津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Toeic dictation January 23rd

Good morning,I'm Bob Lucus.I'll be your host on Money Talks here at BQ radio
tomorrow morning at 10:00.We've got a great line-up for you this week,
we'll be giving you a rundown概要 on the latest credit card deals from the big banks,
and discussing pension plans and when you should start savings for retirement.
In the Your Money slot,時間帯 your local financial adviser Dian Lee talking to 
school teacher Joanneジョウアン Hopkinson about her personal finaneces,
and helping her to find ways to save money on her tax and mortage 住宅ローンpayments.
And of course Money Matters' own 専属のinvestment投資 consultant and Tonio Marino
will be giving you some hot tips on investments so to learn how to manage your money,
tune into Money Talks, tomorrow at 10 with me, Bob Lucus.


。小山貫山(おやまかんざん)昔 小山頁山(おやまぺーじやま)という独創的なものもありました。

Toeic dication Jan 22th 2016

And the last stop on our tour is the cafeteria.The cafeteria is open in the morning from 7 to 10,and for lunch from 12 noon to 2:30.Hot food is served from this area in the right.Sandwitchs and snacks are over there on the left.And in the middle, here,the salad bar.In your employee orientation pack ,you'll find a cafe card.This first one is complimentar無料の、優待のy.It has 10 euros worh of credit on it.When you select your food,take it to the checkout.精算所 The cashier will add up your purchases and tell you how much credit you have left.When it is used up.You can purchase a new card.There is a card machine in the lobby.Let's all get a cup of coffee and sit here in the cafeteria ,we'll all try to answer any questions you have.

toeic dictation Jan 21st 2016

Thanks for stopping by Ms.DeVencenzi,Today I'm going to give you the the specifications仕様書 for the project,as well as a contract.You'll
received the confidentiality agreement from a legal department in the mail.You should return both as soon as possible.When is the assignment due?仕事 Initially the shedule is rather tight.We'd like the first part第1段 by the end of next month.The remainder can wait untill end of the year.That'll be just fine..I'll get started right away.

I can't believe the trouble we had coming up with考案する the desing for our new logo.It seems to have taken forever.一生終わらないと思った
Yes, but the results are worthwhile don't you think?
It sums up exactly what our company stands for.
It looks both sporty and dependable.Yes, and it comes out well はっきり映える
both small on our letterheadレターヘッド 書簡にかいてある組織のシンボル large on our store signs店看板 and products.
Look at these tennis rackets and our new mountain bike they look fantastaic.

toeic dication January 20th 2016

If it will helpその方が助けになるならば
,we can reschedule tomorrow’s staff meeting to two o'clok.
but we'd have to meet in the small conference room..
I still won't be able to attend,so don't change your plans for me.
I'll be at the board of trustees meeting all day presenting our division
report 報告をする if we postpone the staff meeting until next week,
would be able to report on the board meeting?I'm sure that would
be interesting for the staff.Of course. I'd be very happy to.
I'll try to prepare a summary by then.

津軽三味線とピアノのための じょんがら幻想曲

I made a score of Jonagara Fantasia , for tsugaru-jamisen and piano.

You can get the score at

獅子道プロジェクト 第、、何弾だっけ?

音大出身のいとこ・作曲家 石井美栄子に

楽譜は http://www.shamimaster.com/gakufu.html


toeic dictation jan 19th 2016

Hello, Jeffry Hines speaking.This is Martha Benjamin.I'm calling to let you know
 I've put my research report in the interoffice mail. You should have it this afternoon.
I hope  you are still willing to review it for me.Of course. I'll be out of town on business
for the next few days.But I'll take it with me.I also have your request for additional money
to continue your research.Thank you very much. Don't worry about the typos誤植.I'll be sending
a report to an editor.But please make suggestions about the content.It's only the first draft.
and I'm going to make revisions.I'm really looking forward to your feedback.

