津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Thank you for calling the DJT Electronic Service and Repairs Department.Our office is currently closed.We will reopen tomorrow at 8A.M
One of our customer representatives would be happy to serve you at
that time.If you're calling about a manufacturing problem with one of our products,Please have the serial number of the DJT electronics available when you call.Thank you .
What type of the business is DJT?
An office cleaning service.
An electonics manufacturer
An telephone answering service
A shipping and mailing company
Why would the caller hear the message?
The company is currently closed.
The business has moved to a new location
The telephone number has changed.

All employees are currently busy.
What are callers with problems ask to do
Leave their telehone number.
Provide an identification number.
Go to a store for help/
Call a different extention.



I watched the TV program about copyists of music sheets.

I've been wondering why the horizontal line is thicker than vertical one, when you write the mark of Oshibachi, one of the Tsugaru Shamisen techniques 's, in the score,

I knew the reason.

The pen for copyists is the one which you can write the horizontal line thicker than the vertical one.


津軽三味線の押し撥の記号が何故 横が太いのか謎だったが 写譜ペンというものがあって、横は太く、縦は細くなるペンだそうだ。




手書き になっているに過ぎません。






肩書 津軽三味線楽譜職人 でテレビ出演目指そうと思います!?


Good morning , Derek, This is Eun-Hee park,calling from the Monroe Street store .We'd like you to ship us more sofas from the warehouse .We're having a sale right now.So our stock is getting low.Of course. Do you have the model numbers of the items you want? The new computer systems goes by identification numbers rather than product names.So I'll need those to write up your order. Sure.I have the numbers right here.By the way, how do you like the new computer system?We've started using it for inventory management of the store.And we're very pleased with it.It's definitely more efficient.It takes about half as much time as it used to process orders and send out the shipmens. In fact, you should be getting those sofas by the end of the week.

Why is the woman calling?
To place an order
To request technical assistance.
To inquire about shipping rates
To discuss sales results.

What information does the man request?
sales figures.
Model numbers
A store address
product names.

What does the man like about the new computer system?
It can be updated easily
It has a large storage capacity
It does not take long to install
It processes orders quickly


Nature Center Opens at Stony Cove
Cedarport On Saturday afternoon the Cearport Parks Comission 委員会 officially opened its newest facility to the public

Stony Cove Nature Center, which was first proposed two years ago and has been under construction for the past eleven months, was supposed to open in August. However, the quick construction schedule, coupled with funds from private donors,enabled the comssion to unveil it several months earlier than they had planned.

The Cedarport city council has been extremely helpful sicne the first day the center wa proposed," said Madeline Littleson, head of the Parks Commission, But we wouldn't have been able to open our doors as soon as we did without the generosity of local residents and businessed who donated money toward the center.

The new 1750-square-meter facility includes a number of permanent neture exhibits、常設展 space for a rotating exhibits 企画展 and several lecture rooms.Starting next Monday, the lecture wooms will be used both as a setting 会場 for public nature programs and as classrooms for selected environmental science classed from the UNiverisity of Cedarport, which is located nearby.

The exhibits will focus on the natural divversity of Stony Cove, including sectons about the plans that row in the cove's seaside environment and the sea animals that livve in and around the cove.

Over the next few weeks,the Stony Cove Nature Center will be hosting a variety of events, including several educationla programs for schoolchildren and a nature walk for members of a local club called Environmental Friends.The full schedule can be found on Stony Cove Nature Center's Web Site.


Hi,Sam, I understand you're in charge of nominations for empoyee's awards this year.What do I need to do to nominate someone.Well , you just need to complete the form with the name that you want to choose in explain why these person should be recognized.The award dinner's not until next month.But the deadline for nominations is the end of this week.Then I'd better hurry.I'm going to recommend our accouting assistant Ayesha Patel.She found a serious mistake in our sales figures that the rest of us missed and it would have been very embrassing for the company if we published the wrong numbers.

What is the speakers discussing?
Completing a report
Recognizing an employee
Reviewing job applicants.
Planning an event.

What should the woman do this week.
Make a dinner reservation
Change a product due ate.
subimit a form
schdule a meeting

She discovered an accouting error
She published an article
She received a promotion
She organized an award ceremony


無題Kyokubiki in Tsugaru Shamisen means quick play ,but Kyokubiki in Gidayu Shamisen is a little it different.They play shamisen acrobatically.





Attention Museum Members

The Haines Museum is hosting a traveling exhibition of works by renowned nineteenth-century artist Gerard Delaceaux. Delaceaux is known for his landscape paintings as well as his detailed miniature portraits .A native of France, he traveled throughout Europe and parts of Africa and Asia looking for inspiration for his works .Museums and private collectors from around the world have joined together to present the most complete display of Delaceaux's works to date. Tickets for the exhibition are 25 euros and may be reserved by callingthe Office of Museum Programs at Tickets can be picked up at the south entrance admission counter, next to the museum cafe.Please note :exhibition hours will not be the same as museum hours . The exhibition will open each day at 10 am one hour after the museum opening and will close at 5pm one hour before the museum closes. please plan your visit accordingly.

How most likely issued the notice

A group of French artists
A group of museum
An employee of the museum

What is not indicated about MR.Delacceaux
He is famous for painting portraits
He painted with watercolors
He traveled to many parts of the world

He was born in France
What are reservations taken for
LUnch at the museumm's caffe
A trip to France

Private tours of the museum
Tickets to see the exhibition

What is indicated about the exhibition
It will be open during special hours

It will first open on Mr.DELACEAUX's birthday

It will include sculptures fom South America
It will feature the work of several artists.





April 14

Dear Dr. Marsh

Thank you for your deposit of $ 600 You are registerded for the Autumn in Spain Trip which departs from Philadelphia and takes you to Madrid and Barcelona. Your complete itinerary and histoical guide to the region will be mailed to you in August. Please make sure we receive your final payment by July 25
Enclosed is Globalsuite Travels's Essential Checklist , which will help you in making arrangements for you trip. Using your account ID you can alsolog onto our Website, where you will find tips about packing , a chart for calculating currency exchange rates, and descrpitons of the hotels where you will be staying.

Why was the letter written?
To notifly Dr. March of a change of airport
To thank Dr.March for his final payment
To request information about currency exchange
To communicate information about travel arrangements
According to the letter,what will Dr. March receive after JUly 25

上妻宏光 游 津軽三味線ALLINONE バージョン ゆっくり bpm 90 で弾いてみました。

I posted the Yuu by Agatsuma Hiromitsu with slow, as written in the sheet music in my book , Tsugaru Jamisen All in one.

you can get the sheetmusic

at http://www.shamimaster.com/

上妻宏光 游 津軽三味線ALLINONE バージョン ゆっくり bpm 90 で弾いてみました。

楽譜は http://www.shamimaster.com/ で入手できます。


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