津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


toeic dicattion

I'm sorry Mr. Singh.We don't seem to have a reservation for you.
I confirmed  it on Wednesday. A single room with the bath.
Well実は, we've been having a problem with the computer since
Monday.Perhaps you'd like to get something to eat in the coffee shop
while I talk to the manager.Yes, that would be good.I didn't eat anything
on the plane.

Clara, Mr. Peterson is looking for you.
He wanted to remind you not to miss this morning's marketing meeting
since the director is going to be there today.
I know. But I wasn't able to reschedule my 10 o'clock appointment with
Dr. Kim.I guess Mr. Peterson didn't get my message.No, He must have forgotten to
check his messages before he went to the conference room

toeic April 29

It's hard to get a taxi at this times of the day.
Yes,it always is.
No thank you, maybe next week.
About ten dollars.

Are we going to need our umbrellas today?
We'll close early today.
Yes, it's supposed to rain.
To find my umbrella.

Are we supposed to dress casually or formally for that dinner?
Pay in cash.現金で払ってください
You should wear a suit.
Adress and phone number.

Who can run the management workshop 経営セミナーat this summer?
I'll probably be free then.
I'm afraid not.
It stopped running a few days ago.数日前に動かなくなりました。

Do you have any suggestions for this evening?
He moved it.彼は動かしました
We could go to the movies.
NO, it's right here.ちょうどここにあります。

Wasn't Ms. Wagner's presentation inspiring?感動的
Please present it later 提出してください
Yes, she's a good speaker.
I haven't chosen a gift.

I'm so excited about meeting the new boss.
For an hour.
In a conference room.
So am I.

You read the final report , didn't you?
I just glanced at it.ざっと目を通しただけです。
I have to report to work 出勤するon Monday.
He's a fine example.良い例です。

Why have all my papers書類 been piled over there?
He finished the paper書類 yesterday.
The cleaning crew put them there.
You should go ahead and do that.思い切ってそれをやった方がいいですよ。

Isn't Sally working as an assistant to Kathy in the acconting department?
But I insistでもどうぞお願いします。
Count me in 私を数に入れて下さい。
I think so .

Get away from it all .. with Getaway Tours.

We offer two fantastic tour packages.
choose the one that's right for you and your family.
Package 1
Boat tour of Niagara Falls.(morning or afternoon)
2-day,1-night accomodations at neaby Hotel Niagara
15% discount on renatal car
20% discount at Niagara falls souvenir shop

Package 2
Include everthing from Package 1 plus
25% discount at Niagara Viewing Tower Restaurant.
Free admission to nightly fireworks show
What discount is offered on the cost of renting a car?

How much would seventy--year-old peroson pay for the package
that includes a fireworks display.

toeic April 14

Audiotimes Reports Strong Profits
By Yoshinori Hirakawa
Tokyo-Strong Sales of digital recording equipment
have helped Audiotimes, a Japanese eletronics maker
archive its highest profits in ten years.

The company's chairman,Masayuki Hirano, told
reporters 報道陣に語った that Audiotimes financial
sucess has 'greatly exceeded our expectations.'
Many economists say Audiotimes is still too small
to be a serious competitor in the electronics market.
Some industry analysts, however, challenge 異議を唱える
that assessment. The executives at Audiotimes do
everything right. says Russell Takayama, a technology
reporter for the Japan Business Times.
They invest heavily in research,find creative solutions to problems and plan down to the last detail.

proposal 申請書 proposal 申請書
proposal 申請書

Dear Mr.Pinczkowski
I am writing in response to the proposal申請書 you sent me last week.
Soon after I received your proposal,I learned that the patio construction will require a building permit.In order to apply for the permit. I will need your signiture on the enclosed form. Could you please sign the form and return it to me along with a revised construction schedule As soon as I hear from you I will send the permit application to the city builiding inspector. I expect to have permit no later than mid-july.

I apologize for the late notice on this, but I did not know that a permit was necessary until I talked to the city inspector earlier this week.

Many thanks for your assistance, and I hope to hear from you soon.

