津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。





Tsugaru Shamisen's skin is traditionally, Dog's skin. It's because Japanese ate dogs and cats 400 years ago. Good resonance synthetic skin was developed recently , but yet not so popular,

Dogs skin are imported from animal health center in Japan about 10 years ago, but now animal rights objected it, so it stopped.

Now it is imported from Thailand. but also in Thailand , the manufacturers were cracked down , so dogs skin is now disappearing.



2010年の時点で同和問題を扱う サイトで、










[20:07:05] Teacher Elliott: Tsugaru Shamisen traditionally uses dog’s skin.
[20:07:54] Teacher Elliott: This is because dogs and cats were a part of the Japanese diet 400 years ago.
[20:08:24] Teacher Elliott: Good resonance synthetic skin was developed recently but still hasn’t gained popularity.
[20:08:35] Teacher Elliott: still has not*
[20:10:04] Teacher Elliott: Dog skin has been imported from animal health centers in Japan about 10 years ago. Their use has now been objected by animal rights activists.
[20:11:46] Teacher Elliott: Although Thailand manufacturers have been importing dog skin for a short time, there has been a crackdown that halted it’s production.
[20:14:09] Teacher Elliott: exporting
[20:15:18] Teacher Elliott: Because of this, dog skin for Tsugaru Shamisen has been disappearing.

dragon ball

Please share me your power! Spirit bomb !? lol



Hello, Welcome to the visitors center at Moutainside Park.

My name is Josephiene and I'll be guiding your hike today.

Normally we'd be taking the Heron trail to the picnic area.
but the second part後半 of that trail is closed for maintenance
this week.so instead, we'll be starting out on the Heron Trail and
changing over midway to the Pine trail as you can see here on the map.
We'll break for our lunch at the end of the Pine trail then we'll take the Sunset
Trail back to our starting point .It's supposed to be sunny today.so it's a good idea
to put on some sunscreen and wear a hat

Who most likely are the listners?
Maintenance workers
Bus drivers
Park Rangers公園の監視員

Where will the lisners be unable to go today?
The north lake
The picnic area
Butterfly garden
the visitor center

What does the woman encourage the listners to do?
Bring a map
Check the weather forecast
Store their belongings 所持品を保管する
Use sun protection.


Let's talk about this year's financial goals.
So さて Sandara rentals,and Wilminton Limited still are biggest sources of income.And That's great. それは素晴らしいことですBut our other accounts 得意先 are important , too.They could bring in a lot more money than they do now今より多くの利益をもらたす and this is what I want to emphasize.We have to get our smaller clients より小規模なクライアントにto sign on for 契約bigger advertising campaigns.That's where you come in. 皆さんの出番です。
I'd like each of you to tell me how much your clients paid for this advertisement we created for them over the past year.I'll send out the e-mail with an example so you can see exactly what inforamtion is incluede in your report

What does the speaker wants to focus on this year?
Increasing staff members
Targetting smaller businesses
Reducing operating cost 運営コスと削減
Attracting new clietns

What does the speaker request help with?
Greeting clients
Collecting payments 徴収する
Gathering date
locating resumes 見つけだす

What will the listners receive by e-mai
A work shcedule
A confirmation number
Sample number
An employee roster 名簿


Shamisen Capotast with sawari Mieikyo Kase 東さわりつき かせ(三味線用カポタスト)明鏡かせ 秋田大黒舞を1尺5寸(F)で唄う人がいるので買いました。


This is Charlie Swift from channel 14 news
I'm standing outside Granger Electronics this morning.
where hundreds of people have spent hours waiting to buy the new earliest
7D mobile phone available starting today.
Some began waiting in line as ealiest as four AM
From the look of itこの光景を見ると you think they were giving the phones
away 無料で配る Now the earliest 7D is the significant upgrade
著しく進化したもの from previous phone models.
but the feature consumers are most excited about is its water protective coating
The new phone's design ensures that it is fully functional if it comes in contact with water.

What is happening today
An art campaign is being launched
A store is opening new branch
A product is being release in stores
A clearance sale is beginning.

What does the speaker mean
when he says From the look of it, you'd think they were giving the phones away


Books byJames Trozelli

The History of Jeans
Where did it all begin? Trozelli visually chronicles the evolution
of jeans through the centuries , from working wear to high fashion.

Look Past the Runway.
Trozelli captures the creative process from some of the top desingers
from NewYokk City to Paris.Spanning almost twenty years,the book is filled
with Trozelli's photgraphs and shows what goes on in fashion houses 高級服のメーカー
before desings are ready for runway ステージ

Growing into Clothes:My story
An amusing memoir回想録 about growing up in the fashion world.Trozelli
writes about his unconventional 型破りな upbringingしつけ in New York City
with Parents who began as fashion models before launching their own desing label.

Yards of Talent. A Decade of Style
A collection of Trozelli's images spanning a decade of fashion and revealing what
was in style, what was out of style,and then what was back in style again.

On the table
Host Amanda Fry talks about the latest super foods 優れた食品 what they are,
what they offer, and how best to prepare them.Featured recipes will be available
on Website after tonight's show.

Host Britta Jung interviews photographer and authors Trozelli
about what prompted him to write his latest book about his childhood.
He shares stories about what it was like to grow up in the world of fashion

Tech Talk
Host Lewis Pierce foucus on electronics.He discusses products that are
really innovative and useful and identifies明らかにする those that are not.

I discovered BTW radio over 20 years ago and have been a regular listener
of your evening programming for at least a decade. I just waneted to say
how much I enjoy your newest offering . I've been interested by many of the
authors that have been featured on the show so far,but last evening's guest
was especically entertaining. I remember James when he was a little boy.
I worked with his parents when they lived in New York.
and I recall seeing James in his parents' studio most days after he got out of school.
I was surprised to learn that he was written about his childhood,and I look forward to
reading his new book.
Thank you for excellent program.

What is the common feature in all of Mr.Trozelli's books?
They contain fashion photographs..
They focus on famous models
They are set in New York City
They follow events over multiple years.

What is indicated about candid now?
It is broadcasted everymorning at 7:00
I was recently added to BTW radio
It is hosted by Amanda Fry
It was moved to a new time

What is probably true about Ms.Ogilvie?

She was worked in the fashion hisoty
She has interviewed Mr. Trozelli
She was featured on Tech Talk
She hosts  a radio program


Hello NY friends ! I'll be NYC again in November 17th to 21st.

At November 17th 8:30 pm at Tenri Cultural Hall, http://www.tenri.org/general/directions.shtml

I will perform!

If anyone who want to try shamisen during my stay, feel free to ask me. I offer free trial lesson, and you can continue to learn shamisen on skype!


11月17日 夜8時半には 天理教文化ホールにて演奏します。

滞在中 三味線を弾いてみたいという方は、無料体験レッスンも行っておりますので、気軽に連絡してください。



Anwei,thank you so much for helping set up for the party after last night's theater
performance. I couldn't have done without you.
And the spicy dishes you brought was  delicious.
You have got to tell me where you found the recipe.
Everyone really liked it and you didn't look too complicated
Anyway, I guess I'll see you Monday.I think we have rehearsal together
to for Elia Grande's new play.
I'm really excited to get started.
Why is the woman calling?
To express her gratitude
To ask for a favor
To discuss an assignment 課題について
To report some good news
What does the woman imply when she says
You have got to tell me where you found the recipe
She wondered if some gredients are local
She would like to make the dish herself
I needs a restaurant recommendation
She cannnot find the recipe in the cookbook

Why is the woman looking forward to MOnday
She is going to see a play
She is taking a friend to lunch
Some results will be available
A new project will start




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