津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Opinica Mountain Preserve 
Shebrook Guebec Canada

So many things to do and see
Experience the scenic beauty and diversity of the wildlife at Opinica Mountain Preserve
Guidebooks are available at each of our visitor centers(located at north and south entrances

These guidebooks include maps of our trails with description of preserve's many attractions
including the native plant garden and wildflower meadow.野草が咲く草地 Since Opinica Mountain Preserve encompasses 52 square kilometers of terrain , the guidebook can help you determine what you should see during your stay

Reservations are required
Because Opinica Mountain Preserve attracts so much interest, admission to the park is monitored to avoid crowding , although no entrance charge is currently being charged.

Reservations can be made in advance by calling or by visiting our Website

Visitors are permitted from 6 A.M to  P.M daily. _The park is closed to the public overnight.

Hikers must remain on trails at all times.
Parking and picnicking are allowed only in designated areas.
No bicycling , camping or huting ,No boating , fishing or swimming in any of the ponds and streams.

What is subject of the notice?
All Renovations to a visitor center
Guided tour of the wildlife area
General information about a park
Atrractions of a popular campground.

According to the notice, what is included in the guidebooks?
information about walking paths
A list of camping facilities

Photographs of preserve
Descriptions of wildlife

What are visitors encouraged to do?
Swim in the local pond

Visit a garden of local plants
Reserve a place on a guided tour
Ride bicycles on a mountain trails

What is Not available to visitors?

Free admission
Picnic spaces
parking areas
overnight lodging6q



Tsugaru Shamisen Shishido Bachi Juggling
At end of the song, Kakimawashi phrase,I toss the Bachi and I catch it and continue playing without stopping.This is my original technique.


津軽三味線 獅子道 撥投げパフォーマンス
今のところ日本でも私しかやっていないと思われる(未確認)撥投げパフォーマンス。 弾きながら撥を投げてキャッチして弾き始めるパフォーマンスです。


In entertaiment news,the renowned actor Gerald Lee will be here in Brackton next week.He's coming to attend the award ceremony at the 42nd annual Brockton Film Festival where he will recieve a lifetime achievement award.Mr. Lee first gained International fame in the 1970s,when he started* starred in severl popular commedies.Since then He's continued his film carreer while teaching acting courses on the side.Mr. Lee recently surprised his fans,by announcing that he will retire from acting next year.We're lucky to have such a famous figure coming to Brockton.
Who is Geraldo Lee
Why will Mr. Lee visit Brockton?
to attend a performance
To produce a film.
To recieve an award
to visit a school
What does Mr.Lee plan to do next year?
retire from his profession
Teach a university class
host a competition
go on a speaking tour


Thank you for calling Fresh Goods.
The only vegetarian restaurant in town offering dishes made entirely from locally-grown ingredients.To make a reservation at Fresh Goods,please press 2 now.If you interested in scheduling a private event,press 3 to speak to special events director , Barbara Hughes.Remember you can also visit our Web site at Fresh Goods restaurants .com to view our complete menu.

What type of business is fresh goods?
A food manufacturer
A grocery store
A vegetable grower.

Why should lisners contact Barbara Hughes?
To place an order
To schedule an event
To arrange a transportation
To report a problem

Accoring to a message
What is availble on the Web site?

Driving directions
menu options
promotional offer
photos of the business


International Federation for Scientific Research

13 August
Dr. Jonas Radcliffe
SNB Laboratotories

Dear Dr.Radcliffe,

This year, the International Federation for Scientific Research
will hold its annual convention from 20 to 23 November.The conference will be held in Colombo,Sri Lanka.
and will have Chaging Migration Patterns as its theme
Our keynote speaker is Dr. Preeeti Pillai, dean学部長 of biology at Gujarat Univerisity of Science and the author of the acclaimed book Migrant Birds in Asia , In addtion, more than 100 noted speakers will be presenting their latest research fidings related to migration and ecology 生態系

Register before 21 September and recieve a 20 precent reduction on the registration fee. To register online and to look at presentation summaries ,please visit Information on hotel accomodation and transportation options is also available on the site.

