津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Do you love to read?
The Pace E-Reader is for you.
The Pace E-Reader is an electric reading device that
can hold up to one thousand books.
And the best part is that its lightweight and fits into any bag so now you don't need to worry about carrying several heavy books to get you through a vacation. Just download your favorite books to Pace E-Reader put in your bag and travel light and what's more if you buy a Pace E-Reader this month, you'll receive a coupon for a free download of an electronic book of your choice.

Hi everyone, I've posted the slides from Mr. Marshalls's presentation this morning in the documents section of this discussion group

So, What are you reactions?感想  What are your favorite ideas?Do you plan to try anything?

I don't know My employees work in three different time zones.

I'm going to schedle a monthly lunch with my team
I agree with Fiona. I know that creatng personal connections can increase morale 勤労意欲and productivity, but I don't think Mr. Marshall's sugestions were practical for all of us.

What about teleconferencing or setting up an online meeting.

I have a lot of new hires. I think I'll try some of the get-to-know-you games in my next couple of meetings

It's not quite the same, but that's a thought.それはいいかんがえだ

At least it costs less.

Do you have a buget for travel ,even once a year?

Yes that would be an inexpensive way to go.
There's a chapter about the challenges of long distance team bulding in the book Mr. Marshall referenced in the tall.

Is there? If found that our company library has a copyI should check it out.
May be we can provide a link so everyone can find it.

I'll also see if there's a digital verstion. Thank , everyone. Feel frree to continue to use this space to share your ideas, and I hope you can join us in two weeks for the next talk,Pros an Conds of Flexible scheduling.

David, let us know how your games go. May be some of them ca nbe sucessful remotely.

Hi Aaron I just got out of my meeting with Janet Lin, from prouct development She liked our design for the company's new line of raincoats. But unfortunatley she wants us to use diffrent colors than what we proposed. I tried my best to convince her that a fresh new look are needed, but she insisted on a more traiditional approch there wasn't much more I could do. YOu know. ,She's the head of the department.Anyway, I'm back in my desk now .so I'm going to find a time on our calenders tomorrow when we can get together and start on these changses.


One of my bucket list.

When the fire breaks out,
I want to say
'Run away! No worries about music notes.
I memorize all of the songs'




Introduced by Urior, who had come my studio,

Hosozao Shamisen has shipped to Malaga, in Spain. Including Bachi and Koma, $300
with synthetic skin.
Shipping to Europe is about 100$

It will be used for decoration.

Gracias Urior.


グラシャス ウリオル


Hi Magaret I haven't seen you since we move the music school into this builidng last month.How's it going?I've been busy hiring more music teachers Now that we can offer more classes with the larger space By the way,we're interviewing some violin instructors today.Since you're the most experienced violin teacher,I've really like you to be there.Well I've scheduled a make up class for students who missed his lesson yesterday,so I'm not available this morning.But if you have any afternoon interview scheduled I can definitely be there.That's great.Here's the copy of the interview schedule.We'll be meeting in the Auditorium.

Wind Daynamic,s, the leading producer of wind turbine and wind energy technology across Europe, has announced plans in Mechelen,めへれん  Belgium. TheDutch company is spending 15 million euros to purchase , renovate, and equip the abandoned Cantek Telephone factory. The venture is expeted to create about two hundred new production jobs and ifty new office jobs ove the next two years
This is ThiThis This is a good newe for Mechelen an Industiral area that has benn hit hard by factory closures. and job loss in recent years
Battel Builders has already been contracted to undertake the plant'Ts transformations. It also anticipates hiring additonal workers to complet the constrction project.
The plant will be primaily be used for the assembly and testing gear drives to be incorporated 組み込まれる in the company's wnd turbines

Wind Dynamicis in corporation with the Mechelem bBusiness Association will provide development grants 開発助成金 to traing its incoming workforce in green technology Jane Arens, MBDpresident , says Mechelen is proud to be part of something that contributes to energy conservation an to the economic growtht of our region


Renovation Updates

Dear Collegues
As we announced in December ,Baynor &Co. will be renovating the offices in the Helmot Building on Monday , January 26, and Friday, Jaunuary 30 . We will return to the Helmot Building on Monday,February 2. An e-mail with the plans for your temporary relocation to the Zamfir Building was sent to you earlier in the week.

facilities located in the Hemot Building , including the cafeteria, the conference room and the Cordozo library,will not be open during consruction.Those wishing to purchase food items during this period may use the cafeteria in the Grant Builing

Additionally, the parking area in front tof the Helmot Builidng will be closed during the renovation period. If you usually park your car there, please make use of the overflow area 予備の地域
near the campus's south entracne. Theere wil be regular shuttle bus service to take staf between this area and the Zamfir Buidling

Thank youf fro your patience and cooperation during this undertaking.


