津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


toeic dication

How much did you get done today?

It's expensive.
Not too much.
What's the number?何番ですか?

When did you get back from the meeting.
Yes. I met him.
It's at the back.後ろの方です。
Late this morning.

Why do you want to buy this printer and not that one.
I think you are right.
This one is less expensive.
It hasn't been printed out yet.

Where will you be staying while you're in London?
With an old friend.
Not at this time of the year.
It was a dinner invitation.

Does anybody have a comment on a presentation?
I thought it was well planned.
Would you like to have it gift wrapped?
No in a large conference room.

Do you know who's in charge of training the new recruits?
Yes, it is right on time.
Next week.
I'm afraid I don't know.

toeic reading

prolonged stay 長期滞在
prolonged stay 長期滞在
prolonged stay 長期滞在
prolonged stay 長期滞在

Mr.Brown is best suited for the posting because she speaks
fluent Mandarin and has live in Beijing.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, I look forward to
hearing from you soon.

The afternoon flight from Tokyo has been canceled due to a mechanical

Every summer Brighton store owners create unique window displays
in an effort to attract more tourists.

consistency 一貫性 consistency 一貫性 consistency 一貫性
consistency 一貫性 consistency 一貫性 consistency 一貫性

Improvements in the manufacturing process resulted in
the consitency in the production of wood furniture

After the president's welcoming remarks, sales manager
Tonya Nero will lead a discussion on product marketing strategeis.

In order to keep the prices reasonable, Kim's Bakery will begin making
its breads on the premises 店内で

Where have you been?どこに行っていたのですか?
NO, not yet.
It's from Paris.
The post office.

Did you go to the sales convention?
The department store is having a sale.
I'll correct it tomorrow.
NO, I had to work.仕事がありました。

Why don't we meet for lunch tomorrow?
It's in a coffee shop.
They're woking late today.
Thanks , I 'd love to.

How much did you get done today?

after all resumes have been reviewed , selected candidates will be invited
for interviews.

Our contact information is printed on the back cover of the manual
so that you may easily refer to it.

schedule conflict スケジュールの衝突

Mr. Martin has decided to potpone the planning meeting because of
a schedule conflict.

Mr. Martin has decided to postpone the planning meeting because of  a schedule conflict.

in light of 〜を考慮に入れると
in light of 〜を考慮に入れると
in light of 〜を考慮に入れると

A conservative 慎重な investment strategy seems appropriate
in light of the company's current financial situation.



I will play shamisen at the recital of oyamakai school, at meguro persimmon hall. on April 23.
Oyamakai school is said to be the first for tsugaru jamisen to play together, because it's originally a solo instrument.
Tsugaru-jamisen music is based on improvisation,so to make a score was thougt to be impossible, but oyamastyle was the first to publish the score.
The founder learned how to write the score by the koto grandmaster, yuize shinichi.
The founder oyama mituou is said to introduce aduma zawari to shamisen first.
I'll also play solo at the last part.

toeic words

some people are lined up 何人かならんでいる
some people are lined up 何人か並んでいる
diagram 図表
diagram 図表

The man is spreading out the files
Buses have been parked at angles 色々な向きに駐車している

soap suds 石鹸の泡
soap suds 石鹸の泡
refleshments 軽食

What's in it for me それは私にとってどんな利点があるの?

renounce 放棄する 棄権する
Japan has renouced war 日本は戦争を放棄した

toeic reading

Internatinal experience is the main qualification
that separates Mr.Sloan from the other candidates for the position.

Our marketing strategy will be strongly influenced by the
feedback we receive from the customer satisfaction survey.

The hotels quiet moutain setting provides a refreshing change for
visitors who live in a crowded city.

out of work 失業中で
out of work 失業中で
out of work 失業中で
out of work 失業中で
out of work 失業中で
out of work 失業中で

The building manager has informed us that the west entrance elevators will
be out of service for the remainder of the week.

toeic dication

This is a veritable boon それは本当の賜物だ。
This is a veritable boon それは本当の賜物だ
This is a veritable boon それは本当の賜物だ
This is a veritable boon それは本当の賜物だ
This is a veritable boon それは本当の賜物だ

anethesia 麻酔 anethesia 麻酔 anthesia 麻酔
anethesia 麻酔 anetehsia ますい

Some cars are parked along a street.
Some trees are being planted.現在まさに植えられている
Traffic is being directed by an officer
The buildings are being washed.

He's placing an item on the scale.
He's wearing protective clothing.
He's removing something from a jar.瓶
He's walking to a laboratory.

A work area has been roped off.ロープで仕切られている
Traffic cones are piled on top of one another.
There is a ladder leaning against the building.
The worker is clothing the doors of the van.

He stared at him blankly ぼんやりと彼を見つめた
He stared at him blankly ぼんやりと彼を見つめた
You must wirte legibly 読みやすく書かなければならない
You must write legibly 読みやすく書かなければならない

assembled 組み立てられた
assembled 組み立てられた
assembled 組み立てられた
assembled 組み立てられた

The success of a product depends on various factors.
The success of a product depends on various factors.

Costs for building materials , such as cement,steel,and wood,
rose sharply last quater,lowering the profits of most construction

Our overseas branch office is scheduled to open in Taipei next month.

student from boltimore

student from boltimore

toeic dication 2016

They're having a conversation.
They're reading side by side.並んで読書をしている
They're writing in notebooks ノートに書いている
They're climbing the steps.階段を上がっている

He's throwing some fish into the water.
He's swimming in the ocean.
He's looking over the side of boat.
He's standing in the water.

toeic dictation april 15 2016

She is taking a photgraph.
She is picking up a pencil.
She is paiting a picture.
She is turning a pageページをめくっている

he is looking at the engine.
He is reading a manual.
He is turning on the water.栓をひねって水を出している
he is driving a car.

Some bags are on display.
The closet has been emptied.

In the recognition of〜を認めて Elaine Tang's exceptional
service 貢献to our company,the human resources director 人事部長
will honor her at tonight's emloyee awards ceremony.

Randy Waters will be doing a product demonstration at the electronics 電子機器
convention in Atlanta.

The clothing shop successful because it sells quality uniforms at competitive prices.

Tomorrow we will meet with a group of consultants who specialize in staff training
and team building育成.

Before using your savings or borrowing money to start a business, you should
carefully evaluate 見極めるthe financial risks involved.

toeic April 14

increasing healthcare costs remain an issue o great concern for many employers , people are working more hours,and at the same time, medical costs are rising ,so it makes sense to promote wellness.健康であることsays Morris Hsiu, health services coordinator for Greenview Marketing in Kelowna , British Columbia it costs less to build and staff a gym than it does to pay for health care,train staff, or hire temporary staff to take over when someone becomes ill due to stress or overwork.
At Greenview,as at other companies,employees who uses the gym are more relaxed and productive and spend fewer days away from work due to illness thus saving the company money.Hsiu recommends that companies start with small steps to actively encourage good health.Some suggestions from Hsiu bringing in 人を招くinstructors to provie classes in streching and aerobics, and hiring nutrition consultants for diet information.




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