津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


The qualified candidate must have an advanced degree上級学位、大学院でとれる学位 in project management and be able to oversee a diverse staff
At leaset five years in a related manegerial postion is requird.

The duties are variedさまざまです
these imculde implementing reserch designs.preparing budgets and contracts and recruting employees.Please send a letter of interest and a resume to James Fanklin

We will begn interviewing canditdates on Mach 1
The position wil begin on

The building permit application you requested is enclosed.
Prior to beginning construction on a larger patio テラス in the rear of your restaurant, You must make sure that the permit has been approved and is on file in our office.When you submit your application
Please include a building plan that has been reiveiwed 審査され and certified by a licensed engineer.You should anticipate an approval process taking approximately 8 weeks.

Also, please remember that before public use, the completed structure wll need to be inspected

らかとしゅ やりましゅ

The spirit of Tsugaru Shamisen is improvisation,
However, I hesitated to do jam session with other western instruments actually
It's because I think one piece of music  should be composed minutely with deep thought, and repeated again and again to deepen the understanding of the piece of music.

But I love  this jam session.
I'm moved every time I watch it.
I don't know why I think so..

Roby Lakatos Gypsy Violin vs Shinishi Kinoshita Tsugaru Shamisen

Not in the video,
After the performance,
Accordion player Koba who was an MC of the TV program
interviewed to Lakatos  and asked,
"How do you feel about playing with Tsugaru Shamsien,It's a traditional sound."

Lakatos answerd
'He has a wonderful sense of rythm'

It was impressive because Koba ask about sound quality of shamisen,
but Lakatos answerd about his sense of rythm.




津軽三味線 木乃下伸市 
ジブシーバイオリン ロビーラカトシュ







Hi Katie, it's great that you can come in early on Friday mornings.毎週金曜日の朝
We need someone to be here at the restaurant to receive the food delivery on those days.I'm glad I can help.from what I understand My job is to inspect the food when it arrives. And make sure it matches our order.Is that right?
That'S right.See that folder near the loading dock,積み降ろし場
That’s where we keep the printouts 出力紙 of what food was ordered from each supplier.
You should check of each item on the order form as its unloaded


Hi ,We're both here for the accouting training ,we' re looking for room 3 or 4 .Are we in the right place?
Yes, you were.What are your name so I can check if you were on the list.I'm Frank Myers. I registered last month.

And I'm Jack Krugman

I just found out about the training this morning.
I'm worried it might be too late to sign up.
No, that's fine Mr. Krugman.But I don't have any extra information
packets Do you two mind sharing one?Sure, and I was wondering
are any refreshments provided?
You'll find coffee tea and snacks at the back of the room
We'll be starting our session in about ten mintutes.

Thanks for agreeing to create the advertisements for my office supply store ,David,My pleasure.Is there anything in particular you'd like to feature in the ad?Most of the marchindize are selling well.But I' like to feature our office furniture.ok, Is there anything special that we could highlight Well, I do stock
onlly Chair Maker Pro office furniture
The chairs get especially good reviews.The design to provide great suport .They're really confortable.

OK,, I can emphasize comfort in the Ad.Could you send me a pictrure an description of chairs?


Excuse me, I'm planning to paint the walls of my kitchen white.

But there are so many different paint types that I'm not sure which one to buy.Well I'd suggest getting a high gloss paint

Since it's going to be in your kitchen and it's easier to wash.
Even drips from cooking oil can be removed without much effort.

Great.Thanks. I'll need two cans of that then. Also can you show me where the paint brushes are??
Sure , those are in Aisle 10 . Let me take you there.]

Congratulations on your purchase! Muldeen Container company all-weather storage units are know for simple design and outstaning durability. Be sure to read the warranty and instructions before setting up your new storage unit.We recommend that you choose a location in your yard that allows for water drainage.In addition ,verify that the site you have chosen is generally flat and that the product carton contains all the parts you needed.


Shall I show you how to make the font size larger?
It is hard to read at this size
Sure, I'd love to go.
Thanks for the letter.

When will the labling mahcine be repaired?
Yes, you should work in pairs.
The list of ingredients is on the label.
They still don't know what's wrong with it.

Shoud we invite勧める more staff to attend the trade show?
We're not sure about hiring him.
I don't think it's necesary
From NewYork to Sydney

Ok, Mr. Kimeta
Your money's been deposited into your savings account.
Here's your receipt.Is there anything else?Yes. Can you tell me about
your new loyal customer credit cards?
Sure, my supervisor here can tell you more.
Hello, I'm Barbara Wilson ,the Branch manger.
customers who banked with us for at least 3 years are eligible for this card.You just fill out the simple application form .We' ll let you know within an hour if you've been approved.

Sounds good.But my lunch break is almost over.
That's Ok.You can do it online.
You'll find the link on the homepage of our Web site.
Good I'll do that later.

Dear Ms. Taylor
The building permit application you requested is enclosed. Prior to beginning construction on a large patio テラス in the rear of your restarurant,, you must make sure that the permit has been apporoved and is on file in our office. When you submit your application, please include a builing plan that has been reviewed and certified by a lisenced enginerer. You should anticipate an approval process taking approimately 8 weeks.

Please remember that before public use the completed structurewil need to be officially inspected Please notify us when you are ready to schedule this finla step


Dear Ms. Sandler,

Earlier this week I signed an important contract with Riverdale Advertising. Madeline Larson, the creative director at Riverdale,shared with me that〜ということを人に伝える you were largely responsible for getting its business.

I was pleased to get the project,but I was even more pleased that you thought well enough of my work to recommend me to Ms. Larson


At the meeting on June 4, Ms. Srisati will clear up all misunderstandings surrounding the new phone system
With the new Website enhansements Hill Street Design customers will be able to view a summary of recent purchases

The executive team of Trannelin Industries is determining which divisions will transfer to the West Coast next year.
The Fitzton Gallery has been the primary promoter of the arts in Washington , sponsoring numerous public events

The travel agent was able to obtain flights飛行機の便 for the conference speakers despite the last minute request.


Would you type up the minutes from today's staff meeting?
Sure , I'll have them ready by 3 o'clock
There are few other types,too.
Almost everone is in the office.

What are the best vegetarian restaurant in this area.
We opened in the hour.*
We open in an hour
I'm not the best person to ask.
Outside ceiling* seating is available

Why is the contract coming in tomorrow
I thought you asked him to come
You have to initiall every page
At lease 3 weeks.

We've sold 50 laptop computers toay , didn't we?
Our desktop computer is too old
The store opened three years ago
Yes, it was a good day.

I'd like to discuss the project you just turned in.
We just purchased that projector
Not very often
Could it wait until tomorrow



I planed to make hanging scroll saying 獅子道, (way of lion), or my company name, like Dojo of Aikido.

I asked the printer but , , too small:)





livedoor ピクス
livedoor ピクス


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