津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


To adjust the volume of Sharpe sound microphone,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines, La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience.

To protect the camera lens,be sure to reattach the lens cover when returning the camera to its case.

The board of directors will vote at today's meeting on the plan to merge with Fray publishing.

So far this quater regional sales of compact cars have surpassed industry analyst's predictions.

Any mechanical malfunction exercise equipment should be reported to the gym mangager without delay

Leroy-Bomtempts researched consumer preferences around the nation as part of the development of its low-calorie beverage products.

For one week only, Leah's Boutique is offering a 20% discount on all summer clothing items.

A marketing survey can help a company to identify potential customers as well as analyze its competitors

Redbury Town Library has received nearly 5000 euros in contributions over last twelve monts.


Yanakawa shamisen , the thinest neck shamisen. the neck is thinner than hosozao.

It's used for traditional Jiuta.





To adjust the volume of Sharpe Sound microphone ,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unusual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines ,La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience in the city.

He's cooking food at the stove
He's taking items out of the drawer
He's picking up the tray of desserts.
He's putting food in a refrigerator.

The women are removing a file from a cabinet.
A woman is trying on a pair of eyeglasses
The women are looking at an open binder.
A woman is walking towards a desk.

Some charis have been set outside.
Water is splashing onto a balcony.
A table cloth has been folded up.
The umbrella is lying on the table.

A man is installing a light fixture.
A man is using a controll panel
A man is positioning a microphone.
A man is sipping water from the bottle.

Some people are seated in the lecture hall.
Some people are talking on mobile phones.
There are windows on one side of the passage way
There are plants arranged along a railing.

Workers are assembling equipment in the lobby,
A vehicle's rear door is raised.
The men are leaning against a column.
Items are being wheeled into a van.

People are carrying marchandise up the stairs.
People are pushing a display case against a wall.
Broken dishes are being swept into a corner.
Potterie's being exibited on a shelving unit.


Williamstown Borough Bikes is open on weekdays from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

All Dokgo Design Employees should update their timesheets daily.

A streeet map and travel guide are available on the city's official Web Site ,

Factory test have helped Zubiri Footwear to improve its design of its pupular Airwing running shoe.

The mayor of Pipersville has not yet reviewed the proposal to expand Grey Park

Please consult the owner's manual before using your Kivi Craft oven for the first time.

Tonight's speech will be followed directly by a reception for Bluebonnet Travel Services' new vice president.

Caritas Kithcen Accesesories is best know for its line of dependable coffee makers.

Comments or suggestions concerning our dining service are welcome.

Estway Theater's advertising strategy has been to rely directly on degital media


Hello, Mr. Park.This is Ken Rogers at the Hughes Ecological Foundation. I'm happy to see you're on the guest list for tonight's dinner we're so grateful for everything you do for our environmental education program.And we're looking forward to celebrating all of our volunteers at tonight's event. Anyway I'm calling to let you know that we've had movedf the event from Hamburt Gardens to the Springwood Inn on Mott Street.It's supposed to rain tonight and we just don't want to risk everyone getting wet.It's not easy to find parking in that area.so you might want to park in the garage behind the inn. it cost a few dollar to leave your car there but it's much more convenient.we will see you tonight.

雅屋 歌舞伎企画 口コミ  評判 miyabiya japan review reputation

お世話になっております。NYでJapan Fes というイベントをやっている等々力様と言う方が日本文化を現代風にアレンジしている方を探しているのですが、二村さんのことを話したらお会いしたいとのことでした。ただ、ギャラは出ないが来た場合は演奏場所を提供する、というスタンスの方なので、二村様は難しいと思いますよ。とお伝えしました。2月13日から17日までの間で来日するそうなので、その時もしご都合が合えば、会いましょう、ということでご連絡しました。

是非会わせて下さいというから こちらも時間を割いてセッティングして会わせたのですが、








その後 私のfacebookはブロックされておりました。



私まで ブロックまでするのは




白金高輪 歌舞伎講座




多分一生 行きたいな〜と思ってるだけで行けないんじゃないでしょうか。








The kabuki performer miyabiya japan is not good person.

He is very arrogant

He asked me to introduce event organizer in NY.

Even though I explained to him , the event will be no pay, in advance,

and he said he wants me to introduce the organizer.

But when we meet with the event organizer and hear the story of no pay,

he got mad suddenly and went out of the room throw the coffee fee away.

after that He blocked me on the facebook, just by his misunderstanding.

He is very arrogant and moody person ,

I greatly recommend you don't deal with him, or ask him a performance.

