津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Hi, Mr.Reynolds?This is Roberta Heinz from Apartment 4B.I'm doing my laundry in the basement right now.And the washing machine doesn't seem to be working properly. I wanted to make sure building management was aware of the problem.

Oh, thanks for letting me know.
I just had that machine installed so I'm surprised
that's giving you trouble,What's the problem exactly.

Well, at the end of the wash cycle ,the water doesn't drain out of the machine, like it's supposed to .It's still completly full.水はまだ満杯です。OK, I'll call an appliance repair service now and ask them to come take a look.


The term "general admission" refers to seating in areas of Flagstaff Arena where seats are not assigned indivisually but are obtained on a first-come,first-served basis.

Please be respectful of your fellow event attendees,Allow them to find general-adission seating as they arrive, and do not save seats for members of your party who will be arriving later and meeting you inside the areana. Please also note that the amount of general admission seating varies from one event to the next and at some events, it is unavailable altogether.


Hello,I'm calling to place an order for a set of headphones I saw in your catalog,the music master delax headphones?

All right, I can help with you that.Can you give me the product code for those?There are several different models in that product line I had the catalog right here.If you can give me a moment,I'll check it an see.


With the decades of unversity administration experience,Professor Wallis is a logical choice to be the leader of campus planning comittee.

Owing to the delays in obtaining the construction permits, the renovation of the civic center will not resume until Monday.


To adjust the volume of Sharpe Sound microphone ,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unusual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines ,La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience in the city.

He's cooking food at the stove
He's taking items out of the drawer
He's picking up the tray of desserts.
He's putting food in a refrigerator.

The women are removing a file from a cabinet.
A woman is trying on a pair of eyeglasses
The women are looking at an open binder.
A woman is walking towards a desk.

Some charis have been set outside.
Water is splashing onto a balcony.
A table cloth has been folded up.
The umbrella is lying on the table.

A man is installing a light fixture.
A man is using a controll panel
A man is positioning a microphone.
A man is sipping water from the bottle.

Some people are seated in the lecture hall.
Some people are talking on mobile phones.
There are windows on one side of the passage way
There are plants arranged along a railing.

Workers are assembling equipment in the lobby,
A vehicle's rear door is raised.
The men are leaning against a column.
Items are being wheeled into a van.

People are carrying marchandise up the stairs.
People are pushing a display case against a wall.
Broken dishes are being swept into a corner.
Potterie's being exibited on a shelving unit.

Isn't the customer service desk on the third floor?
Stack them up near the staris
It's been moved to the main level.
Yes, they're custom -made.

Professor Hassan was chosen for the board of directors wasn't he?
No,only board members are going.
He was elected at the last meeting.
How may I direct your call?

There are a lot of cardbox in the lobby.
So our clients have a place to visit.
No, it doesn't have a clock.
Don't worry,there will be picked up, soon.

Why is Yoko transferring to the Allensville branch?
It's a shorter commute for her.
In the global finance division.
Yes, but she'll finish her project first.

Entertainment industry reporters speculate that
Jangokk Media would release its new film by year's end,
but the company decided to do otherwise.

By streamlining furniture shpping process,
we can lower the expenses and cut the delivery time in half.

Executive director 専務取締役 Rajiv Kutty has
compiled with the shareholder's request that he review
quality control procedures at Srinivisan Food Facilities.


Shinoda Med Inc. strives to be at the forefront of advancements in dental health technology.


Will you plan your own holiday or use a travel agent?
Most of the time.
I always do it myself.
Let me give you the number.

How's the new building coming along?
That belongs in the other truck.
I'll see if Ken is still coming.
Fine, they just finshed installing the windows.

Please make yourself comfortable until Ms. Kim arrives.
The 8 o'clock flight from Denver.
I hope she want to be too much longer.
They were very accomodating.k親切だr

In addtion to rustic charm 素朴な魅力 and easy access to the beach,the hotel offers spectacular view of the ocean.

When Dr. Benett's flight was canceled,she had to catch a train in order to arrive punctully for her appointment.

By the end of the course of study, Gant College students are expected to have mastere the skills specific to their chosen fileds.college collged college

Its electronic rice cooker proved to be so popular with cosumers that Numgung Tecnick had to accererate production of the item


Where should these empty recycling containers go?

Outside the rear entrance
Plastic bottles and jugs 水差し
We have several available.


Mr. Park will be back at 2:30
At a shareholder's lancheon.
I already brouht it back.
Can you have him call me?

Lily developed the desktop publishing software, didn't she?
No, sign the other side.
She'll wear it this afternoon.
That' what I heard.


Are you going to install the equipment yourself?
A more efficient assembly line.
No the manufacturer will do that.
Seven thousand dollars.

What's the best way to reach you?
I prefer e-mail.
It's up ahead on the right.
That's a good option?

Why has the book's release date been delayed?
I approved the payment.
It was about a month?
The editor requested addtional changes.

Is it easy to get a taxi in your neighborhood?
It depends on the time of day.
Six avenue
Why don't we?


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