津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Ok, sir,your total for these two shirts is $45 Oh, wait, I have a discount
coupon I want to use while it's still valid.I think I've got it  here somewhere.

Oh,here it is.Ok, thanks.Hmm, looks like the computer isn' t accepting it.

Let me take a look.

Ah, I see the problem.
Is it ok if I go back and browse a bit more to see if there's anything else
that I need?

Certainly.I can keep these shirts here at the register for you if you would lile.

shamisen busking

in central park



Product Development staff

Saud Dawodu

Product Expansion

Dear Product Development Team,

As you may know from recent sales reports for Aswebo Toys,
our products are enjoying great success in  international markets.
The response to our electronic and handcrafted wooden toys has been very favorable.

We have, in fact,had several request from a few of our principal clients to expand the number
of wooden toys we currently make for children from birth to age five.

Consequently,in an effort to assess the prospects for Aswebo toys,future growth in this area,

the management team has decided that our company will,as a preliminary step,準備段階

produce one new item intended for the early-childhood market.Belinobo Consulting
has been hired to conduct market research on the type of toy that we will introduce.
Using the results of their product study,the prototype will be refined 改良する
and put on the market as soon as it is feasible to do so.

This plan presents our company with an exciting opportunity.
I'm certain we can count on your dedication and initiative.

Prepared Aswebo Toys アスウェボ 玩具向け
By Belinobo Consulting

Building set 組み立てブロック

Survey respones were collected from 120 participants.
all of whom are parents of children in the focus age group.
Participants were first asked which toy they would be most likely to purchase.

They were then presented with one prototype from each category
and asked the same question a  second time.

They were given to survey participants to keep


 Excuse me, I'm trying to change my diet.

And I want to eat something differnt for breakfast.

You know,something healthier. like maybe yogurt,

Is there a yogurt that's low in calories but also has

a lot of protein?We have a lot of options you might like.

Here's one of our most popular brands of blueberry yogurt.

See , there is a lot of protein.Mmm. Nice.But my doctor told me
I shouldn't eat a lot of sweet foods.

and it would put me over the daily amout he recommended.
That's more than 30 grams.

In that case,I suggest buying the plain version of this yogurt.
Adding your own fresh fruit.

Why is the man looking for a certain product?
He want to eat healty food.
He is allergic to particular ingredient.
He had a coupon for a discount.
He had a favorite brand.

Which of the ingredients does the man express concern about?
Sodium ナトリウム

What does the woman suggest the man do?
Try a free sample
Go to a larger branch
Speak with his doctor
Purchase a diffrent item.


How is the meeting?


We talked about the ways to increase sales.

And, seems like we tried everything.
Well ,radio advertising's pretty effective,
though I can't believe how much they charge.

but one guy talked about easy changes to store layout.
They just moved some displays around and
it really made a difference.
I've ofen thought we should move the shoe department from the back of the store
to the front.

so it's across from the store entrance.
and here's an even better idea.put the shoes next to the fitting room.
If people are trying on cloths in the fitting rooms, they all probably
want to get the shoes at the same time.

じょんがら か じょんから か どちらが正しいか

Jongara Bushi is the most famous repatoire in Tsugaru Shamisen.

Some musicsheet say 
Tsugaru 'Jonkara' bushi

But now we mostly pronounce as 'Jongara'

Which is correct Jongara or Jonkara?

The reason why we have two way of pronunciation is below.

We pronounce as 'Jongara' when Jongara Busi was born.

The pronunciation 'Jonkara' had become popular around 1965 because Jonkara is easier to pronounce because after World War II, Jongara Bushi had become faster.

But performers trained before WW II in Tsugaru region,
pronounce as 'Jongara' , so back to the origin,

we have become pronounce as Jongara.

じょんがら か じょんから か

たまに楽譜を見ると  じょんから


竹内勉 じょんがらと越後瞽女


じょんから と発音した方が歯切れ良くひびくので、


しかし 戦前に修行した津軽の芸人は、ずっとじょんから節と発音してきた。

と言う訳で じょんがらと表記する。






Hi Verbara, Nice to run into you.We've missed you since you left our real estate.Yes,it's been a while.That was a big decision to change companies,but I like my new job a lot.That's great.How's the work different from what you did with us.Well, I only handle commercial properties 商業物件 but I like being able to focus on one area.
hey, I just had an idea.I'm organizing the annual for the real estate association this August and I'm sure everyone would like to hear your speak about carreer move.
I'd be happy to.Here's my business card.
Just let me know the details.

How do the speakers know each other.
They live in the same area.
They met at a professional conference
They used to work together.
They went to the same university.

What does the woman say she likes about her job?
Using her creativity
Specializing in one area.
Earning bonus pay.
Having the chance to travel

What does the woman agree to do?

Apply for a promotion昇進を志願する
Describe a carreer change.
Print out some business cards
Look at a property for sale


HighBrook Library
42 Doring Street
Norwich, CT 06360
April 23
Mr. Jack Vogel
Ellicottt Office Suppliers
181 Foss Street
Norwichi, CT 06360
Dera Mr.Vogel:

On behalf of the Highbrook Library,
I would like to my sincere thanks for your generous gifts
The three computers you donated from your store along with the five computers and they are almost always in use.
In our last conversation you had asked how the library staff would control use. We have decided to allow libraly members to use a computer for free for two hours.Nonmembers pay $2 for an hour of use. We also ask all patrons to book a computer in advance because of the high demand.

In addition, your monetray donation has allowed us to extend our hours.The libraly is now open until 8:00 Monday- Thursday , which has led to a growth in membership by permitting more people to visit when their workday is over.

This policy also helps stuedents who want to use libraly resourse aftern school.We have even had several book clubs for that meet in the evenings. Perhaps you would like to joing one

Next year we will be investigating the possiblity of adding a small cafe on the first floor near the community meeting room .

We hope you will consider contributing this project as well,if it seems promising. you will recieve more information in the future about it!


on board soon! We can be in board with priority with a baby . 

Baby can be on board from 4 days old after born.




羽田 ニューヨーク便

ANA's Haneda to New York has started their service recently, so it will take the half time as before.









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