津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Pamela,I heard that you've been researching some ways to improve energy efficiency here at the factory.How's it going?Well,I've just about finished the report,and one of my finding's quite interesting.40% of the factory energy use comes from the air conditioning system.That's quite a bit.almost as much as what's consumed by the assembly line equipment I'm not surprised to hear that.The system was installed several years ago when I first build the factory.I think it's time we considered upgrading it to something more modern.

Where most likely do the speakers work.
At a factory
At university
at a hospital
At an appliace store.電化製品店

What is the problem with airconditioning system?

It is too small for the building
It breaks down frequently.
It uses a lot of energy
It makes a lot of noise

What doee the man suggest?
publishing some research findings
upgrading some equipment
contacting atechnician

chagin some machine setting.s


Directions行き方 to Professor Lee's Retirement Party
My calender Meeting Reminder Thursday 9;30 am
Interview Panel for Vidya Dahuri
Registration confirmed for Oct.seminar
Research Scientists in Higher Education
Instructions for graduation day

Student financial award 奨学金

Where does Ken Kuroda probably work?
At an employment agency
At a hospital
At a university
At a financial institution

Where most likely was Ken Kuroa on Thursday morning.


Hi Nino,I wanted to ask about one of the novels we're publishing in October,By Silver Lake.Have you chosen an artist to design the cover yet?
Yes,I contacted Mya Gomez.and she's agrees to create a few sample covers.She specializes in drawing outdoor settings and landspcapes, so I think she's the right person for the job.Great.We scheduled to discuss the cover illustration at next Thursday's editorial meeting.Why don't we see if Ms.Gomez can send us at least free samples by then.

What has Mya Gomez been asked to design.
A brochure
A book cover
A company logo
A newspaper advertisement

Why did the man choose Maya Gomez/?

She has worked for a company in the past.
Her paintings have received many award.
She was listed in a diretory of graphic designers
She often illustrate ourdoor scenes.

What will the speakers ask aMaya gomez to do by next Thursday?

Submit Sample drawings.
Comment on a manuscipit
Finalize a work agreement.
Meet with editorial director.


Founded by brothers Louis and Michel Chereau more than a hundred years ago, Chereau Chocolatie is one of the most renowned manufacurers of fine chocolate in the world.To ensure that we always achieve the utmost in quality,we obtain our cacao beans from a select number of respected farms and then handcraft our chocolate in small batches.
While we welcome large orders.,we must ask that you place orders of 30 units or more in advance.

At least four week's notice is necessary for us to guarantee availabitliy.

Thank you for helping us to maintain the tradition of excellence at Chereau Chocolaterie.


You should delete the rule line in Excel



I'm flying to London this Thursday.
And I'm calling to check on your baggage policy.
It's been a while since I flew overseas,last time I went
I could check two bags for free.Is that still the case?
Unfortunately our policy has changed since your last trip.
For international flights,we now allow you to check
only one bag for free.
There's a 30 dollar charge for each additional bag.
Oh, that's too bad.
I guess I'll have to rethink my packing
Maybe I can fit every thing into one suitcase.
In that case, you should be aware of our size restrictions.
If You'd like, I can give you the information now.

What is the purpose of the telephone call?
To confirm a reservation
To ask about a policy
To check on the price of the ticket.
To change a departure date.

Why is the woman dissapointed?

A new fee has been added.

One of her suitcase has been lost.
Her seating preference is not availabe.
An arrival time has changed.
What does the man offer to explain?
Meal selections.
Visa requirements.
payment options.


Tropics Cafe
Waterfront Centre
Exceptional food rated best menue selection By Dining out Asia..

Beautiful Atomosphere our dining area overlooks the Singapore River.
Private room availble perfect for a variety of business and personal events.

Live music is featured Friday through Sunday From 8 to 11 pm

Present this coupon and receive 10% off your total bill.
Valid dinner for Mondaay through Wedneday only.

Good until 5 May

What is not advertised as a feature of the cafe
Its experienced servers
Its delicous meals
Its view of the river
its evening entertainment

When can the coupon be used.


Excuse me, I'm having a problem with my glasses.
I just purchase them here two weeks ago and this lens keeps falling out.
May I have a look at them?
Ah, I see the problem.There's a small crack on the side of the frame
so it's not holding the lens in place.
Do you have time to fix that now?!

I'm on my lunch break,but I have to be back at work
by one o'clock.Well, since the frames are so new,I can replace them
at no charge. it should take only about ten mintutes.
Why don't you have a seat and I call you when they ' re ready.

What does the store sell?

What does the man have to do at One o'clock
Meet a frienf for lunch
Return to work
Pick up an order
Go to a doctor's appointment

What does the woman offer to do for a man?
Speak with her manager
Refund his money
Make a replacement
Call manufaturer


We nearly finish planning everything for the summer internship program.But I've been thinking about how the interns are all from out of the twon,and won't be familiar with the area.
We should put together some kind of event to make them feel welcome.歓迎されているSounds like a great idea.We can organize some kind of activities so the employees and interns can get to know the city.
There's going to be free jazz performance in the park on Friay evening.
Maybe we can get the group to go over together after work.

That' perfect.You know.Maybe we should plan a social event every week this summer,so the interns have a chance to really enjoy their time here.

What does the man say about the summer interns
they are highly qualified.
they are unfamilar with thearea.
They will have a heavy workload.
They will need parking permits.

What will take place on Friday?
A jazz concert
A welcome luncheon
A city tour
A orientation session.

What does the man suggest?
Registering for a class.
Updating an employee directory.

Welcome to Lavoisier Laboratory Supply Direcotory
Instituitions in need of high-quality laboratory equipment should always contact manufacturers known for their liablity.
Only purchasing from such reputable companies can you be confident that you will recieve the best products and services , Ours is the laragest most comprehensive online directory of its kind,listing laboratory equipment manufacturers around the world.Regardless ofyour institution's locatioand size,the Llavoiser Laboatory Supply directory can help you find a proven manufaturer that canfill your reserach needs


To adjust the volume of Sharpe Sound microphone ,turn the knob to the left or right.

With its unusual blend of Korean and Mexican cuisines ,La Cantina Han offers the most surprising dining experience in the city.

He's cooking food at the stove
He's taking items out of the drawer
He's picking up the tray of desserts.
He's putting food in a refrigerator.

The women are removing a file from a cabinet.
A woman is trying on a pair of eyeglasses
The women are looking at an open binder.
A woman is walking towards a desk.

Some charis have been set outside.
Water is splashing onto a balcony.
A table cloth has been folded up.
The umbrella is lying on the table.

A man is installing a light fixture.
A man is using a controll panel
A man is positioning a microphone.
A man is sipping water from the bottle.

Some people are seated in the lecture hall.
Some people are talking on mobile phones.
There are windows on one side of the passage way
There are plants arranged along a railing.

Workers are assembling equipment in the lobby,
A vehicle's rear door is raised.
The men are leaning against a column.
Items are being wheeled into a van.

People are carrying marchandise up the stairs.
People are pushing a display case against a wall.
Broken dishes are being swept into a corner.
Potterie's being exibited on a shelving unit.

Dear Mr.. Marlowe,
A college of mine m Renate Harrow, will be transferring to Clay enterprises office in Singapore in two weeks,She will require short-term accomoations as soon as she arrives there.She prefers, however to postpone permannt housing until after she has become familiar with her new sorroundings.

In the meantime, その間に she will need a temporary residence in the vicinity of Clay Enterprise's office, prefarably a studio apartment or a room in affordable hotel.Please send informaiton regarding what services you can provide to help Ms. Harrow's transition proceed as smooth as possible.


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