津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



Hi Girolamo.I  just got e-mail from THY incorporated.They are wondering
when we can begin building their new headquaters.They want a start date.
I've been meaning to contact them.But I'm waiting to confirm some results from the
soil analysis.There is a patch of ground区画 that might be too moist and unstable to
build on.Our analysts are doing few more tests.
Yeah,it's probably best to wait for those results to come in 結果が出るのを待つ
before setting a definite
date.In the meantime ,I'll write back and let THY know what's going on.THYに現在の状況を知らせる

Where do the speaker most likely to work?
At a reaserch laboratory研究所
At a construction company
At a nature park自然公園
At a real estate agency.

What does the man mean when he says
I've been meaning to contact them.
He is looking forward to discussing a project.
He needs to clarify the statement.陳述の意味を明確にする必要がある
He is aware he needs to do something.
He has forgotten to contact a client.

What will the woman include in her email
An update list of assingments
Results froma recent customers
An estimate of additional cost
An explanation for a delay in setting a date.

NHK 和楽器フロンティア

NHK和楽器フロンティア 録画で拝見しました。 和楽器バンドの神永大輔さんとは一緒に演奏の仕事したことあるし、(家に行って奥さんに箏を習ったこともある) 竜馬四重奏の小比田さんとは音楽教室で講師仲間でしたし、 HANANI の 中村仁樹さんは 教則DVDを同じところから出版させて頂いた琵琶の塩高さんと 一緒に共演しているし、(関係ないけど同じ愛媛出身でもある) 和太鼓のヒダノさんのグループにはJapanese Lounge Nightにも良く出てもらっていて共演したこともあるた 田中まさよしさん もメンバーで出てたし、 やっぱり和楽器ってつながってますよね。 それぞれに自分にしか出来ない活動を、 自分にしか出来ない音楽を、 追及してたのが印象的でした。 私の場合は自分で作曲して 残らない曲をやるよりも、 残る曲を伝えることが大事だと思って 吉田兄弟や上妻宏光氏の 楽譜の作成や、箏の沢井比河流先生の曲を伝える https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oho_cX0MPeI 活動をしております。 色々 足を引っ張って来る人も多いですし、 まだまだあまり評価も受けていませんが、(自分の公演のyoutubeの再生回数が32回とかマジへこむわーw) 自分の信じた音楽があって、それが出来るだけで幸せだと思って 頑張ります。


New Tasteemix Flavor a Big Hit
By Deepanjali Jaddoo
PORT LUIS 2 February - Three weeks ago, Helvetia Food Industries (HFI) announced the introduction of a new flavor of its popular Tasteemix breakfast creal- coconut cream. HFI also announced that for a limited time only, sending Tasteemix enthusiats from Argentina to Zabmia into a buying frenzy 熱狂 All six major grocery distributors here in Mauritius confirmed that they had received a large supply of coconut cream Tasteemix shortly after the new product was introduced on 8 January. Yetしかし as of 〜付けで yesterday morning, only Bendibles and Foodiverse reported that the had any of the item left in stock.
Both wholesalers expected it tobe gone by the en d of the day.

HFI current comapaign is reminicent of 〜を思い出す the one it wage 遂行する four years ago when it introduced its strawberry cinnamon cerela, said Bina Perida, professor of marketing at Port Louis Business Colege , Thenその当時はas now, HFI annnounced a product as being offered for a limitd time only, resulting in that item's rapid dissaperance from shelves in grocery stores across the globe.

On 5 April HGI accountants will review the company's first quater earnings . Based on the initial sales, market watchers are confident that HFI's expectations will be met.

What is indicated about Tasteemix cereals?

They are distributed internationally
They are made in a factory in Mauritius
They are HFI's main source of revenue.
They were first maketed four years ago.

What is reported about HFI?

It has no more Tasteemixi cereal in stock
It hired a consulting firm to do its accouting
It expects this year's earnings to be better than last year.

It previously offered a product for limited time only.

toeic listening

Hi, my name is Tom Wilson.
I'm visiting family here in Miami for three months
and I'm hoping to earn a bit of money while I am in town.
Does your restaurant happen to have any short term job openings?
Actually I think we could use some help in the kitchen since it's beginnig
of the tourist season though.But do you have any restaurant experience?
Um,I work for a couple of years in French restaurant in New Orleans,
I'm sure the manager there would give me a recommendation.
OK, that sounds promising.If you wait here a second,I'm going to
go to the kitchen to see if our chef's available to talk with you.

Why did the man come to Miami?
To see some relatives.
To open a business
To do some sightseeing
To take cooking classes.

What does the woman mean when she says
We could use some help in the kitchen.

She enjoys her work in the kitchen.
She may have work to offer the man.
The restaurant is undergoing changes.
Some staff need further training.

What will the woman do next?
Make a reservation.
Look for an employee
Show the man a menu
Take a customers order.


