津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


business English in Action Dec 18th

I was comparing notes with〜と意見を交換する some friends of mine the other day.We talked about our respective life experiences and career paths.One thing we found in common was that we all had summer jobs when we were teenagers.One guy used to haul運ぶ bricks煉瓦 Another one stocked shelves商品を並べる at a supermarket.I had a paper route 新聞配達 Yes,summer jobs can teach young people some important life lessons.You learn about the dignity of work,and even gain some humility謙遜 about your place 自分の立場in the grand scheme of things.世間の大きな枠組みの中で True.I'm proud to say that my kids always had summer jobs too.And here is yetところが another area where things have dramatically changed.Today's teens the members of generation Z are reading from a different script 異なる行動計画があるentirely.There are off to〜へ向かう far corners 辺境of the developing world発展途上国の to help improve sanitation there interning documentary filmmakers or studying the dissapearance of glaciers in Scandinavia.When did American teenagers start doing all these sophisticated things instead of working traditional summer jobs.

business English in Action Dec 17th

It's much better than sitting in chairs at the office or in the coffee shop.Walking can also foster creative thinking.A classic example is the" walk in the woods" that Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev took at the 1985 Geneva summit.The two men havn't been able to overcome their differences during formal negotiation sessions.Regan invited Gorbachev to walk with him and as they took leisurely stroll through the woods.They were able to breakthrough the barriers of distrust that had been seprating them.Yes, many people see that sylvan森の中の stroll between the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union,as the turing point that ended the cold war.The simple act of 単純な行動 walking together down a path endangers a commonality of interests利害の共有を生む put it formally.You don't get that when you are sitting across the table from someone.I can think of some contemporary politicians who should try that approach.Getting out of the conference room and breathing some fresh air can work wonders.驚くほどの効果があがる
No kidding.They need to talk the talk and walk the walk口先でなく言うべきことをやる

business English in Action Dec 16th

They'd rather meet people doing streches than over drinks at a singles bar or through an online dating service.Another reason for the growing popularity of sweatworking is that most people leave their mobile phones and tablets in their locker when they're working out.It's a lot easier to get the full attention in that situation.The downside is that not everyone is into this health trend.Some people are physically unable or just unwilling to do push ups or bike continuously for an hour.There will always be people for whom networking means getting together集まる over beers or cocktails at a local watering hole 酒場.But in keeping with the concept of moderation適度 There are what you might call low intensity forms 軽めのタイプの of sweatworking.I like walking meetings.They have some obvious benefits through who like to be active but don't like to pumped-upやる気満々の atomosphere of the gym.Walking is just as good a type of exercise as running on the treadmill.And it's uch more condusive to〜を促す both calm reflection and brainstorming.I agree.Walking with someone helps you get past formalities 堅苦しさ〜脱しやすくなる and breakthrough inhibitions.抑制 Talking walking meetings with coworkers or clients can improve the quality of your conversations.


株式会社 獅子道 ではアマゾンに出品しました。






business English in action Dec 11th

I know what you mean,when I unwind at 〜でくつろぐ a local health club,I get new ideas and come up with my solutions to problems that I've been obsessing over for hours.I guess that's because I'm in a better mental space心の状態が改善されている when I'm working out.My main reason for
going to the gym is still the workout,but there is no denying that the fitness has become
much more than just burning off fat and keeping healthy these days.It's multi-dementional
part of life now.My local fitness center has become a kind of community center.

Some people associate the gym with the horrors of high scholl P.E class.体育の授業の恐怖と関連付ける人もいる。

So when I invite a business contact 取引先の人to meet me at a fitness center.
I always make a point of saying that we'll have fun.

This reminds me  of a conversation I had with one of my pals the other day.
These are real gym rat.ジムに通い詰めてる人 He told me that
he and his fiance first met at the gym in their neiborhood.近所の
He says  that the couple that sweat together ,stay together.別れない

The fitness center in my neighborhood has started a single class.

It's aimed at unattached決まった恋人がいない people who lead active healthy lives.



japanese armored shamisen


 japanese armored shamisen




本日はBSJAPANの日本真発見 の取材が入りました。










「How did you get interested in shamisen?」

I saw yoshida brothers in sanfransisco at jazz bar.


「What's the best attraction of shamisen?」




What do you want to be by playing shamisen?




business English in Action Dec 6th

No,that's the worst mistake you can make in an elevator pitch.At this point you are still having a social社交的な conversation.All you want is to have the other person commit 約束してもらう to some future contact.You can have an exploratory meeting 可能かどうかをさぐるための会議 later to assess your prospect 見込み客needs and whether you have the skills to match those needs.I once bumped into a former business associate of mine at the airport.After we exchange pleasantriesあいさつ He asked what my company does.I opened my mouth,then paused. Where on earth to start?いったいどこから始めるべきかと。While I try to organize my thoughts, his flight was called,and he quickly said good bye.If I'd been better prepared,he might have stayed a wee bit longer, and we could have established a new business relationship.I was recently approached by a young woman at a conference, she seemed eager and confident as she told me about how her company designed websites but when I asked her what made her outfit better than the competition, he wasn't able to come up with the clear, concise answer. I was less than impressed.決して心は動かされませんでした。Yes, it's always a good idea to be prepared,as the Boy Scouts say.


三線あるある 御祝 を うーゆえ と読んでしまう 

津軽三味線あるある 電話番号等で4300が出てくると1人で狂喜乱舞する  

合気道あるある 四方投げを稽古してたら隣の受けの足が回し蹴りで飛んでくる   

英語あるある カタカナ語を聞くと英語ではどう発音するのか確認してしまう  

箏あるある 爪をはめてペンが書きにくい  

伝統文化あるある 家がそういう家なんですか?という質問




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