津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


What is true about the book written by Mr. Morrison?

It is the most expensive book on the list.
It has fallen in poplurarity since last week
It first appeared on the list three weeks ago
It is written on the same topic as is Mr.Karls, book

What book sold the most copies the previous week

What is suggested about Ms. Inoue?

She is the owner of financial services company
She teaches management courses at a university
She has experience running a business
She has published several books.

Mr.Ito, This is Julio Garcia from Nordmant computer's customer service office.You called us earlier this morning about a problem you're having with your new laptop computer.You said it's overheating and the fans seems to be broken.Unfrotunately for the fan to be replaced, you'll have to send it back to our manufacturing headquaters for repair.I'll send a shipping label to your home today our address and correct amount postage have alreay been filled out

So all you have to do is put your computer back in its original package.and drop it off at the post office . please call us if you have any questions.

Where most liley does the caller work?

What problem did the listner report?
An Unexpected fee was charged.
Some packages arived late.

product is nt working corretcly
Some marchandise is out of stock.


From Nela Potter
To Marketing Staff
Please review the attached best seller list from today's Silverton Daily.
Through Mark Sipley's book is low on the list ,remember that we released it it only on January 2.There is an still an opportunity for sales to increase. How can we guarantee that this happens?

The list clearly illustrates that health and welness titiles are good sellers. Our competitors,such as Wayland and Brownback have been thriving.I attribute their success to agressive marketing tactics . Consider how Wayland has been extensively promoting Jenna Wyatt's book!

So, for our next schduled meeting, I would like each of you to present your own original ideas for generating more publicity for our current and future projects.

Nonfiction Best-selling list Week of January 8-14

Current ranking Title Ranking last week

Your Best Fitness plan by Jenna Wyatt (Wayland Books
A guide to proper excersise and fitness

Green Eats by Dr.Malcom Chen Browback Guides
A witty guide how to incorporate more vegetables in your diet.

The Pharoh's lives

Startling discoveries about the lifestyles of ancient Egyptian rulers.

Small Business Big World by Hiroko Inoue
In her first publication, founder and CEO of Starwise Clothing gives financial and management advice.

Olympian's cookbook
World gymnastics champion offers recipes to boost energy and well-being

Covers the major developments in world jazz music

A well known nutritionist shows how to lose weight throuh a sensible diet and excersise plan.

What is the purp


One of my students got the Guiness record by attending the bigeest ansemble of Tsugaru.Shamisen

You can try World Guiness Records in our class.

Guiness World Records logo reminds me of some
coffee shop logo.But I can't remember which coffee shop is it.






Are you planning a move?
Do you need help packing?Organizing,
and loading your belongings ,call Smith and Sons

for help with all your relocation needs.
and right now, we're offering a 10 % discount.
Just say you heard this commercial when you call us to
arrange your move.This offer's good for one month only.
So give us a call todya.
What type of business is being advertised?
A moving company
A real estate firm/
A travel agency
An insurance company

How can customers receive a discount?
by attending a information session
by mentioning an advertisement
by preenting a coupon
by sigining up online

when does the discount expire?


Shamisen by Sugar craft , only string is real.

We can eat this shamisen in case of emergency:)









Vincent Emmerich
Susanna Waverly
Naomi Markotwiz James Tien

Japan trip

Octobr 2

Good Morning Sussanna

James Naomi, and I will be in Tokyo for business from November 10 through 13. Could you please reserve a flight and hotel rooms for us?We will need to close to the Tokyo headquaters of Satake Mortors ,addtionally, the hotel should have a business center,wireless Intenet an exercise room,and same day dry cleaning.

Also, could you please make arragements for us to visit the city of Kamakura Since we would like to be there when the weather is pleasant.

you may want to finalizing these details until the latest date possible.
Our agenda is flexible, so this last-minute arrangement shoudn't be too troublesome to manage .Please keep in mind though, that there are two appointments that cannot be rescheduled the afternoon meeting with Ms Takahashi and her team Novemver 10 th and the all day tour on Nobemver 21

Below is the final agenda for our forthcoming trip.

Why did Mr.Emmerich send an E-mail to Ms. WAverly..

To provide an information about a new product

To request arrangement for an upcoming trip
To give details of a visit to a factory
To accept an invitation to a meeting

What is not Indicated about the NT Baypoint hoteo
It has a fitness center
It offers laundry services
It provides access to the Internet
It is located in Kamakura

Why was an outing organized for november 12
The participants schedule was free all day
A commercial tour was available

The forecast was for good weather
The request for the date was made by Ms. so

conversation with zwan

If I have a metronome while I’m playing along with someone else, it’s a lot easier
This message has been removed.
This message has been removed.
This message has been removed.
While I’m playing along without a metronome, it’s harder because I’ll probably end up being slower than I should be

I heard you in the background
but the whole time I was looking at my metronem

so getting up a little too high sometimes

I was too high sometimes
probably didn’t sound as good as it could

Student from New York.

unnamedHis wife is Japanese.and I played Jongara and Newyork Newyork for him.He came to be able to play one song within an hour!


ニューヨークからの生徒さん。Salvatoreさん。1曲を30分で弾けるようになりました♪英語で一見さんを教えている教室は中々見つからなかったので助かりました♪ ということだそうです♩



Hi Ms.Balani This is Mark,from Daffies' Bakery.I'm calling about the cake order you placed for your company's holiday party,I have the order here but I seem to have misplaced the deliery instructions.Could you please let me know what time the cake should be delivered and who the driver should speak to when it gets to the banguet hall.Our bakery is open until 5 pm this evening.so please give me a call anytime before then.

Where does the caller wokr.

What information does the caller request
The color of decoratios]
The list of attendees
payment detials
delivery instructions

What time wil the business close today


Opinica Mountain Preserve 
Shebrook Guebec Canada

So many things to do and see
Experience the scenic beauty and diversity of the wildlife at Opinica Mountain Preserve
Guidebooks are available at each of our visitor centers(located at north and south entrances

These guidebooks include maps of our trails with description of preserve's many attractions
including the native plant garden and wildflower meadow.野草が咲く草地 Since Opinica Mountain Preserve encompasses 52 square kilometers of terrain , the guidebook can help you determine what you should see during your stay

Reservations are required
Because Opinica Mountain Preserve attracts so much interest, admission to the park is monitored to avoid crowding , although no entrance charge is currently being charged.

Reservations can be made in advance by calling or by visiting our Website

Visitors are permitted from 6 A.M to  P.M daily. _The park is closed to the public overnight.

Hikers must remain on trails at all times.
Parking and picnicking are allowed only in designated areas.
No bicycling , camping or huting ,No boating , fishing or swimming in any of the ponds and streams.

What is subject of the notice?
All Renovations to a visitor center
Guided tour of the wildlife area
General information about a park
Atrractions of a popular campground.

According to the notice, what is included in the guidebooks?
information about walking paths
A list of camping facilities

Photographs of preserve
Descriptions of wildlife

What are visitors encouraged to do?
Swim in the local pond

Visit a garden of local plants
Reserve a place on a guided tour
Ride bicycles on a mountain trails

What is Not available to visitors?

Free admission
Picnic spaces
parking areas
overnight lodging6q



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