'There is no ethnic groups which doesn't have music or musical instruments.'

Shiotaka Kazuyuki ,Biwa, or Japaense tradtional musical instruemts player,
'There is no ethnic groups which doesn't have music or musical instruments.'

These were  the words Biwa player Shiotaka Kazuyuki answered for my question.

 I'd been asking myself why do  I play musical instruments for a job?

It is because I felt that we don't need musical instruments to live.

When I had a chance to go to drink with Shiotaka-san, , I asked him this question.

Sakamoto Ryuichi , Japanese famous composer, said

At 9.11 attack , he said he wondered what  musicians can do to atone for the terrorist attack

It is certain that there are indivisuals who don't need much music, but for
groups, this is not the case -every group highly value music.


 performance at daiwa house party.shishido and hiroki play together again 大和ハウスのパーティで演奏でした。 タケカワユキヒデのダイワハウスのテーマを少し弾きました笑

toeic listening

How does this week's schedule look?
I'm pretty busy.
it will only take a week.
I don't know what he looks like.彼がどんな外見か分かりません

Has the mail been delivered yet?.
yes, a few minutes ago.
I sent three packages.
They'll go first class.彼はファーストクラスで行くでしょう。

Why is everyone working so late tonight?
Sorry, I was stuck in traffic.
We have a deadline to meet.
I came late to work ,.too.

toeic April 25

it is imperative that computer passwords be kept confidential

It is imperative that computer passwords be kept confidential

Sitting through long presentation can make the audience
restless 落ち着かない so speakers should limit their
talks to 30 minutes.

Insurance specialists at Dataweiler & Associates recieve
three months of intensive training before they begin working with

Insurane specialists at Dataweiler $ Associates recieve
three months of intensive training before they begin working with clients.


Shamisen is called an 'imperfect musical instrument because

it easily goes out of tune.

Just as In the tea cermony , we Japanese experience a feeling of beauty in the ill-formed tea bowl.

Japanese experience a feeling of beauty in imperfect things

Western instruments are designed as lingering sounds get much

longer, all notes sound uniform and less vibrato.

but Japnanese instruments are designed for a less lingering sound, all notes do not sound uniform and vibrato is added intententionally with the SAWARI which is dissimilar to many western instruments

As you know shamisen has less lingering sound because the strings are loose,

by holding the fretted strings, which is different than an open note, and a vibrato sound can be added intentional with the sawari mechanism on the instrument

which is dissimilar to many western instruments














toeic listening

I'm returning Ron Stover's call. ロンさんの電話にかけなおしてます
We'll see you again soon then.別れのあいさつ
I'll be back home on Wednesday.
He's not in .But may I take a message?

What color do you think we should paint the walls.?
It's that one over there.
I prefer green.
NO, I don't care for it.

Do you want to stop now,or should we try to finish the work?
On the top shelf.
They should be. そうあるべきです。
Let's get it done now.今片付けましょう。

Didn't you just have a cup of coffee?コーヒーを飲んだばかりですか?
That'd be nice , thank you?
Maybe a couple of days.2日です。
Yes, but I need another one.

Would you mind moving over?
Yes, a week from today.
Sorry, someone sitting there.
I'd like one more.

You're going to accept the supervisory position , aren't you?
I'm seriously considering it.じkっくり考えている
The department head.部長です
No,I left it there. それはそこに置いてきました。

三味線 の トチの出来方

Shamisen necks were sent to my house,
because one of my students will buy the shamisen.
When we buy a higher grade of shamisen , the manufacurer
will send 2-3 necks for me to choose one that I prefer.
The patterns found in the wood are also important, and a striped wood pattern called “Tochi” is the finest. Tochi is a low density wood that is light and soft with its swirl pattern made by the pressure on the wood.
I chose a lighter shamisen body because it provides more vibration.
In choosing shamisen components, you must rely on feeling and sensing its qualities because you can’t yet check the resonance of the instrument. Some players say when we hold the neck of a shamisen, it is better if it feels cold.










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