Hi, I'm Eddy Burgess.
I'm opening a new law firm and I'm looking for ways  to
advertise it.Your company designed a Web site for my friend's
jewelry store , and she suggested I contact you.

Thanks for calling Mr.Burgess.
This is a great way to advertise your business.
Our experienced cosultants can design a Web site will help you to
stand out from other firms.

That's great.Could I set up an appointment for tomorow?
to discuss ideas with the consultants?

I think so.
I'll transfer you to one.コンサルタントの一人に電話を転送します。
but before i do that, could you tell me the name of your friends?

We like to thank people who recommend our services.

What type of service does the woman's company proviede?
Career counceling 職業相談
Home improvement 家の改築
Garden landscaping 造園
Website design

What does the man say he wants to do tomorrow?
Make a payment
Review a document
Redecorate an office 改装
Meet with an consultant

What information does the woman request
The size of a room
The name of a man's friend
the number of people in a group
The start date of renovation


Browing's Shoe Repair
Order Number VG 12983 Drop-off date November 5
Customer Janice Goldbatt Contact number 連絡先
Shoe descripition ,靴の説明
Style Lady's dress shoe Size 7 Color Black
Requested repair Fix broken heel Ready by November 14
Repair assinged to Jack Burris
Notes 備考
Apply 10% frequent customer price reduction.
Order ご注文の品 will be picked up by Harry Silver

Who most likely is Mr. Burris?

Ms.Goldbatt's assistant
A department store salesperson
An employee at Browing's
A delivery person

What does the document indicate about Ms. Goldbatt?

She is ordering a new black dress.
She will recieve a discount.
She will visit browning's on November 14
She is attending a special event on November 5.


You know the music festival that's starting this weekend?
Umm, someone mentioned it.Is it any good?何かいいものなの?
It's great.Mostly small folk groupsほとんどは小さいフォークグループ
,but they have well-known bands,too.Some of us go every year.
You want to join us?
but, isn't it too late to get tickets?
Well, the way works is やり方としては,about six o'clokc on Friday
people start lining up in the park.We all bring something to sit on and food.
so the wait's not bad.
As long as you are at the park close to six.
You'll get a ticket.but you have to be there to get one.
OK , I think I can get there by six.Count me in.人数に加えて
Why does the woman talk to the man?
To offer him a ride車で送ることを申し出る
To invite him to an event
To discuss a work assignment 仕事の割り当てを話し合う
To ask for his assistance

Reviewing the schedule
Arriving by a certain time
Parking nearby
Checking a ticket.

What does the man agree to do?
Join a group
Help with some work.
Calculate a cost.
Reserve some seats.


text message chain メッセージのやりとり
Koji HIga Hi, Sue, I'm on the train headed to my meetings in Newhurst tomorrow
,but I left the schedule on my desk.Can you help?

Sue Kalama Absolutely.
KOji Great, let me know once you've found it.

Ok , I have it. What do you want me to do with it?

Koji Can you scan the scheule and attach it to an e-mail?
I'll print it later from my hotel so I'll have the meeting details会議の詳細が分かる for the new authors
who have signed contracts with us.

At 1:03 what does Mr.Kalama mean when she writes Absolutly?

She is happy tha Mr. Higa contacted her.
She is willing to assist Mr. Higa.
She is certain that Mr.Higa is correct.
She is leaving her meeting now.

For what type of business does Mr. Higa most likely to work?
A publishing company
A hotel chain
A travel agency
An office supply store.


Thanks for meeting with me to revise the company budget , Georgia,
No problem.with the increase in rent for office space this year will definitely
over budget right now.Yes, we'll have to find areas to cut back on.削減できる分野
What about parking?Mmm.It's nice that we provide free passes to the nearest
parking garage,but it does cost a lot.Good point.We could split the cost
and have employees pay half. That'd nearly covers the difference in rent.

What are the speakers discussing?
A real estate loan
A ride-sharing initiative 相乗り乗車の構想
A company budget
A hirign plan

What does the man say about the office space?
It has become too small
It is in a good location
The rent has gone up.

What would the speakers like employees to do?
Help pay for parking.
Work a weekend shift.
Vote on a policy change.
Create training materials.


Corporate Trainer Wanted
San Fransisco-based Logistos Advisors. Inc. is seeking an energetic person with strong public-speaking skillls to serve as a temporary replacement for an employee who is away on leave.Logistos delivers training classed on Internet Security to large financial instituitions and retail businesses worldwide.The successful applicant will be responsible for assisting with training sessions throughout Latin America. Altough the sessions are deliverd in English,proficiency in Spanish is necessary. for the job. At least one year of experience as a corporate trainer in any field is highly desirable. The work assignment is for six months. the first two weeks to be spent at the Logistics headquaters for initial training.Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to,,

What is NOT stated requirements for the job?

Experience working at a finalcial institution.
Abilibty to sepeak more that one language.
Willingness to travel internationally:
public speaking skills.

How long will the job last.




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