津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Tsugaru Shamisen Shishido NY will come up tomorrow! I will play shamisen with my students in NY and play koto with Sawai koto academy's teacher Masayo Ishigure. A Minyo singer from Japan Yuri Imai 今井 由里 will sing Jongara bushi and Aiya bushi for you and I will accompnay her.Don't miss it!

いよいよ明日です!獅子道NY NY教室の生徒さんと一緒に三味線を箏(琴)を

沢井箏アカデミーの石榑先生をお迎えし、お送りします。民謡歌手の今井由里さんも参加して ニューヨークではめったに聞けない津軽民謡のフルセットが楽しめます!ニューヨークで津軽五代民謡の唄が聞けるまたと無い機会です!image



newyork grad central



Good morning.You're listnening to WBCD's hourly news report .Today's top story is the upcoming aquisition of local pharmacetical company, Kran-Med solutions.by cicago based Aroria Pharmaceuticals.Aroria's company president Javier Perez said that the aquisition will allow the two groups conbine their resources and knowledge ,and that the public will ultimately benefit from the innvative new medications that the company will be able to develop. While Kran Med solutions will continues as production facility for its meications,its research staff will be moved Aroria's headquaters to create a larger and more centralized, reserach and development team.


Professional photographers association of Jamaica
Fifth annual Amateur Photography competition

The goals of competition are to promote appreciation 理解 of photography and to discover emerging talent. Amateur contestants will compete one of four categories Category1 Nature and Landscape Categoy 2 Animals Category 3 people and category 4 cars and buildings

only one entry per contestant will be accepted , and each entry must include a tilte the deadline of submission is 15 February Current and former Professional Photograhers Association of Jamaica as well as their immediate family肉親 members are not eligible to participate. Photographs will be assesed by a jury consisting of three PPAJ members and three gallery owners.

Awards for each category are as follows. First prize will receive the Sarvas 220A digital camera The second, third and fourth prize winners will receive ,respectively , a gift card to J&N camera shop ,a signed hardcover copy of photographer CodTaylor's Jamaican Skies and a certificate of achievement .

All of the winning shots will be published in the May issue of

Dear Ms Henderson
On behalf of the Profeesional Photographerss Association of Jamaica ,I am happy to inform you that you have won third prize in category 2 for your photo , play in motion.

All prizes will be awarded in an official ceremony on 10 april 5 pm We cordially 心をこめてinvite you and two guest to joing us

Should you be unable to attend, please conatct

She can arrange to have your prizse deliverd to you.


Hello,my name is Evan ,and I'll be your guide for this walking tour of the town of Sandy Beach.We'll be starting at the home of Walter Clark.He founded the Clark Fishing Company back in 1876.The company started with one boat and a small crew.But overtime, Clark cut thating* keppe adding boats boats and employees,until the company had become one of the area's largest employer's.From his home ,we walk down to the water front and stop at the original boat house ,where the company's ealiest ships were stored, between fishing expeditions. As you see,the walls of the boat house,now display the hand drawn charts that Mr. Clark and his crews used to navigate the local waters.

Who is the speaker?
A ferry boat operator
A tour guide
A museum director
A fishing instructor

What is Walter Clark known for?

Writing a book abou the town.
operating a seaside cafe.
establishing a finishing company
founding the town's first bank.

What can listners see at the boat house
navigation charts
portrait of the Clark Family
historic sailing ships
A guide to local fish species


Welcome to the workshop strategies for successful small businesses.I'm sure that as small business owners, you're all looking for ways to increase your company's revenue.Well, reserch are shown that our most valuable resourse you have is satisfied customer.In fact,customer refer also the number 1 way that most small businesses grow in this workshop,we'll focus on incentives you can offer your customers to get them to recommend your company to other people.Before we begin,I'd like you all to get to know each other,Please telll us your name and little about your company


Ceremony of getting liscense of Oyma style of Tsugaru Shamisen

Oyama style is largest group in Tsugaru Shamisen group, and said to be the first group to introduce lisence system in Tugaru Shamisen

You can get the Oyama style lisence!







When I played dragonball oepening for one of my stundents in Florida . He didn't know that.

I didn't know American Dragonball opening is different from Japanese one.

American version
Japanese version





Bristol 8 November. When Eximion Technology announced last year
that it would release the C-nix LD500 on 7 November ,loyal customer
began waiting anxiously for the computer's debut.
The day that C-Nix computer fans had been waiting for finally arrived yesterday,
with an additonal piece of good news, for those fans living in Bristol
the opening of the very first Eximion Computer Store Ecomps in the city.

Bristol's Ecomps patrons were not the only ones brimming with あふれる enthusiasm
Store owners in the business district warmly welcomed Connie Hyun,
the manager of newly opend store,to the area.Like other retailers, and
enterpreneurs,in the vicinity of the new ECOMPS location,
Ronald Grayson hopes to benefit from the presense of his new neighbor
"C-Nix computers are in high demand" said Mr.Grayson
"So I expect a lot of people to visit this ECOMPS location.

I hope that they will then stop by my establishment to enjoy a delicous
and reasonably priced meal.

Ms. Hyun was born in South Korea but grew up was educated in London.
For the past five years, she has managed an ECOMPS in Manchester

She says she is pleased to call Bristol home for the forseeable future.
It is a wonderful city, and it is so gratifying to see how customers
and area businesspeople alike are embracing the new store.

Additional information.
Dear Ms. Hyun

I hope my article in today's issue of  the Bristol Daily Courier about
ECMOPS opening was to your satisfaction.
Just in case you missed the piece,though, I have attached it to this e-mail

On the phone last Monday , you noted that you would be available for a more extensive
interview in person.At a date and time next week that is convenient for you,
I'd like to go forward to this interview, which will be published in the Courier's
weekly magazine.The only day I am not available is 15 November.

As a matter of fact, on that day,I will be meeting with some of your former collegues
at the store you last supervised!

I very much look forward to seein you sson.

According to the article , what happend on November 7?
A store location was closed.
A newspaper interview took place.
A company accnounced its relocation.
A computer model was introduced.

Who most likely is Ms. Grayson?
A newspaper reporter

What is the purpose of the e-mail.
To offer Mr.Hyun a free magazine subscpriton.
To inquire about Mr. Hyun's positon at ,,

To ask Mr. Hyun to suggest a meeting time

To thank Ms.Hyun for a copy of the magazine.

What is indicated about Mr.Aluka.
He works for Eximion Technology
He will be visiting Manchestor shortly.
He has written many articles  about C-nix computers
He met Ms. Hyun while she was a student in London


Before you start your shift,I want to let you know about a special order the factory has received from Klein's Sport Shop.Klein's has always carried the leading brands of athletic clothingBut now they want to start their own line of sportswear.The management team has chosen us to produce this athletic apparel from designs that they'll be supplying 彼らが提供するデザインに基づいてThis is an important, high-volume contract for the factory.so I've posted some changes in your work assignments,so that we can focus on this order and completed on time.


livedoor ピクス
livedoor ピクス


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