津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


How to fold Aikido Hakama is a little bit different from Shamisen's Hakama , so I didn't know how to do it properly for 6 years, so I tried to remember. Too late.

合気道の袴は着物の袴とたたみ方が微妙に違って 生地が柔らかくうまく畳めなかったので6年間クシャクシャにたたみ続けて来たのでそろそろ覚えようと頑張ってみました。



Maketing issues
Hi Tim,

Can you reschedule a conference call 電話会議 for all our marketing directors , me included , to discuss the launch of new appliance line?Please note that our offices in the Phillipines and Frances , are respectively twelve and six hours ahead of us. Therefore, kindly remind the directors that the call may have to occur outside of business hours.

The meeting should be arranged before the new product presentations on May 26th I recommend scheduling the call on May 14 or 15 to allow sufficient time for the appliance information charts to be updated with any suggested changes.

Should the different date be more convenient for the other directors,
please check with me to confirm my availabilty.

Why was the e-mail sent to Mr. Appleby
To notify him of a conference date
To ask for him to share his marketing ideas
To approve his international business trip
To request that he organize a telephone meeting.

When are presentations scheduled
Who most likely is Ms. wu?

A graphic designer
A marketing director
An appliance technician
An administrative assistant

バースデーソング 乃木調子

I added the score of happy birthday song by koto, Nogi tuning http://www.shamimaster.com/birthdaysong.html 


箏、琴バースデーソング 乃木調子バージョン 無料で追加しました。http://www.shamimaster.com/birthdaysong.html


使用ソフト Muse score 
Koto viewer

上妻宏光 solitude

Tsugaru Shamisen Oyama Ryu certified master Oyama KOuzan(Shamimaster shishido ) plays Solitude composed by Hiromitsu Agatsuma.

You can get the score of this song
at http://www.shamimaster.com/gakufu.html

If you have any questions about how to read the score,
You can take only one lesson on skype and in English


津軽三味線小山流師範 小山貢山が 津軽三味線現代曲集2集に入っている solitudeを楽譜通りに弾いてみました

楽譜は http://www.shamimaster.com/gakufu.html で入手できます。



Hello, Ms. Murakami.This is Laurence Terry from Poynton Architects.
I'm calling about a floor plans I've drafted for your new office building.I sent them a few days ago.and I just wanted to see if you have any questions or comments.Thanks for following up.I did look them over,and we'd like you to make one change.We want to add a second entrance on the west side of the building.We're concerned the main lobby we'll be too congested during peak hours and this extra entrance might alleviate crowding.Sure I can do that.Let's set up a time tomorrow for us to look up the plans and talk about this change in more detail.

What did the man send to the woman
A cost estimate
Some floor plans
A construction time line
terms of a contract

What does the woman proposed
Renegotiating a price
Relocating a building site
Inspecting some materials.
Chaging a layout of the building

What does the man suggest?
Setting up a meeting
postponing a project
adding another work shift
Sontacting some supliers


March 5 The Lesaux Valley Department of Transportation has announced that the Haper Bridge Rehabiliation project will begin on March 12. As of that date, Acadia street will be closed to all vehicular traffic Reilly Boulverd to Kampinsky Avenue. However,pedestrian access to the establishments on Acadia Street will remain open.

The main objective of the project is to overhaul the landmark the harper bridge, which is in need of major repairs. Acadia Street will also be resurfaced. Other improvements include new curbs and wider walkways.

The project is scheduled for completion by October 1

Where would the article most likely to appear?

In a travel guide
In a local newspaper
In an architecutre journal
In a construction magazine.

What are readers advised to do?

Visit the landmark Haper Bridge
Call businesses for opening hours
Consider alternative pathway designs
Approach Acadia Street on foot
What is not mentioned in the article
Repairs to Bridge
The installation of a traffic light
The repaving of a road
Upgrades to a walkway








Mr.Young?This is Andrea Soto calling from the Milson Culinary Institute.I read about your innovative cooking techniques in Good Food Magazine.and I was wondering if you'd be intersted in giving a demonstration in my class.I'm definitely interested but now' not a great time .I'm opening a second location of my restaurant so things have been increadibly busy.Of course.It'd probably be best to schedule the demonstration for later in the year anyway. Why don't I call you before the start up next term and hopefully we can work something out.

That'd be great. Once you know the schedule for next term why don't yu give me a list of potential dates,then I can try and arrange my schedule accordingly.]
What does the woman ask the man to do?
Promote a line of cookware
Participate in some interviews
submit a magazine article
give a demonstration

What does the man say he is doing
preparing for a trip
opening a second restaurant
Writing a cookbook
Catering private events


Dear Mr. Hernandez
Thank you for placing an online order with Creation Art Supply(CAS) Customer satisfaction has been our company number one priority since our founding 30 years ago, and we would like to hear from you.Please take a moment to fill out the following survey so that we can continue to provide the highest level of customer service and the best selection of the products

The online ordering process was easy and convenient
All of items I needed were available on the CAS website
The lowest prices I found anywhere were on the CAS website
I used my frequent buyer promotional code
I used the online chat feature to request help from a CAS representatvie

the online representative was helpful and quick.
Frequent buyers receive free shipping on standard -size products..

Additionally they get monthly e-mails with information about our most current promotions.

What is the one complaint that Mr. Hernandez has about CAS?

Its store hours ar convenient

Its return process is complicated
Its product election is limited.

Its shipping tme is lenghy.

What is indicated about CAS
It has higer prices than some of its competitors.
It has only one store location
It has been in business for nearly a decade
It provides customer service by phone.

What is suggested about Mr. Hernandez
He regularly recieves promotional material from CAS

He paid an addtional fee for a pucharse to be shipped.

He recently returned a product he brought from CAS

He plaece a special order with CAS online.




入場料 1000円でまだ空きがあります。

出演 獅子道(宍戸俊信氏 他)谷富愛美

平成29年3月18日 土曜日

じょんがら節曲弾き 七段 他


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