津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Full of snake skin instrument

Japaneseloungenight at roppongi pinkcow will be held on Februry 10th from 7pm.This time we have many okinawan sanshin players and chinese shamsien player also.2月10日(日)19時〜六本木ロアビル 今回は三線づくし!中国三弦の方もご参加いただける予定です!私は箏でつち人形弾きます!


I always wondering Aikido's basic tecnique "Iriminage" (Litterary means stepping into the back of opponents throwing technique) is pronouced as Irimi-neiji similar like "take" pronounce teik.ピンクカウJapaneseloungenightは2月10日(日)19時〜に決まりました!詳細はhttp://www.shamimaster.com/informationj.htmlにあります!このイベントでは簡単に着られて和の雰囲気が出せるのでいつも合気道着姿なのですがコスプレになると情けないので今日久々に合気道に行きました!


samurai on board not with sword with shamisen.友達の結婚式松山で演奏で着替えるのも面倒だからそのまま bachi,shamisen large pick handle includes lead inside,so I was stopped at baggage check.伊代節の歌詞に「高井の里のていれぎ(刺身のツマになる植物)」とあるのでていれぎが刺身のツマになるなら ○○君は□□さんの妻になるわけですな。とチャンチャン。I performed at friend's wedding. The way of knotting strings of my hakama,traditional skirt like pants's is differnt from usual,I usually tie with cross shaped because only samurai used cross knots. It's called entertainers' way of tie because bridegroom and bride is the protagonists of the ceremony. Tsugaru aiya bushi cotains lyrics of wedding ceremony, so I sang it. あいやの今宵めでたい花嫁姿 親も見とれて嬉し泣きを弾き歌いしました。the lyrics parents shed happy tears to see brid's dress.



銃規制をしたら 携帯電話に銃が仕込まれるとか新しい文化が産まれると思う。



Gun control

The curved shape of whiskey bottles is said to have been invented during the alchol prohibition era
to hide bottles easily in shoes.

As Al Capone succeeded in the black market during the prohibition era,

I think there is little meaning to gun control laws.

Japanese people often talk about U.S gun control, but the right to bear arms is provided in the U.S. constitution.

We are not in a position to talk about another country's constitution.

In Japan , the goverment talks repeatedly about deregulating various laws,

the control sometimes creates a new culture such as the shape of the bottle of whiskey.

Perhaps mobile phone guns might become popular when gun control becomes severe.

I'm sitting on the fence.


2497fd56.jpg三味線の体験レッスン「初めようと思ったきっかけは…」「吉田兄弟が好きで」「それは丁度いい、最近譜本を出しまして」「既に買って持ってます」 え… Today I had a free trial lesson ,a student wanted to start shamisen because he likes yoshida brothers ,so I recommended my scorebook,he already had one:)What a coincidence !

愛があれば一緒です。Timbre of tsugaru jamisen

2c65c3bd.jpg愛媛県出身が愛知県になってまつたI performed at the hotel spring in kaihin makuhari,I was surprisedat one of my acquaintace who met at oyama-ryu new year party, were there.They said my talk was funny,The client said I could be a comedian:)My senior of my school said he can take me as a translator,not as a shamisen player:) Next time I wanna be a English speaking comedian!


One of my shamisen student came to my house after a while,I asked her about playing smooth criminal(Michael Jackson)bv shamisen duo,she asked back about audience generation.I answerd 'Many foreign people will be there'she said'You are foreiln in America':)I thought that's right!!

カナダ人の三味線の生徒さんが久しぶりに来て「アメリカでsmooth crimial(マイケル・ジャクソン)の曲を三味線で弾くのはどうか」と聞いたら客層を聞かれ「foreign people(外国人)が多い」と言ったらアメリカでは「Foreign(外国人)はお前だ」と爆笑になった。


日本を出国する際に必要な書類 パスポート・CITES(ワシントン条約)・酒屋の領収書・日本の総理大臣を褒めた感想文 等々 色々必要なものがあって大変だ



最近思うのは我に七難八苦を与えたまえ 艱難辛苦汝をタマにす 何で日本人はこんなにドMなんや、だから自殺率高いんやないかい。 投資家ウォーレンバフェットの結果よりプロセスを楽しむ という言葉の方が前向きでよろしい。

Japanese Proverb say difficulty makes the man greater,former samurai said give me thousands of difficulties,How masochistic Japanese is! Warren buffet said Enjoying the process fur more than the proceeds,it's healthier way to think in.

Performance with taiko drums

86849163.jpgI played with Issei Sawada ,nobuteru sawada ,akodama wadaiko drum group




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