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I've called this meeting to annouce that we've selected an executive director to oversee our ew laboratory  in Geneva.As you know, we're looking for a person who could manage the daily
operations of  the lab as well as supervise the 15 scientists who work there.
We also needed a person who could propose new program and recommend changes.
That is why we've chosen Marie Windsor, Dr. Windsor, studied in Paris and Montreal,
and has been the principle scientist at Griffin Labs in London.where she has been in charge
of a staff of 25.She''s  published 35 articles in a major journals,and we think she'll be perfect
for this position.

What is the purpose of the meeting?
To review an interview schedule 面接の日程を検討する
To report the selection of a new empoyee
To suggest changes in laboratory procedures
To discuss publication of an article

What is the stated requirement of the laboratory director
Writing report
Doing research
Handling opeartions 日常業務の管理ができる
Balancing Budget 収支の均衡を図る

Acording to the Talk, what does Dr. Windsor done?
Being Journalist
lived in Japan
study business経営学を学んでいた
worked as a scientist.


Hello, this is Satomi Endo with this morning’s news.
There was a heavy rainstorm last night that damaged som electrical lines 送電線:in the Park Street area.Northan Electronic Company announced that workers have been busy all night for reparing the strom damage.They say the work is nearly complete.And power will be restored 復旧する

Dear Traveler,
Please take a moment to answer two questions about your experience at the Alsberg International Airport

What about our airport would you most likely to see changed?
Please select only one opinionDistance between gates
Selection of food Number of shops Information signs
Please use the reverse side if you would like to add any comments

In the past five years , how often have you used Alserg International Airport?

Less than one year Once a year
Once a month more than once a month

Thank you for your time and suggestions ご意見 Please leave your questionnarire in any of the boxes located in the Main Terminal
Space be low this line to be left blank

Report on Findings
Thursay August 10 Alsberg
This is to present the results of a studya conducted to learn more about and better attend to 留意する the needs of the passengers at Alsberg airport The survey was carried our this week from MOnay to Wednesday Typically the busiest days of the week at the airport

Survey sheets were picked up from the collection boxes yesterday evening. A total of 623 individuals completed the survey
IN questionn #1
as expected、the first option was marked by most respondents 450 altogether Option C was indicate 156 times
Option B and D were chosen by only 10 and 7 respondents ,respectively and they were marked by those frequent travelers who marked options C and D in question # 2
The pilot study 試験的調査 included only two questions And additonal surey with more questions is plannned so that we can be better informed about changes we may need to make to service at Alsberg.

The new, more extensive questionnaires have already been prepared and will e distributed next week.

Where are respondents told to write any additional comments?
On the back of the page
ON the suggestionboard 意見板
ON another sheet of paper
At the bottom of the survey

What is indicated about the next survey?

MOre indivisuals will be asked to participate
The questionnaires will be translated into more languages
The sheets will be distributed on board planes.

A greatr number of questions will be included


Good afternoon, Dr. Perez .This is Jun Lee from Pro Property management . I found a location for your new medical office that I think meets all of your requirements It's on river road ,directly across from Eastside Hospital.Its accesible by public transportation and there is lots of parking in the area. I think you should come see this as soon as possible because I'm sure it won't be available for long,.Please call me as soon as you get this message.so we can arrange a time for you to look at the office space.OK, looking forward to talking to you soon.

What is the purpose of the message
To ask for directions to a business会社までの道順
To list available services
To give a company's business hours
To describe an office space

According to the message , what is good about the place?
Its size
Its location
Its customer service

What does the speaker recommend that Dr,Perez do?

Visit a property物件
Make a reservation
Look at a website
Contact the hospital


Due to rising fuel costs , many airlines have reduced the allowable weight limits on checked baggage 受託手荷物 Here are some things you can do before you fly to avoid any unexpected surprises at the airport.

Find out what your airline charges for overweight bags before you arrive at the airport. You can find this information on your airline's Web site.

When shopping for luggage, スーツケースchoose a product made of lightweight materials .Some bagsケース are heavier than others ,even when empty.

Bring trave-sized containers of shampoo and other toiletary items 洗面用品 intstead of full-sized containers.Also , avoid packing more clothing than necessarry.

For whom is this article most likely intended?
Airport employees
Airline travelers
Travel indusry experts
Luggage maufacturersスーツケース

What is NOT mentioned as a way to reduce the weight of luggage?
Choosing bags recommended on ariline Websites
Packing smaller bottles of Shampoo
Limiting the amount of clothing that is packed
Purchasing lightweight pieces of luggage.


Tylart Electronics
Service and Support
Tylart Warranty Service is provided for all Tylart computers purchased
directly from a Tylart store or from an official Tylart retailer.

Warranty service does not extend to computers repurchased from another seller or from a third party.

To report  a defect, call our national service hotline 全国直通ライン 24 hours a day, at kk or send
an e-mail to warranty . If the problem cannnot be solved over the phone or by e-mail, you will be given a case number and referred to technicians at an authorized 認定の service center in your area.

If a Tylart computer develops a defect within three years of the purchase date,the cusomers is entitled to free repair at Tylart service centers. For a fee, cutomers can also have repairs done on site at their homes or offices. This requires makin special arrangement 手続き with a local service center.