With the financial backing of Kenneth Mulgrew, a local investor, the restaurant ocuupies a beatiful two- story brick building with a comtemporary interior decor.Open from 11:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M. Pomodoro offers menu selections that fuse traditional Italian and British dishes.Mr. Bianchi comments, " Antonio and I are greatly influeneced by British cuisine and London culuture. We want to incorporate into the dishes we serve in our restaurans.

The sucessful pair own three restaurants in the West end od LondondMr. Bianchi who grew up near Capri, Italy, cites his father's cokkind as his inspiration. He carfully prepared dinner ever night using old family recepies. After studying Italian cookind foramally for two years and attending numberous workshops. Ms. Bianchi, together with his chilidhood neighbor Antonio Conti, came to London and opened Bella Ristornte
The duo have been sucessful restauraterus ever since.

Mr. Conti explains, We are trying to make our food accessible to thos who don't live in the city so that they can enjoy it , too. Weybrige was a logical locaton because the local rail staition makes it easy to get to and from surrounding towns.Pomodoro takes reservations, but they should be mae well in advance

HI, I'm almost done with the deliveries for today.But I'm having the trouble with the one for Corton Industries.I'm in front of the office building. But it's a busy street and I don't see a place to park while I unload.Sorry. Corton Industries is the first time customer ,so I should've written information about parking on the delivery schedule.They have a parking area behind the building.Ok ,I' ll go there now.I'm running behind the sheule thouth I hope my next delivery stop will still be open.
It might not be. so I'll call an let them know you'l be there a litte latee.


HI I'm calling to get some information about having a event catered at my company. sure.I need to know how many people you're expecting and what your budget is.It's a retirement party for one of our directors.There'll be about 30 people and we're on a budget of no more than five hudred dollars .We do have a package that fits your requirements.On our website , if you click on the options tab,You can see the various menues there.Oh, ok you do have one that'll work for us.I'd like to go ahead and place the order.Sure .I just need a credit number for the deposit.

5 June, Weybridge -Chefs Roberto Bianchi and Antonio Conti have been preparing 提供してきたItalian cuisine for Londoners for the past ten years

Pomodoro a bistor on Floortham Street in Weybridege,
Now they have opened on 17 May to strong reviews.



Did you know a power ranger used to fight with shamisen as a weapon?

The name of the weapon is 'Ninjamisen' the portmanteau of Ninja and Shamisen

The shock wave made from Shamisen seems to be really effective to bad mind:)


コサックダンスを踊るという 津軽三味線大道芸人 セ三味ストリートさんから アイデアを得たとしか思えない ネタがあったのが印象的でした。

私としては武器として使うなら 三味線の棹を 逆手にもって 胴で 相手を殴るとかの方が面白かったのだが、、


Walking tour of Bridgeton
Saturday Oct 26 at 10:30 A.M.

Did you know that the current Bridgeton Town Hall building was originally the Bridgeton National Bank, builti in 1890? Are you aware that the Finesco Hardware Store ,located on the corner of Broad and Main Streets, opened fifty years ago and once was the site of the first public library? Join us for the informative Saturday morning stroll and learn about historic Bridgeton

Librarian Vera Rosenki will lead the tour with facts and stories about Brigeton's early years. The tour will begin at the library's main entrance and conclude in front of the Northside Coffee house around noon.

Local artists Bill Tanaka will hold a creative drawing class, for chldren age 5 to 12 while adults participate in the tour. Class size is limited, so please sigin up at the library before Saturday


Mr.Garcia, I see from your resume that you are interested in a law internship here at Sahota and Partners.Yes,I'd like to learn all that I can abou working in legal services.Plus I'm looing forward to putiing the knowlege I (のろじゃいげいんど)  gained at the university into the practical use.Well ,if you are selected, you'll work alongside a mentor教育かかり on several large case Most interns find a work challening but veryrewarding .That sounds great.I've alwasy admired the work partners

In fact, I really like to get a full time position here someday Are interns often hired afer completing their internships?


livedoor ピクス
livedoor ピクス


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