The IFSR hopes you will be able to attend this important and informative convention.

Yours sincerely

Why was the lette written?
To invite a resercher to speak at a convention
To recommend an academic article
To encourage a member to attend a conference
To ask a scientist to post reserch data to a website


Hello, I'm the owner of Green Wood Hotel
I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for your
landscaping company 造園業 and I'm hoping you can

help me.I'd like to have bushes planted around our outdoor patio
to block the view of the parking area.
Could you please call me back so we can discuss this project?

MY number is kkk
Where does the caller work?
AT a flower shop.
AT a cleaning service
At a newspaper office
At a hotel
What does the caller want to do?
Publish an article
Arrange for landscaping work
host an event
enlarge a parking area

What is the listner asked to do?

Return a call
Visit business企業訪問
Pick up a package
Send an estimate


Snot bubble is called 鼻ちょうちん hana-chouchn,  literally means Nose lantern

I saw it for real for the first time




I bought this shamisen on Internet Auction.
It was 7000 yen in all.

This is very rare because Sao, oe neck is Chuzao, middle thickness neck but Doh, or body is Gobudai, Tsugaru size.







Dan, can I get your advice?
I need to hold auditios for the performers for the theaters next play.
Since I'm new here,I was wondering how you've avertised audtions in the past.Well we always post audtions notices on the theater's website.We have quite a few regular performance who check the site all the time. That's a start.But This play has a large cast.

I think we need to do more if we're going to attract enough actors.

I know there are other websites where you can post audtion notices
and some of them are free.Let me e-mail you some of ones I'm familiar with

Lysana Food Corporations'
Best New Chef Award
Posted 30 March
Who can apply?
Entry is open to professional chefs who have been employed at a restaurant , catering facility, or other culinary establishment for no more than two years.

How do I apply?
Create an original recipe that features at least two Lysana ingredients
Complete the attached application form in full . Be sure to sign the sheet and confirm that all material submitted is your original, unpublished work.Unsigned forms will not be considered.

Send all materials to Best New Chef Award Lysana Food Corporation

What is the closing date for applicaitons?

Entries must be receved by 10 June.

How is the best entry selected?
A panel of judeges will choose five of the best submissions before 30JUn. The chef then will be invited to participate in as on-site cooking contest, to be held on 1 July at Lysana Food Cooperation's Headquaters The winner will be announced immediately aferwords.

What is the prize.

The winner will receive a weeklong trip to Bankok.Thailand.
where she or he will attend intensive workshops in advanced culinary techniques at the prestigious Royal Culinary Institute

All expenses will be paid by Lysana Food Corporation

What is the purrpose of the infomation
To advertise for staff at a new restaurant
To annouce a search for judges of a competition
To invite students to apply to a culinary school
To explain the entry procedures of a contest

What is suggested about Lysanna Food Corporation

It publishes cookbooks
It employs professional chefs
It manufactures food product
It develops dietary guidelines

What is the objective of the trip to Bankok?

To acquire additional expertise in food preparation
To research recipes for a cookbook
To visit the offices of Lysana Food Corperation
To accept a job ath the Royal Nutrition Institute

Tsugaru Shamisen Shishido NY and koto Spring Concert

17155430_10212024137095599_4213862045137796391_nTsugaru Shamisen Shishido NY and koto Spring Concert

April 16 7:15pm doors 7:30 open

Tenri Cultural Institute 
43A West 13th Street New York
20$ suggested.

Masayo Ishigure will be a part of the concert

and play with Hiromi Tsuchiya Zwan Nguyen Mai Shishido

Tsugaru Shamisen classes for beginners are available on April the 12th to the 17th in the morning.

40 $ an hour (room charge are not included )

4月16日、天理インステイチュート(43A West 13th Street New York)にてコンサートを行う事になりました。

入場料 任意寄付 $20

石榑雅代(sawai koto akademy NY)
Tsugaru Shamisen Shishido NY (Hiromi Dollase, Doanh Nguyen, Wasabi Oyama)


なお4月12日〜 17日午前まで滞在しており、その間津軽三味線教室も開催しております。楽器もこちらで用意します。



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