You will surely regret if you deal with him

He blocked ME on facebook.

How do you think?


Hi, this is Steven the building manger.I wanted to let you know that the someone from the maintenance deparment will be inspecting the plubming in the building tomorrow.Some of the tenants have reported that the water pressure in their apartment is low. So that's why we need to get plumbing checked out.You don't have to be there for tomorrow's inspection but I wanted to let you know that the water will be shut off for an hour from noon to 1 o'clock,then if any repairs have to be made in your apartment ,I'll call you to set up a time to have work done.


The value of mentoring
A great way to support new hires in any industry is through the use of mentoring program. Mentors guide employees or mentees ,as they settle into 慣れるnew routines  Research shows that mentoring lowers th employee-turnover rate and motivates new hires to do their best.

Mentoring can be informal and formal. An example of informal mentoring is an experienced worker who spontaneously offers a new worker tips that cannnot be found in the employee manual . Formal mentoring relationships are usually created by a supervisor who pairs a metors and a mentee for a set period of time.

Mentoring may last weeks or months,depending on the complexity of the new job.the mentor's availability , and other factors.

When establishing a mentoring program,choose mentors who are respected, longtime members of your team.

They should have a deep understaning of your organization's policies and culutre.They should also have sufficient time to work with the mentee.Be sure to encourage your confindentiality.Both parites should feel assured that their discussion remain private. unless a critical issue arises that warrants your attention 〜を当然必要とする

Risa Sedillo
Dear Mr. Degrasse
Thank you for requesting my feedback on the mentoring program.

After an initial training period. I was assinged to be Joel Kranz's mentee three weeks ago. I now feel prepared to work on my own.Joel showed me how to establish good rapport with diners and how to ensure that the cooks prepare special orders correclty.He also taught me how to resolve complaints in a way that makes customers want to come back again.In fact, thanks largely to Joel, I feel confident enough my abitlities that I would be willing to mentor the next server you hire.

I hope that you and the other mangers will call on me

What does the aritcle indicate about mentors,

They are beneficial in many tyes of workplace.

Their role should be thourouly described in the employee manual.
They should be made able to longtime employees ona an optional basis

Where does Ms. Sedillo probably work?

What skill does Ms. Seddilo not say she learned from Mr.Kranz?
How to transmit instructions to coworkers
How to process credit card payments.
How to interact effectivelly with customers
How to resolve customer's complaints.

Based on the article,why would Ms Seddilo be unacceptable as a menor?

She did not keep her conversations with Mr.Kranz confidential
She made a mistake when handling a special order.
She does not have enough time in her schedule
She has not been a member of the staff for very long.


I want to remind everyone about the upcoming training session on the new time reporting software.Sandra Khan,the head of the payroll給与 department,will be reaing the training.Ms. Khan will explain why payroll is changing over to this new system,and then she'll show us step-by-step exactly how to use the software to track the hours we work.

I have copies of the software's instructions for all of you. Please take one and review the summary of main feaures before the training session.

What is the main purpose of the announcement?
To welcome new employees.
To discuss a training session
To report a change in work hours.
To request volunteers for a project.

Who is Sandra Khan.
A sales representative
A software engineer
A graphic designer
A payroll manager

What will the speaker give each listener.
A manual
A password
A calender
An expense 経費記入用紙


Pentiction Art Centre
The Pentiction Art Centre offers participans a unique opportunity to develop creative skills while enjoyning the picturesque beauty of British Columbia.Our facility is located in charming Penticton.nestled between two lakes,surrounded by mountains, and easily accecible from Vancouver. Our classes , offered June to August and taught by master instructors from across Canada, have been attracting aspiring artists, or 25 years. Enrollment in each class is limited to 15 participants to allow plenty of indivisual attention. This year, we are adding four new classes to the program.

Dear, Mr.Beckman
I attended one of your new classes this year, and I wanted to share with you, some thoughts on my experience.While I enjoyed the course overall and found Elaine Sourden to be a seasoned instructor, I felt that the one for students who already have some painting experience.Of the fifteen students,in the class, eight were beginners and required most of the instructor's attention.

Unfortunately,that meant that the more experienced students received less of the promised "indivisual attention" than I had hoped. Ms. Sourden led the group to three different locations that provided beautiful sceanery from which to work but much of her time was spent helping the novice students with the basics of how to set up/

I hope this information helps in your plannning for next year.I would seriously consider taking a second class next year but would want to be sure that the instruction was appropriate to my skill level.


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