津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


The mayoral candidates are competing for television exposure.

Employees should submit the time sheets by noon today so that the payroll office can distribute paychecks on schedule.

Surburban residents are overwelmingly in favor of expanding Highway
589 to relieve traffic congestion.

Business travel is coordinated for Shawton Associates by Young-Pyo Kim at Wright Air Transit

Do you have flowers for sale?
Bithdays and graduations
I expected to have some soon.



The music book I published was on sale on the Internet flee market .

The comment says
' I used the book 2 times at lessons , and some words are written in the book.


That was words I wrote.

The student who stopped learning only twice sold it.










Customers expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of the phone, but complalints about the user interface were relatively rare.

Tickets to the museum's special exihibit may be ordered in advance on the Web site or purhcased on arrival

Two water-quality studies, which were released last week, reflect the hard work of the Water Resourse Conscil to keep local water clean.

Despite the efforts of cycling enthusiasits,
the proposal to resurface bicycle paths in County Kildare was defeated yesterday

Crum Carpeting's profits have risen steadily since the company introduced a new enviromentally friendly carpet line.

Glideline Technologies specializes in archiving and retrieving lost data

Isn't the museum closed now?
9 dollars.
Not too far.
Well it is after nine

I can't reach the boxes on this top shelf.
Shall I get the ladder?
More packaging materials.
It's stopped a while ago.

When will the saftey inspector check the emergency exits?
Over there on your right.
He'll be here on Tuesday.
He can't open the safe.

Will the flyers be ready today or do you need more time to finish them?
I'll start work on them now.
I don't know who's going.
Her flight's late.

Didn't you submit an article to the business journal last month?
Why ? Has it been published?
Can I renew it?
It's always been that way.


Aren't there any direct flights to London from here?
The director will arrive late.
No, not any more.
For a business trip.

Can you drop this packet off at the accountant's for me?
You won't need a jacket.
Sure , I'm heading there now.
No it's not broken.

These new trains are so much faster.
I already completed my training.
Sorry, I don't have any.
Yes. they really are.

I'd like a refill of this medication please.
About a hundred pills.
When would you like to pick it up?
Your're welcome.

You haven't seen my mobile phone anywhere,have you?
I've been there before.
I'd check in the break room.
I don't know her number.

Isn't the museum closed now?
9 dollars
Not too far.
Well ,it is after nine.



Is there anyone who wants a Kiribako for 2 shamisens , or Shamisen stand made from 桐 (Kiri, paulawnea)

A friend of mine gave me 3 Shamisens,

and Shamisen stand, but I do not need the stand.

In Japan few people want Kiribako

because it takes up too much space in their home,

so I can ship it abroad for cost.

We have 2 Kiribakos for both Futozao and Hosozao

Asia 5300yen
North America 7300yen
Europe 8200 yen

You can pay via paypal(4.2%paypal exchange commission required
Of course Shamisens are not included :)

Is there anyone who want Kiribako for 2 shamisens , or  Shamisen stand made from 桐 (Kiri, paulawnea)

A friend of mine gave me 3 Shamisens his  grandmother used.

In Japan few people want Kiribako because
 of space in our house, so I can ship it abroad with only shipping cost.

We have 2 Kiribakos for both Futozao and Hosozao

Asia 5300yen

North  America 7300yen
Europe 8200 yen

You can pay by paypal(4.2%paypal exchange comission required

Of course Shamisens are not included :)








I attended Aikido lessons for 15 days last month and afterwards I started to feel pain in my knee. In Aikido,

the most common injuries do not occur in the elbow or wrist, they usually happen in the knee.

I know some aikido instructors

who have troubling walking later in life after years of teaching.

I wear supports on my knees to protect them and a

void problems later.

By the way, I wear Gi, Aikido clothes more than Kimono.

That's weird.

I feel pain in my knee after I attend Aikido lessons 15 days last month.

In Aikido, the point trainees injure most is 

Not wrist or elbow.

It's knee. 

I know some aikido teachers who couldn't walk after doing Aikido long years.

I wear supporters on my knee before I feel pain.

By the way, 

I wear Gi,Aikido clothes more than Kimono.

That's wiered.







How about stopping at that new coffee shop on our way to work tomorrow?
A pound of coffee,please.
By five o'clock ,I think.
Ok,I've heard good things about it.

Which real estate agency did you use to sell your house?
The fees were reasonalble.
I like that property.
The one that Luis recommended.

Nuts from Quintana Orchards can be a rich source of vitamins and minerals for a nutritious diet.

To maintain the Cheerbrew coffeemaker properly, wipe it with a moist sponge after each use.

Research shows that an online maketing strategy is vital for suvival for the increasingly competitive athletic shoe market.

Tomorrow's session will train participants on how to prepare containers for overseas shipments.

Applications received after the October 15 deadline will be not be processed.


Would you like to pay now? Or be billed later
Please send me a bill.
We're building another office
Just a few copies.

Why has the roadway been blocked/?
Don't forget to lock it.
It's being repaired.
In a parking area


A ladder is lying on the ground.
Columns are supporting a porch roof.
Porch steps are being repaired.
The door to a house is wide open.

How long is the movie?
At 7:30
I saw it this weekend.
Almost 2 hours.

Which department is on the second floor?
Customer service.
In the conference room.
He didin't arrive on time.

When's the next meeting at the town hall.
At the end of the hall.
The last Wednesday of the month.
The park improvement plan.

Who booked the airline tickets?
Laura returned the book.
Flights leave every hour.
Someone in the Paris office.

Where's the nearest place to get somthing to eat.
I thought it was good.
Just down the street
You can put it here.


I've been wondering how Awaodori shamisen players hold shamisen while standing.

Tsugaru Shamisen players usually  put the guitar strap lock into the Shamisen body,but I couldn't see the strap when I saw the Awaodori video.

Today I had a lesson with a student who plays shamisen in Awaodori dance,

She said she fixed shamisen by the stick "Zomeki Bou"


Zomeki(Zomeku) is a dialect in Tokushima where Awaodori originated, which means kicking up one's heels.
Bou means stick.

She said it was not good to see the strap from the outside, so they  use it.

They use it by putting it between Obi sash and body.
I've been wondering whether it can also be used for Tsugaru Shamisen!




ぞめき棒というものを 帯と胴の間につけてそこで支えるんだそうです。






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