津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Oh, no, that's a problem.NO it's ok. because the Selwin 10 has a similar desigin .And the instruction should be nearly the same.Great. Could you send me the instructions?MY address is,Actually the manual for Selwin 10 in on our website. I can send you you the link so you can download it
What does the woman mention about Selwin
It is easy to use.
It is an earlier model
It is well designed.
It is very popular.

What does the man request?
A warranty
A reimbursment.
A replacement part 部品
An instruction manual.


Ms. Seema Nishad
Yadav Engineering Ltd.

7100 B-4 Pratap Bazar
Luhihana 141003

Dear Ms. Nishad:

I am writing to you to participate in the India Materials Engineering
Association's (IMEA)trade show this year. As always, the event will proide extensive opportunities for networking.

Many vendors have already reserved booths.However,there are other ways to promote your company.Those who sponsor a meeting or provide refreshments receive special acknowledement 謝辞 in the program.

Enclosed please find informatiion regarding the trade show.It includes pricing details for reserving a booth.

placing ads and sponsoring an event, in addition to a list of past participants. We hope you decide to join us this year If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail.

We have placed your ad in the brochure.
Your participation in the event will be at no cost.
Your presentation is scheduled for the first day.


Excuse me, I'm sorry to disturb you,I came to use a library computer, but I forgot my library card,and I can't log on without it.Oh, that's all right.Let me look up your account in our database,Do you have any other identification with you?Well , I have my driver's license,it has my name and address on it.Ok, that's fine.I'll give you a password so you can access the computer now.

but you won't be able to use it after today.

What does the man want to do?
Sign up for membership
Use a computer
Make a telephone call.
Borrow some materials

Who most likely is the woman?
A librarian
A security guard
A software developper
A sales person販売員

What does the woman say she will give the man?
An application form
An internet address
A business card
A temorary password.


Hi I'm calling to book a train ticket from London to Ediburgh please.I'd like to leave around 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning,Certainly , sir.I can reserve a seat for you on the train departing for Edingburgh at 10:30 The cheapest fair is 85 pounds .Ok I'd like to buy that ticket ,please.I'd also like to find out whether there is a room on the train for passengers to take bicycles.自転車を持ち込む Yes, there is.But it will cost 3 pounds more to reserve a space for your bike.
Where most likely does the woman work?
At an airport
At a bicycle shop
At a train station.
At a taxi stand タクシー乗り場

Why is the man calling?
To find out the hours of operation.調べる
To schedule a service 運行予定を決めるため
To reserve a ticket.
To inquire about a delay.

What does the woman say will cost extra?

Transporting a bicycle
Traveling during a rush hour.
Changing a reservation.
Upgrading to business class.

Some merchandise has been lost.
Some clothing is the wrong size.
An item is damaged.
An order has not arrived.

Issue a refund 払い戻しを行う
Reduce a price
Speak to a manager.
Check the inventory


I love this jacket.
Do you have another one just like it?
I'm afraid that's the last one we have in medium.
Is there something wrong with it?
There is a small tear on the seam 縫い目 of the left sleeve.
But it really like it a lot.
Well if you buy a jacket as it is,そのままの状態で
Then I can offer you a deal because of the tear.
How does a 20 % discount sound?

Where most likely is the conversation taking place?
In a clothing store.
In a furniture factory

Some marchandise hase been lost

For the first time, the Oakville Library is conducting a survey
to learn how it can better meet the needs of the public.人々
The information gathered from the survey responses will help
guide its five-year plan. This plan covers programming,services,
and materials.
The survey can be completed online at ,,, Visitors also pick up a copy
of this form at the ciculation desk図書館の貸し出し返却カウンター on the
first floor. Library patrons図書館の利用者 are strongly encouraged to
complete the survey . The Oakville Library is open  Monday to Friday
from 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M and Satuday and Sunday from
1:00 P.M ti 5:00 P,M. For more information call 555-0130

The questions are the same as those used five years ago.
Patrons of the library are welcome to the event.
Membership will renewed after five years.







A shamisen student in Florida on Skype posted the movie of the lesson on skype.

You can improve shamisen to this level only on skype!

We offer shamisen lesson on skype and English!



You'd better call the technician to repair the photocopier.
Yes,over night delivery.翌日配達便です。
Hopefully it won't take him too long,
Double-sided copies , please.

I don't know which computer model to buy.
What features are most important to you,
Because mine stopped working.
No, I won't get it for a while.しばらくは買わないつもりです。

Didn't you see the reiew of our retaurant?
I haven't had time to read it yet.
There is a great view from the dining room.
A reservation for lunch on Saturday.


Are you riding your bike to work today?
Alfonzo's writing the book.
Only if the weather is nice.
Yes, I'd like to work there.

When do you think will here if he won the John's account
When do you think we'll hear いつわかるかif we've won the Jones accountジョーンズ社との取引

I lost my accounting manual.
One of our biggest clients.
Ms. Watson might already know.


Didn't Daniel accept the job offer?
He'll let us know tomorrow.
We expect a  large crowd.
Yes,I will.

That building's still under construcion, isn't it?
Maybe the site manager.現場監督者です。
Yes, it's due to be finished in October.
Yes, it's on level 6.

Have we changed a paper supplier?
A large inventory.大量の在庫です。
I'm not sure.
In the cupboard there. 戸棚の中です。

Who's exhibiting in the Central Art Gallery next month?
Yes, it opens at 7 P.M.
My friend Aziz is coming , too.
It's group of young Japanese artists.

Shall we repaint the lobby or the boardroom?役員会議室
There is some in the closet.
It has plenty of room.
We can afford to do both.

To Sunil Pai
From Fabrizio Donetti
Date Friday ,1 July
Subject : Order #491001
Dear Mr.Pai
Thank you for your recent order. Although the tan 黄褐色 linen suit you ordered is unfortunately
not available in your size at this time, we do have the same style in stock in light gray..
We could send you one of these right away.

If you order now, we can offer you a 15% discount on the suit,as well as free shipping
on your entire order, so you could have the items by next week.If you are interested,
please e-mail our cutomer service department and reference 参考のために書き添えるthe order number above.

We aplogize any inconvenice this may cause you. We look forward to serving you
and providing you with fashionable apparel in the future.

Fabrizio Donetti
Customer Service Representative

Thank you for returning them.
There will be available early next season.
You may exchange your new suits for a larger size.


Where can I donate some old office equipment?
Because it starts at nine o'clock.
No, don't eat in here.
What kind of equipment is it?

I'll lose my registration fee if I can't attend the workshop, right?
I'm afraid so.
Just over there,on the right.
Check the lost and found.

An insightful editorial in the Boston Daily Post suggests that offering与える opportunities for professional development 専門能力の開発 
is a valuable method of motivating employees.

The Web site advises customers to review their orders carefully
as it is difficult to make changes once an order is submitted.

Well-known journalist Kent Moriawaki published a book in May featuring a complation of quotes from interviews with various artists.

Regardless of delays in entryway construction,the Orchid Restaurant in Chongqing will repopen and provide an alternative entrance until all work is complete.




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