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toeic dictation 20152930

12,How do you usually go to the shopping mall?
A,By bus.
B,Not oftenあまり行きません
C,On Saturday.

13,Where can I buy a cup of coffee?
A,No thanks,I'll have a cup of tea.
B,I didn't go anywhere.
C,There is a cafe down stairs.

14,Who's in charge of ordering office supplies?
A,With a credit card.
B,Staples and paper clips.ホッチキスの針とクリップ
C,Ms. Johnson is.

15,When did you start working at the embassy?
A,Almost two years ago.
B,New city hall.
C,Do you have any extra?

16,What can I do to help?
A,Yes, you can.
B,Could you set the table?
C,I do too,

17,Has the new shipment積み荷 arrived?
A,No problem.I'll do it.
B,He took five new ones.新しいのを5つとりました。
C,Yes, it came this morning.

18,Why aren't you working on the report?
A,Sure,I'd like that.
B,It's finished.
C,In my office.

19,Are you ready to order or do you need more time?
A,Just a few minutes please.
B,No I never read it.
C,They usually on time.

20,You want to speak first,don't you?
A,A little faster.
B,No, I' d rather wait until the end.
C,Yes , it was an excellent speach.

business English in common

For example ,these days it's less common for families to gather around breakfast table at the start of the day.
Very true. The pace of daily life has become much faster and
more frenetic(慌ただしく) Everybody has their own busy schedule.Even kids.
No one has time for leisurely half hour breakfast.
That's right. When I was a kid,binging on (〜を食べたいだけ食べる)
cereal while watching cartoons was a Saturday morning ritual.
Not with today's kids.They've got access to entertainment on demand 24/7 thanks to degital stream.That's another reason sales of boxed cereal have been heading south 低下する)bigtime(ひどく).Plus many consumers are opting for (選ぶ)foods like granola bars..Fresh fruit and yogurt at breakfast time.They want more protein rich breakfast.Based on what I'm learning about the life style preferences of the milennial generation.They are particularly likely to seek healthier breakfast optios.Besides cutting down on 減らす cereal, I recently saw some research showing that Americans are drinking less orange juice,That's a bit of shocker.I always thought Americans start the day with a glass of freshly squeezed OJ, Yeah, I'm surprised too to hear that orange juice is no longer a breakfast stalple for Americans.



Happouen performance today.we were lit up,and i was stunned that bug was on the neck.

business communication in action 20150928

They lead the world in that respect.
The average lifespan of Japanese women is 86 years.
Tha's the highest in the world.
And figure for men is just over 80 years.
Impressive.You can't argue with numbers like those.
Yes.Japanese food is simple and healthy to be sure.
Here in America the No.1 health food is yogurt.
It's made by adding bacterial culures to milk and has long been recognized
as a healthy food.But sweet toothed Americans have traditionally recoiled
that the rather tangy taste of the real thing.
Same goes for us Brits.But lately like our American cousins
We've gone off fruits on the bottom on pina calada-floaverd yogurt conconctions.
And explosion of options provided bold(冒険的な) new choices from goat's milk
to Greek style to soy.and even coconut milk yogurts.In the U.S and Europe the
Yogurt that's genetically(一般的に) known as Greek Yogurt has especially taken off
in popularity(人気が出ています) It has a much richer texture and to some extent
a higer protein content and less fat than regular yogurt.Getting back to
declining a sales of traditional breakfast foods. What's the reason for that.
Well, some people say it's because of changes in our culture and lifestyle.

Toeic dictation 20150927

She's opening a box
She's putting on boots.
She's folding some paper.
She's holding a book.

They're meeting in a restaurant.
They're looking at the computer.
They're examining 検討する a document.
They' re filing some forms.(用紙)

The man is pushing a cart.
The man is taking a break.
The man is leaving the store.
The man is closing the door.

Some people are sitting outside.
Some people are watching a movie.
Some people are cutting the grass.
Some people are planting trees.

The men are adjusting microphones.
The men are playing music together.
The men are listening to the lecture.
The men are working in the garden.

There are pictures on the wall.
The tables are coverd with tablecloths.
The chairs are being put away.
The piano is being played

The basckets are empty.
There are baked goods on shelves.
The cabinets are being repaired.
They are buying some bread.