Computers in the first two years of the warranty period are eligible for the Tylart Quality Exchage (TQE) program. TQE replacements can only be authorized by the national service hotline and are not provided at local service centers. Under the TQE program , a replacement will be shipped free of charge to the customer if Tylart determines that a replacement is necessary. Once the replacement unit has been received by the customer, the defective computer should be returned to Tylart. It is the customer responsibility to obtain an exchange authorization letter from Tylart and to arrange for proper shipping. Failure to return the defective item within five business days, of receiving the replacement will result in a charge for the full price of the item.

Who issues a case number?
The Tylart Quality exchange.
An authorized service center
The national hotline
An official Tylart retailer

How long is the warranty period?

What is indicated about local service centers?
They perform on-site repairs
they charge for repairs at the center
The provide telephone support
They are open 24 hours a day.

Under the TQE program, what are customers required to do?

Contatct the authorised service center in their area
Return the defective item before receiving the replacement
Get authorization from the natinal service hotline.
Pay for the shipping of the replacement


Good afternoon shoppers,and welcome to Mercer's. We offer one-stop shopping 一ヶ所で提供する for all your food needs.Be sure to stop by our produce 農産物 section for their freshest fruits and vegetables and our dairy 乳製品 section for our large selection of cheeses.You'll find today's super-saver special in our bakery department.We're offering special occasionお祝い用 cakes at half off today.And we will even decorate your cake for free.Remember we are open everyday from 8am to 8 pm.Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for shopping at Mercer's.

Where does the talk probably take place?
At a food market
At a clothing store.
At a home decorating shop
At a restaurant

What does the speaker mention about Mecer's?
Its operating hours has changed.
It will host a party next week.
It has special prices on some products.
It provides home decorating advice

What time does Mercer's close


From James Bell
To Renaissance Table executive chef's
Date March 20th
Re Our twentieth anniversary
To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the
Renaissance Table Restaurant chain ,we are assembling a cookobook
containing recipes for some of our customers' favorite disehs.In addition to a selecition of recipes for our traditinal French dishes and dessertes ,we could also like to inculde recipes invented by our chefs especially for the cookbook.The best submissions 提出物for original recipes will be included in a special chapter entitled "Kitchen" Table Renaissance"
The Final book will include a serving guide of dishes that go well together If your recipes for a dessert, soup, or other item recommended as a side course,please make sure your submission includes suggestions for main dishes that it would complement 食べ物によく会う
We are looking for recipes characterized by unique flavors but also commonly available ingredients and methods of preparation familiar to the average amateur cooking enthusiast.

The cost of ingredients and nutritional variety are important ,but dishes in this section need to be , above all, easily made by the average person at home in a minumum of time.

Selected dishes will be photographed later by a professional , so there is no need to include pictures with your submissions.
All submissions should be sent by e-mail to cookbook@renaissancetable.com by the end of April.We expect the selection process to take a little over a month , and the authors of the winning recipes will be notified in June. In addition to inclusion in the final cookbook,winning submissions will also be rewarded with a small cash bonus.
We expect to have the manuscript prepared by the end of the July so that we can publish the collection in time for the restaurant's anniversary in November.

What does the memo announce?

Thre revision of nutritional guidelines
Changes to a restaurant menu
New sources of ingredients 材料の入手先
The publication of a new book.

What is the most important about the recipes in the special chapter?
They contain unique ingredients.
They require little time to prepare.
They are popular with customers.
They are not expensive to make.

According to the memo, what shoud be included with submissions?
Saving suggestions.
Estimated preparation time
Color photographs
Nutritional data

When will selections be announced ?
In April
In June
IN July
IN November

Studenr from Pensilvania

13754227_10209719748287319_6733682321837546771_nStudenr from Pensilvania













Hi, Shin, This is Sunny.I'm calling because I've caught a cold,and won't be in today.
Would you mind doing  a few things for me?First, can you tell Alice ,I'm out today?
For some reason, I can't find her telephone number.Second, could you look on the
left side of my desk for a brown package?This needs to be send over to the marketing
department.They're expecting it from me this morning,so you don't even have to write
them a note.メモはつけなくても大丈夫.Finlally, can you please check my computer
for me?I left late last night and I think forgot to turn it off .Thanks for your help.
I'll call you later when I'm feeling better.

Why is Sunny not at work today?
She's not feeling well.
She's on vacation.
She's on a business trip
She's meeting with clients.

What does Sunny ask Shin to do?
Write a note
Send a package
Complete an order注文をすませる
Buy some stamps

According to the message , what will Sunny do later?

Turn on her computer
Call shin
Finish a report
Meet with a cowoker


Welcome to the Friday employee fitness program.
I'm very excited to be the first instructor offering an exercise class here
in the newly renovated fitness center.
And it's great嬉しい to be located in the same building as the company cafeteria.
since we meet right before the lunch hour.As you probably know,we will be meeting every
Friday for the next three months.By the end of that time,I hope you'll be all feeling
stronger and healthier.This class is designed for all levels, so don't worry if you're little out of shape
right now.I'll demonstrate the exercises and show you the ways to modify 少し変える them 
so everyone can get good workout without overdoing it.

Who most likely is the speaker?
An interior designer
An exercise instuctor
A cafeteria manager

When does the talk take place?
On a Monday
On a Tuesday
On a Thursday
On a Friday

What does the speaker say he will do?
Redesign some offices
offer a larger variety of foods
Demostrate some exercises
Reschedule an appointment.




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