津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Hi Jee soo,
We'd like to move up the press deadline 印刷の締め切りを繰り上げたい
for the spring to the 14th.Do you think you'll have the pages about a Ralton Furniture line ready by then?
That shouldn't be a problem.
I've completed most of the design work.
But we still need the product prices.
Sasha, have you received the final product price list from marketing yet? No, not yet.It was due on Friday but I still haven't heard from anyone in marketing. Umm.Marlene's the head of the marketing. Let me call her and ask her to get the listings to you so you can finish up the pages.The catlog is our top priority



One of my friends gave me his grandmother's shamisen,

I reskined the good shamisen,but it was Tanzao, or short neck shamisen.


三味線もらいまして中棹三味線だったのでレンタル用に使えると意気揚々と張り替えてみたら 短棹三味線でした。。。





東京 やまとホームコンビニエンスで発送します。
東京都内 8000円(税抜き)
長野県 16000円(税抜き)
大阪 17000円(税抜き ) 2017年現在 


Hi I'm calling because I think I left my jacket in the overhead compartment 頭上の手荷物入れ on the plane.It's bule with white stripes.I arrived earlier today on flight 98 from London.Ok, I'll just need your seat number so we can check the row you're sitting in.

That should be enough information to locate the jacekt.
Umm I was sitting in 36F in the last row of the plane.
All right. We'll call you when we find it.
And just so you knowお伝えしておきますが 

,you'll have to come to the airline counter
in the baggage claim area to retrieve it.

President, Florida Associaion of Dental Care Professionals
Dear Dr. Aghazarian

I want to let you know that we are holding our annual carrer fair就職フェア
on Saturday, March 2. This is always our biggest event of the year.
Last March we had more than 200 attendees.

We expect even more participatns this year.

Attending the fair is the terrific way of your members to network with others in the industy and learn about opportunities at our twelve clinisc troughout the state. The event is open to the public, but professionals affiliated with your association recieve free admission.

I have a enclosed list of events that will take place at this year's fair.



I got a review from a 
student from France

For some reason, I had few students from France.
It's rare chance.


”Kozan-san is a wonderful teacher and player of shamisen and koto. He could make me quickly being able to hold the instrument correctly and to play some small pieces. He also played for me some original pieces. It was my first contact with these two japanese traditional instruments and it was not a problem thanks to Kozan-san's talent, advice and patience. This was such an amazing and enjoyable experience. To be recommended to anyone interested in japanese traditional music. Many thanks to Kozan-san."

In Japan, patience does not come up in the conversation as a qualification of teacher so often.

But the patience seem to be important by reading reviews!





日本では教師の資質として patience 辛抱強さが言われることはあまりないのですが、


を見ると よく patience 辛抱強さ






This footage is the one when I appeard on TV in Okayama
in 2004

This footage makes me embarrassed so please unlike it on youtube:)



Why isn't vegetale soup on your lunch menu today.
It suits you well.
The same amount of water.
We're offering French onion soup.

Hi, I just checked into the hotel.
and I'd like to visit the Newman Tower.
Is it within walking distance?
Let me give you a map.

You can see the hotel is here.and the tower is all the way over there.
I'd say it's at least 3 miles.Well in that case I guess I could take public transportation. How much is the bus cost?
It's about two eurose each way.But if you're going to visit other popular tourist places as well,You could get a one-day pass instead .They're just 6 euros.

What does the man want to do?
Take a city tour.
Check into a room
buy an admission tickes
walk to a tourist atttraction

What does the woman show the man?
A coupon
A brochure
A map
An invoice.

What does the woman recommend?
Eating at a popular cafe.
Buying a bus pass
Following a walking trail 遊歩道をたどる
Consulting train schedule 時刻表を調べる

Come to the Pebble Rive Resort,where our three restaurant present culinary adventure for every taste! Our most formal restaurant is the Riverbangk Restaurant.

Its award-winning chefs offer a classic dining experience.influenced by our regional heritage.Should you prefer more casulal fare, the Old Sand Grill features seasonal dishes served on stone terrace . Also,be sure to visit our Sweet Shop to enjoy some handmade chocolate and pastries,Lacated just an hour from busy Johannesburg,we are an ideal vacation or busuness conference destination


Most models of the Remagine laptop computer now come with a removable keyboard.

With the recent surge in electronic sales,industry analysts are anticipating that device-to-prson ratio will soon surpass earlier predictions.

In response to comsumer complaints, assembly instructions for the model 481 bookself have been simplified.

Choose an appropriately sized air conditioner for you company's needs, as larger models needs more energy

Owing to his knowledge of historic buildings, Luis Harmon was persuaded to lead the Main Street Restoration Projecdt.



Shamisen stand is being shipped to Singapore!
City name and country name are the same in most parts of Singapore.

Shamisen stand is going to Singapore!

City name and country name is the same in
the most area of Singapore.




Could you possibly change the time of the marketing meeting?
But Mr. Cho is only available this morning.
No,I've been to the market.
We had a great time.

Who'd like to volunteer to be a tour guide?
I've done it before.
That's very helpful.
2 weeks ago.

Do you have this same T-shirt design but in blue?
Thanks , I'll tell the designer.
We have it in purple.
To meet the company drese code.

The renatl car has been returned , hasn't it?
Thanks,I'm ready to order.
I did it myself.
Four hudred miles.



Shamisen's most popular way of musical notation of sheet music is called Bunkafu.

Bunka Literally means culture,and
Fu means sheet music.

In fact, Bunkafu is a registered trademark of Hogakusha, Co,Ltd,

so we didin't use 'Bunkafu' in the music book I published first .

But the company which published my book asked Hogakusha

how much it would cost to use the trademark 'Bunkafu'.

However Hogakusha said they don't charge anything.

In order to use the name,

one must put an annotation on the last page,

'This way of notation is originated by Kineya Yahichi IV '"

For these reasons, we can use the word 'Bunakfu' in the text with this annotation.

This is a short story of "Bukafu"

Shamisen's most pupular way of notation of sheet music is called Bunkafu.

Bunka Literally means culture,and
Fu means sheet music.

In fact, Bunkafu is a registered trademark of Hogakusha, Co,Ltd,

so we didin't use 'Bunkafu' in the music book I published first .

But publishing company asked the fee of using 'Bunkafu,'
they say "We don't charge it.

But you should put the note on the last page,saying 'This way of notation is originated by Kineya Yahichi IV '"

So now we can use the word 'Bunakfu' with the note.

This is a short story of "Bukafu"





その後出版社が 邦楽社さんに使用料を聞いてみたところ、






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livedoor ピクス


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