What do you think of the office party?
In the park.
I really enjoyed it.
Next Thursday.

business communication in Action 20150926

Hey everybody,I'd like to talk about breakfast.
Thanks,Steve, but I have my standard bran(ぬか) muffin
and cup of joe before I went for a run this morning.

No,that's not what I mean. I had my regulation smoothie and bowl of
granola bright and early(朝早くに) too.
Let me run(人に意見を求めて〜の話をする) some numbers by you.
About 9 and 10 Americans ate breakfast regularly back in the '60s.
But five decades later, only a third or so do.

We are looking at a decline of the great American breakfast.
When you put it like that you make it sound like the end of civilization itself.
What's happend to cornflakes and pancakes.

The traditional American breakfast items produced by GLI food operations
aren't selling as well as they used to.
We are looking for answers,and possible alternatives.
One thing that's come up on our rader is Japanese breakfast.
That's where you come in, Seiji.

Sure,Fire Away.(なんでも聞いてください。)
Well , there is a Japanse restaurant on just about(ほとんど) every block in Manhattan.

But only a few places offer Japanese style breakfast.
And there are even fewer local fans of it.

Yes, even hardcore devotees of Japanse quisine often draw the line
when it comes to breakfast.


Tha't actually another bit(一部) of American culture that dissapeared from my life due to living in Japan so long.Just like I don't mind anymore that hardly anyone says bless you after I sneeze.I don't even think asking to take leftover food home from restaurant.For example my husband and daughter and I went to Hawaii in June to see my father,and one night I just couldn't my entree(アントレ、メインディッシュ)at a restaurant.But it didn't occured to me.to ask for a doggy bag until my father suggested it.And I thought Oh, yeah, Americans do that.So we got it packed up.

Personally I think it's bad enough to ask for food off someone else's plate.I've never felt comfortable with that.I think we should always wait for the other person to offer us a bite.But I once knew a guy in the States family friend(家族ぐるみの友人)who would take food off my plate without asking if I said I was done(食事を終えた).I'd always object.But he'd say "you said you finshed.What's the good deal?(何をそんなにさわぐのだ)

We eat a lot of leftovers at home.Not from restaurants.but from dishes that my husband made on previous days.He's also very good at tossing a bunch of leftover ingredients(余ったたくさんの食材を入れて)  into some improvised dish so that odds and ends(残り物)don't go to waste.I was asking for half bowls of rice at my company's cafeteria,because I wasn't eating all of a full bowl,trying to cut calories you know.Lots of people must be doing the same thing,because the cafetria recently introduced small sized bowl.Now I get that all the time.


She's cooking a meal.
She's walking around a farm.
She's shopping for food.
She's eating a salad.

They talking on the phone.
They're moving some furniture.
They're reading some books.
They're standing by a table.

He's climbing into a truck.
He's entering a store.
He's getting on a train.
He's locking up a drawer.


I eat pretty much everyday usually it's vitamin fortified cereal and a piece of fruit,
but sometimes I go for oatmeal with brown sugar,or toast with peanut butter and
jam on it,those are all very quick to put together - the busy pace of modern life is
definitely a factor in my breakfast habits, and they do a good job of keeping me full
until lunch time.Plus they require absolutely no cooking skills which in my case is a very
important consideration.

I must confess to being a steretypical foreigner when it comes to those two
I know they're very good for you.But I just can't eat Natto and Umeboshi.
I don't like taste.Someone told me a while back it might have been my mother-in-law
that I'd never get sick if I ate a pickled plum everyday, I didn't say so out loud , but I
couln't help thinking ,I'd rather get sick.I'm sorry ,I'm sorry, it's just me. Personally
I can't eat them. I can't believe I got away with this health-wise But every Saturday mornining, I used to eat An Entire Six Pack Of old-fasioned glazed donuts. And remember,these were big American-size donuts,if I tried that today I'd Be Sicked to my stomach immediately. A chilid's metabolism is an amazing thing,isn't It?

第6回貢山会 おさらい会 お知らせ

2015年10月31日(土)13時〜(参加者9時からリハーサル) 市ヶ谷JICA地球ひろば にて、

第6回貢山会 おさらい会 を行います!
ゲスト 民謡歌手 今井由里 助演 箏 大友美由奈


外部の方の参加もお待ちしております!(津軽三味線オールインワン教本に入っている じょんがら旧節・六段・Storm・Risingのいずれか)





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