late.

When will the painters be here?
This afternoon
Just the walls
In several different colors.

Would you mind chaging seats with me?
Not at all.
I couldn't find it
The second row

Who's in this photo with you?
Let' take one together.
My college Ms. Silvestro.
Jeffery said so.


To adjust the volume of Sharpe sound microphone,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines, La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience.

To protect the camera lens,be sure to reattach the lens cover when returning the camera to its case.

The board of directors will vote at today's meeting on the plan to merge with Fray publishing.

So far this quater regional sales of compact cars have surpassed industry analyst's predictions.

Any mechanical malfunction exercise equipment should be reported to the gym mangager without delay

Leroy-Bomtempts researched consumer preferences around the nation as part of the development of its low-calorie beverage products.

For one week only, Leah's Boutique is offering a 20% discount on all summer clothing items.

A marketing survey can help a company to identify potential customers as well as analyze its competitors

Redbury Town Library has received nearly 5000 euros in contributions over last twelve monts.


Yanakawa shamisen , the thinest neck shamisen. the neck is thinner than hosozao.

It's used for traditional Jiuta.





To adjust the volume of Sharpe Sound microphone ,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unusual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines ,La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience in the city.

He's cooking food at the stove
He's taking items out of the drawer
He's picking up the tray of desserts.
He's putting food in a refrigerator.

The women are removing a file from a cabinet.
A woman is trying on a pair of eyeglasses
The women are looking at an open binder.
A woman is walking towards a desk.

Some charis have been set outside.
Water is splashing onto a balcony.
A table cloth has been folded up.
The umbrella is lying on the table.

A man is installing a light fixture.
A man is using a controll panel
A man is positioning a microphone.
A man is sipping water from the bottle.

Some people are seated in the lecture hall.
Some people are talking on mobile phones.
There are windows on one side of the passage way
There are plants arranged along a railing.

Workers are assembling equipment in the lobby,
A vehicle's rear door is raised.
The men are leaning against a column.
Items are being wheeled into a van.

People are carrying marchandise up the stairs.
People are pushing a display case against a wall.
Broken dishes are being swept into a corner.
Potterie's being exibited on a shelving unit.


Williamstown Borough Bikes is open on weekdays from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

All Dokgo Design Employees should update their timesheets daily.

A streeet map and travel guide are available on the city's official Web Site ,

Factory test have helped Zubiri Footwear to improve its design of its pupular Airwing running shoe.

The mayor of Pipersville has not yet reviewed the proposal to expand Grey Park

Please consult the owner's manual before using your Kivi Craft oven for the first time.

Tonight's speech will be followed directly by a reception for Bluebonnet Travel Services' new vice president.

Caritas Kithcen Accesesories is best know for its line of dependable coffee makers.

Comments or suggestions concerning our dining service are welcome.

Estway Theater's advertising strategy has been to rely directly on degital media


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