津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


toeic dictation January 16th 2016

Hello,First,I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself,
and then I'll move onto the demonstration.My name is Debra Page,
and I've been a professional chef with the Seasoed Cook for five years now.
In this role I've been able to work doing two things I love.Cooking and meeting
new people.The seasoned cook was founded 20years ago to provide people with
kitchen products that reduce both cooking and clean-up time.Tonight I'll be preparing
two easy delicious treats for you.The first is an appetizer that can be made very quikcly,
using several prepared items from the supermarket.The second treat is  a dessert that
takes a little bit longer to make.But well worth the trouble.As I prepare hese dishes
I'll be demonstrating some of our efficient,effective ,inexpensive kitchen products for you.
And at the end of the demonstration,We'll all be able to sample 試食the results.
Then I'll help you place your orders for Seasoned Cook products.

toeic dication january 15th 2016

The boat is tied to the dock.
The ducks are swimming around the lake.
The passengers are about to board the ferry.
The people are diving into the water.

What time do you get off work today?
Three times
Around 5:30
All holidays

How do you like your new apartment,James?
Well, I enjoy living downtown,but I don't like that
my apartment is so small.I want to get a bigger one.
but the rent in the city is so expensive.
I think so, too. That's why I bought a place out of town.
It takes me longer to get to work ,but my house in the country
has a lot more space.

Attention ,Trans Air passengers,due to unusual strong storm,
Flights from Hong Kong has been delayed.In addition,flights to or through
Hong Kong,will be unable to take off until the weather system clears.
Please accept our apologies for any incoveniences this may cause you.
If there is any way 何かできることがございましたら、
we can make your way more comfortable,
please let the gate agent ゲート係員know.In the meantime, we are pleased to
offer all passengers a continental breakfast簡単な朝食 in the waiting area.
The food would be available all morning.Please help yourself to cofee or tea,
pastry パン菓子and fruits. We will announce new flight schedule as they become available.
For now, try to  relax and be patient.Thank you. and have a good morning.

F3 G4
B3 C4

cool japanに思うこと


私も 10数年前からそういう活動をしてきたので、思うところがある。http://www.shamimaster.com/katudo.html

cool japan というスローガンに違和感を感じる外国の方の意見を見た。

「cool というのは本来 人から言われるもので、自分から言うものではない。」





そういうワケで、私は cool japan を否定する気はない。

ただし cool japan は確かに あまり響きが良くないと思うので、

cool japan より「 authentic japan」 くらいの方がいいと思う。

authentic というのは、「真の、本物の」と言った意味で、トラディショナルな意味合いも含み、海外ウケもいい言葉だ。


アニメ系やサブカル系は cool japan 、

伝統文化系は authentic japan ということでどうだろうか。

Performance at nagareyama ootakanomori shopping center


Performance at nagareyama ootakanomori shopping center

Student from India.


Student from India. He was told that he should learn Japanese first if he want to learn shamisen.and he bought okinawan sanshin because shamisen is too expensive.But in our class, you can learn shamisen , koto and okinawan-sanshin from beginner in English with low price.




今や和楽器バンドとして飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いの尺八の神永大輔さんと一緒にやった時の写真を見つけました。 琴は 神谷舞さんです。2010年11月。This photo is with kaminaga daisuke, one of the member of Wagkki Band, and koto is Kamiya mai. it was November 2010.

Toeic dictation January 8th 2016

Welcome to Morris Glass Factory,
I'm Tina Hoffman,head of publicity広報 and tour for the company工場見学.
And I'll be your guide for today.We'll start by going straight to factory's
production area,製造エリア where you'll see our craftspeople creating
beautiful glass objects.Everything here is made by hand.And people
spend years perfecting their craft技術を完全にする In the production area,
one of our master class people will tell you about the history of glass making,
and demonstrate some techniques used to beatiful vases バーゼズ(英国発音)
plates, glasses and other articles製品 we make here.At the end of the tour,
we'll stop in our showroom.If you wish to purchace before you leave,remember
we offer 10% discount on items you buy here at the factory gift shop.

business English in Action Jan 7th 2016

I was comparing notes情報交換をする wih some friends the other day.We talked about our respective life experiences and career paths.One hing we found in common was that we all had summer jobs when we were teen agers.One guy used to haul bricksレンガを運ぶ,another one stocked shelves 商品を陳列するat a supermarket,I had a paper route.新聞配達 Yes, summer jobs can teach young people some important life lessons.You learn about the dignity of work,and even gain some humility about your place in the grand scheme of things.True. I'm proud to say that my kids always had summer jobs too.And here is yet ところがanother area where things dramatically changed.様相が変化したもうひとつの場所もここにあるToday's teens,the member's of generation Z,are reading from different script entirely.違う行動計画がある
.They are off to far corners of the developing world to help improve sanitation there,interning with documentary filmmakers or studying the dissaperance of glaciers in Scandinavia.When did American teenagers start doing all these sophisticated things instead of working traditional summer jobs.

business English in Action Dec 20th

Anything less or more has to be manually entered.That's the new normal.I hope the coffee was good at least.Oh, I don't have any complaints in that department.It's the whole tipping business チップというやっかいなことthat's left a bitter aftertaste.I'll tell you one thing.That coffee shop has lost a valued customer.You know what they say about tips.There are the wages we pay other people's employees.No kidding.I think the whole idea is out of control.その考え自体がどうすることもできなくなっています。Tipping used to be left to a customer's discretion チップは裁量に任されていましたがBut these days it's more or less obligatory.Your story reminds me of recent incindent involving a big internatinal hotel chain.

toeic dictation January 6th 2016

Hello,Mr. Takahashi, This is Satoko Nobu from Nobu Pharmacy.
Now that the weather has turn colder,We've had a lot of people
coming in for cold and cough medication薬
We are running low on many of your pharmaceutical products,
So I'd like to place an order with you. I want to order 20 boxes
of cold tablets錠剤 20 boxes of sinus鼻腔 tablets and 10 bottles
of children's cough syrup.And we need everything as soon as possible,
so I'd like you to send it by express delivery.As usual, please charge the
total amout to the pharmacy's accout.Thank you.




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