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Toeic dictation Dec 29 2015

I think we shoud have the promotional material for the hotel updated before the
start of tourist season.The current materials don't list our new prices.
I agree. And you know the brochure needs to be redone 新しくするas well.
I  really should include the photos of the renovated rooms.
But do you think our budget can cover the additional expense?
Printing our new brochure will be expensive.
Yes, butit'll help with our advertising and that should get us
more bookings予約も増えるはずだわ

Business English in Action 2015 Dec 28th

Well, that's better than having to chase after the deadbeats借金を踏み倒す人
who've done a runner とんずらする and not paid the bill
How did the custom of tipping the start anyway.チップを置く習慣はどのように始まったのですか?
Have Americans always been in the habit of leaving gratuities?
According to what i've read ,the custom didn't catch on until after the civil war.
But as you know,there is a strong egalitarian srand 平等主義的要素 in American culture.
Many peaople saw tipping as a decadant 退廃的な holdover遺物 from Europe.
so it wasn't widespread.My impression is that it caught on定着した in the prosperous
year before World WarI.And as a historical foot notes歴史的小話
one school of thoughts hold that the term 'tip' can be traced to British coffee
houses a few centuries back.They supposedly had coin bowls with sign saying
to ensure promptitude 迅速な対応 hense そこから tip. and the money was given at the beginning of
the meal.that's an interesting a bit of historical trivia.Who knew?知りませんでした
Picking up on話を戻して付け加える Seiji's comments, I should know the tipping
isn't as ubiquitous as a  custom in Britain as  it is here in the states.
All restaurants employees in the U.K must be paid the minumum wage
whether or not they could receive gratuities.and employers are prohibited
from using tips to bring wages up to the minumum legal level. 法定最低賃金に引き上げるために


本日21時〜BSJAPANにっぽん真発見 http://www.bs-j.co.jp/newdiscovery/ にて 新宿津軽三味線・琴教室 アメリカの生徒さんが習っている様子が放映される予定です。ちなみに私はBS契約してないので見られません。なんじゃそりゃ。


Business English in action 2015 Dec 27th

Same here. If I invite an some important guest to have dinner with me
at an upmarket 高級市場向けの restaurant. I'll tip the waiter 20 bucks or so
to make sure he gets me a good quiet table.That sounds like a
wise investment on your part あなたにとっては But you wouldn't be able
to do that at the no-tipping restaurants that are recently opening for business
in New York.Their pitch is that they charge slightly higer prices 若干高めに設定しています
So they can afford to pay their staff decent wages.適正な賃金
In some such restaurants they charge customers are flat 20 percent administrative fee
一律20%の管理費 which goes toward お金を〜に使うemployee's salaries for both servers and cooks.
Good for them.That appeals to people like me who hate having to culculate the tip
when a group of people are  sharing the bill.It's too much like work.面倒でやりたくないこと
Also servers  shouldn't be penalizedピーナライズ 〜で罰せられる by
small tips if the food was bad.
In a similar vein同じように,Some Japanese restaurants and pubs
here in New York no longer accept tips.

Just like back in Japan.One of my friends works at a sushi restaurants
that rigidly  follows that policy. He says he and other members of the staff
sometimes have to chase after customers to return tips that they've left
through force of habit.習慣で

Business English in Action 2015 Dec 26th

This is all part of what some people are calling a "tip creep"
The average amount has gradually increased over the years.
Back in the 40s and 50s leaving a gratuity心づけ of 10% was the norm.
These days it's like 20% minimum. Leave a tip that's smaller than that
and you might get some nasty looks from the waitstaff接客係.
Or even, outright hostilityhはっきりとした敵意.


無題When I had skype lesson with student in Florida today,I found  two men wear Santa hats.No meeting was done. That's very funny.lol



合気道家 とaikidokaの違い

英語で合気道の練習者のことを Aikidokaというのだが、日本語では合気道家とは言わない。合気道家というと、先生クラスの達人を想像するからだ。このように日本語由来の英語と日本語の多少のズレがあるところが面白い。他にも何かあったら教えてください。

Aikido t英語で合気道の練習者のことを Aikidokaというのだが、日本語では合気道家とは言わない。合気道家というと、先生クラスの達人を想像するからだ。このように日本語と英語の多少のズレがあるところが面白いのである。

We call aikido practioners call themselfves  Aikidoka in English , but they don't call  themselves 合気道家(chinese letter of akidoka) in Japanese.It's because 合気道家 sounds like very professional like master or sensei of aikido. The gap between English from Japanese and real Japanese is interesting.Tell me the other example you know.



business English in Action Dec 20th

The first batches 一陣が of generation Zers will be graduating from colledge soon.They'll be heading out into the world to find jobs and use their spending power.購買力 And then it'll be a whole new game全く新しい事態 My impression is that today's teenager think it's important to use the various degital tools they have at their disposal 思い通りに to achieve social change 社会を変えるために
They're very aware of the inequality is that giving the lie矛盾する to the american dream are rotting our society from within.社会を内部から腐敗させる Yes,that's seems to be hot topicメディアで取り上げられている in the media these days.My impression is that new degital forms of media have created a strong sense of community, or solidarity連帯 among young people.That's all to the good,I supposeそれは確かに結構なことだと思いますよ But I'm a bit concerned about how much the members of generation Z depend on technology.I worry that with the world almost literally at their fingertips すぐに利用できる They could develop an unhealthy sense of entitlement.権利意識 Will that affect their ability to function effectively and what i still like to call the real world Yes, sometimes I wonder whether today's kids are growing up too fast ,They are so much more sophisticated in worldly-wise 世慣れている at their age look at those exotic project alyce talked about,

business English in action dictation Dec 19th

I know each generation is supposed to be different from the previous ones,but
what's particularly special about the members of generation Z?

Well, for start,there is a children of generation Xs.
One vital things to be aware of is that they more diverse than their predecessors.
Generation Z represents a significant blend of races and ethnic backgrouds.
and don't forget that they comrise占める a quarter of the U.S population.

They're also the first generation of real degital natives.
Tougher economic reality is meant they weren't born with silver spoons
in their mouths.裕福な家庭に生まれる
But they were online and connected  via technolgy almost as soon as
they could say their first word.

and that's something that we as marketers have to be aware of
if we're going to help brands connect with the members of generation Z.

A big question is just how consumer-brand relationship will change
in this new world of constant connectivity. 常時つながっている

Yes, the harsh reality is that if the company makes botched 不手際なor ham-handed 不器用な
attempt to connect with generation Z it'll go viral急速に広がる on social media
before you can say boo.あっという間に
marketers need to do their homework and get a firm sense of what this new
generation of consumers wants, and how they see the world.




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