Hello, are you Marice Pochon?I'm Marie Roland.Housekeeping sent me
to help you set up the dining room.This is my usual job at the hotels,so I'm afraid
you're going to have to show me what to do.
Well, first we need to clear the dirty dishes and linens from the tables,We just
had 50 or 60 people in here for breakfast.After we finish that then we need to
put the clean tablecloths on all of the tables.Then I'll show you how to do the
place settings.OK,sounds simple enough.why don't you just  show me where to
put the dirty dishes and tablecloths and then we can get to work

toeic dictation January 18th 2016

Hello, this is Annabelle Futuro.I haven't received my ticket yet
for a flight I'm leaving on tomorrow.Peter sent me a ticket a few weeks ago.
But the wrong date was on it.So I called and spoke with Indira and she said
that I woud be reticketed.Thank you for calling.I'm afraid that Indira has left
the company rather suddenly,and Peter is on vacation.But I'll do my best
to help you.The ticket was supposed to be here last week.I'm speaking at an
Awards Ceremony.And It's very important that I be there tomorrow.
Here.I found you in the computer.Well. the ticket was mailed just yesterday.
I apologize for this inconvenience Ms.Futuro.I'll issue you another one.
And send it by messenger配達人 to your office before noon.

Sorry that I couldn't go to lunch today with you ,Beth.
When I got  to the office this morning, there was an e-mail
from supervisor about my special staff meeting at 11:30.
That's Ok , Jack,I just went and got  sandwitch from the cafeteria
and ate it in the park.so, what was the meeting about?
Well they announced a contract with Uni corporation to develop a new
software program.But because of the deadline, we'll probably have to
work a lot of overtime ,finish up the work by January 1st.
You should be happy to get the contract.Lots of companies around here
have had to layoff employees recently,because they don't have enough work for them
to do.

business English in Action Jan 17th

Anything less or more has to be manually entered.
That's the new normal.I hope the coffee was good at least.
I don't have any complaints in that department.その点では
It's the whole tipping businessチップという面倒なこと that's left a bitter aftertaste..I'll tell you one thingひとつ確かなことがあるThat coffee shop has lost a valued customer.You know what they say about tips よくこういいますよね。They are the wages we pay other people's employees.No kidding. I think a whole idea is out of controlその考え自体がどうすることもできない Tipping used to be left to the customer's discretion,but these days,it's more or less obligatory.Your story reminds me of a recent incident involving まつわるa big international hotel chain.They got a lot of flak of asking guests to leave behind tips for housekeepers in specially prepared envelope.People objected that because they already paid high room rates 宿泊料and charges for various other services.And the guests were right もっともなことto complain.If the management want its staff to earn more,they should put money where their mouth is .and simply paid better wages Yes suggesting that their customers do that for them is just isn't on 受け入れられない
 at lease in my book.

toeic dictation January 17th 2016

How much is a taxi to the airport?
Three miles from here.
Ten dollars one way.
It leaves in an hour.

Where did you get your haircut?
It was getting too long.伸びすぎていた
About every two month.
At the new shop downtown.

When will you be returning to work?
Sometime next week.
I went to visit my family.家族に会いに行った
Please return it by two o'clock.

Which country did Emi say she's from?
She'll be here next week.
No, she lives in a city.
She's from Japan.

Who'll be joining us at  dinner.
Tonight at 7o'clock.
Jim and Mary are coming.
We'll be having chicken.

When can you submit the report to Mr. Chang?
Today's weather report.
By Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.
Mr. Chang hasn't called all day.

Do you prefer to work the morning shift or are you available later?
I'll be happy to refer you.喜んで紹介します。
Later is better for me.
Yes, it works very well.

I heard you went to that restaurant on  Queen Street.
What's the name of it again?
It's called the "Walnut Tree" It was great. Terrific food,
fast service, pleasent setting,that's good to know.
I have clients coming in from out of town next weekend,I'd like to take  them to some
place nice.How are the prices?Not bad at all.oh, and here I got one of their
business cards with their address and phone number.You can have it.

Hmm, I want to  wear this dress this Saturday.But it shoud really be cleaned.
Ted,Could you leave it to the cleaner's on your way to work today?
And tell them I need to have it back by Satuday morning?

I have to get to the office early this morning to work on the speech I'm giving next week.
But I could do it tomorrow.明日ならできるのに。
What's happening on Saturday anyway?It's you cousin's wedding.
How could you forget?Why don't you drop off 荷物などを下すyour suit along with my dress?
This Satuday? I can't believe it.I have tickets to  the first ballgame 野球of the season,
and I've been looking forward to it for a long time.




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