津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Hi, Ms.Long,This is Jacob from the landscaping company

I'm afraid we won't be able to start working on your garden tomorrow,

The weather report's showing that it will be heavy rain.

YOu know I'm going to be out of town for two weeks , starting this Thursday

I wanted to give you a key to the gates so you'd be able to keep working while I'm gone.

OK, then what if I come by tomorrow anyway  just  to pick up the key,
If you wouldn't mind, I'll be at home at 10:30 in the morning.


Hi Victoria,It's Kwame from the clinic I know you're not scheduled to work today,but you think you can come in, we' re getting very busy over here.I'm afraid I can't , Kuwame,I'm presenting at the patient care work shop this morning.Oh, I didn't realize you're presenter.Well, good luck with that?I'm sure you'll do great,Hey, why don't you call Greg?I know he's interested in picking up extra shifts?I'm sure he will be happy to come in.What does the man ask the woman to do?Give him a ride to work?Write a letter of recommendationCome in to work on her day offPick up a prescripitionWhy is the woman unavailableShe is having her car repairedShe is giving a presentationShe is out of townShe has a doctor's appointmentWhat does the woman suggest?Contacting a colleguePostpone a meetingChaging a workshop locationFinding a different vendorSeveral letters of reference 推薦状from local community organizationare required for acceptance into Cypress Beach Business Assocication


Hi all, I'd like your input.Jovita Wilson in sales just told me her client, Mr.Tran
wants us to deliver his order a week early.
Can we do that?

If we rush , we can assemble the hardwood frames in two days.
And my department needs just a day to print and cut the fabric
to cover the cushion seating.

But initially you need the designs , right?
My team can finish that by end of day today.

OK, we'll be ready for the finishing steps by end of day on Wednesday.
Alex, once you have the fabric, how long will it take to build the cushions,
stuff them,and attach them to the frames.

That will take two days. if my group can set aside regular work to do that.
I can authorize that. Bill, how long will it take your department to package the order
and ship it?

We can comlete that on Monday morning.
Great. thanks all. I'll let Jovita know so she can inform the client.


Yee-Yin Xiong held interviews with numerous clients to dertermin how Echegary Consulting, Inc. , can improve customer service.

Your validated registration card provides proof of ownership in case this product is lost or dameged.

Rather than wearing formal attire , staff may choose to wear casual clothing instead.

Hi Julie, How's the recruitment project going?
What progress has been made in finding new employees?
Well , on Tuesay, I met with department manager to talk about what kinds of skills they'd like new team members to have.Now I'm adding this information to the job descrpitions and we'll be posting them soon.Great..The sooner you can advertise the available positions ,the better.We've take on so many new clients recently that we'll need more staff to complete all the work.


HI, I'd like one ticket for the jazz concert at 7 o'clock.
I'm sorry ,but there are no more tickets for tonight's concert.
We do have some seats for the same performance this weekend,though.
Are you interested in that show?
I won't be here then. I'm just in Vancouver for a friends birthday
cereblation. And I fly back home tomorrow.
Do you have anyother suggestions for things to do?ほかにすることで
Well, why don't you go to the Roussel Museum instead?
It's nearby and have a wonderful exibit on Chinese Caligraphy.
I just saw it myself last weekend.

What does the man say about  the concert?
It has been moved
It is sold out.
It received good news
It has already started.

Why is the woman in Vancouver?
To look for a new house
To take part in a seminar
To go to a party
To attend a sports game.

What does the man recommend doing?
Seeing a  museum exhibit
Going on a walking tour
Trying a popular cafe
Visiting a historic site.



Ninja was also called as ' Shinobi'

Shamisen's mute bridge is called Sinobi Koma.

It's because Shinobi Koma is the bridge which is used by Ninja to assasinate people.

Just kidding.

For more information,
The phonto right is the folk art in Iwate Prefecture, horse doll made by straw is also called 'Shinobi Koma'.That's a coincience.



これは 昔 忍び(忍者)が大名を暗殺する為に



ちなみに岩手県に伝わる  藁で作った 馬も、



Maria Ortiz
Hayes Polytecnic University

19 Chamboro Road

Dear Mr. Ortz,

The Melbourne Groundwater System Corporation MGSC,has approved
your request for a two-year grant of 65,000$ to reserach the impact of indutry
on groundwater resources in the Melbourne region.
Please note that there are a few requirements that must be met before
we can release these funds to you.

First, your proposal indicate that the balance of the funding needed to complete
your project will be provided by Akuna Allied Bank, and that you expected the loan
approval by 15 April. Please provide us with the copy of the loan agreement you have
with this bank.

Also on or about 5 May we will send the standard MGSG contract to you
This document stipulates that you will submit a quarterly status report throughout the
course of the project and that MGSC will not supply any additional funds
 beyond the initial grant amount. please sign and return the contract to us.

Please note that MGSC requires a detailed list of all personnel diretly involoved in the project,
their resumes and certifications and their estimated fees.見込み報酬額
All documentation must be received in one packet no later than 1 june.



ヨミタイム に載りました♪

I appeared on the newspaper in NYC, yomi time.






▼ JR八王子北口ユーロ―ドイベント「アートムーチョ」

 日時: 2016年11月6日(日)15時30分(演奏時間30分)※雨天中止
 場所: JR八王子北口ユーロ―ド沿いイベント会場
 集合時間: 15時(演奏開始時間30分前)
 集合場所: JR八王子北口ユーロ―ド沿い「ドン・キホーテ」前(イベント会場手前)
 曲目: 雲上の桜、じょんがら節(六段〜七段)、夢の輪(箏曲)

出演 獅子道 助演 大友美由奈(箏)


Hi Christine, do you know if any office supplies were delivered today? We're out of color toner for the printers.I didn't see anything arrive,I'm a bit worried because I can't print out my color handouts for this afternoon, I have to go to a meeting in a few minutes ,but I have the tracking number for the order , How about I forward it to you so you can follow up.

What is the man asking about?

The deadline for a project
The status of a delivery
The location of a meeting
The amount of an invoice

Why is the man concerned?
He cannnot print some documents
Some files are missing
The wrong items were sent.
The shipment was canceld

What does the woman offer to send the man
A model number
A cost estimate
A tracking number
A brochure




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