津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Tainika Jame's schedule, Week of April 5
Monday April 5
Phhoto shoot at Drama Talk Magazine
3:30 P.M. Interview with Boris Hahn at Carter City Magazine

Rehearsal at Pennview Theater
Radio Interview at 108.5 FM with host Michelle Lambert
Costume fitting at Pennview Theater
Rehearsal at Ppennview Theater
Full day dress rehearsal at Pennviwe Theater
Fitness center for personal training session with Akira Tsubo

Final rehearsal
Costume and make-up
Final preparation
Opening performance

Interview with Andrea Cruz at
Inteviwe with Daniel Cho at the Carter Daily News
Performane at Pnnview Theater

Spot light on Tanika James
By Maryann Marks

Renowned performer Tanika James made her theater debut last night,
starring in the ht show Flying High.The story of a young flight attendant who travels the world looking for a new city to call home. Flying High is base on the critically acclaimed novel written by Jee-Soo Chin.

Flying HIgh opened last year on November 15, starrring theater legend
Dolores LUna, The show has received excellent reviews over its six-month run, and there has been some dabate over whether replacing Ms. Luna. would afffect the show's popularity.Ms. LUna left the show last month to prepare to take the lead role in the upcoming production of Forget.
Ms. James is best known for her role on the popular television show , The Becker Family and for her role in the film Lighthouse fo which she received the Winston Actors Award last year for Best Leading Actress

In a recent interviwe with a reporter form Carter City Magazine, ms. james spoke in detail about her adjustment to the theater world, so far this has been a great learning experience for me.said Ms. James . It's certailnly very different from what I'm used to ,and it took some time to get adjusted to performing in front of a live audience instead of a camera, it's something I would certainly like to pursue further
Last night, the Flying High audience was packe with a crowd of celebrities including many of Ms. James television and film costers 共演者


There was a national certified tour guide test on the last Sunday.

In Japan, getting paid by guiding foreign tourists requires this license.

I won't get a job of guiding,but this test is the only national test of English,so as a professional of passing Japanese culture to foreign tourists ,I've been wanting to pass the exam.

When I looked at the diary 10 years ago,

It says,
Passing the tour guide test
Play moder songs of Koto, Yumenowa and Arcadia
Getting Master Grade lisence of Tsugaru Shamisen Oyama style.

The last two already came true.

For skipping English test for tour guide test,
you have to get the TOEIC score of 840.
I took 835.

I'll do my best that this dream will come true after 10 years!




・琴の 夢の輪、ARCADIAを弾くこと


英語試験免除には TOEIC  840が必要ですが






Students from Boston

Students from Boston.They came to Japan for Honeymoon. Congraturations 
じょんがら節と斜影を弾いて 簡単な曲を一曲弾けるようになって、あとは楽器と技法の説明。


Good morning , everyone, I'd like to introduce Michelle Lee, she's visiting from our corporate headquaters in London, where she's been head of new company products.I'm happy to report that she'll be taking over as director of research and development when Peter Bradley retires next month.
Ms. Lee will be sitting in on our staff meeting. today
and will take some time to meet each of you afterwards
Let's start by getting an update from James Carley'S group
on their new seat designs for our car models.


This is the five o'clock express train to western airport.
We're now departing Willow Junction.The next stop will be
Spring Field.This train will not make any local stops.Due to construction it will also bypass Riverside.I repeat,This train will not be making local stops and does not stop at Riverside.This train is expected to be full so please put your luggage on the overhead racks,and not on the seats.Please have your tickets out and ready for inspection.Once again the next stop is Springfiled.

What changes does the speaker mention?
The luggage compartment has been enlarged.
The dining car has been added
Passengers should sit only in assigned seats
A usual stop will be bypassed.

What is the next stop the train will make?

What does the speaker say about tickets?
They should be available for inspection
They have gone up in price
They cannnot be purchased on board.
they cannoto be used for on-way trips


Rice Crop Expected to Reach Near-Record Levels
The National Department of Agriculture has reported that the nation's farms are on pace このままで行くと to produce their second-largest annual rice crop and fourth-largest annual soybean crop ever. As a result, grain prices are ecpected to drop across the nation over the next several months.accordingg to the government's economici advisory office.

The forecast is base on acutual field visits and farmer surveys conducted by the department.Because of he higher-than-average rainfall during the early summer planting season, previous estimates had been mauch lower than normal.But cooler, ideal weather since then has helped many of the nation's farmers recover form June's heavy rains.The department forecasts that farmers will harvest 4.3 billion bushels ofrice, up more than 670 million bushels from the last month's estimate of 3.6 billlion.The new estimate is only 3 percent lower than last year's rcord crop of 4.5 billion bushels35リットル
The recovery is expected to lead to lower prices for rice and soybeans, two of the nation's most important agricultural exports.
That may provide some relief to meat producesrs who use rice and soybeans for feed, as well as for regular citizens who had expected to pay higher prices for rice and rice products at the supermarket.The department has lowered its estimate for soybeans slightly, to 2.97 billion bushels from 3 billion last month.

The new estimate is welcome news for many other businesses as well.High rice prices had cut deeply into profits for restaurants chains , for instance, since they spend a significant portion割合 of their bugest on rice and rice products.

What is expected for rice production this year?
It will be of better quality than last year's crop
It will dorp by 3% because of flooding
It will be higer than earlier forecast
It wil break records for the fourth year in a row


Ms.Farino,This is Diane from the Pendale Medical Center,I'm calling to let you know that your appointment with Dr.Morris this afternoon will have to be rescheduled.Dr.Morris was at a conference in Dallas, and his flight was delayed.He won't be back until this evening.Could you please give me a call here at 555 0192 so we can reschedule your appointment I'm very sorry for the late notice Ms.Farino,and we promise to give the earliest available appoitment

Where does the caller probably work?
At a travel agency
At an airport
At a doctor's office
At a hotel

What is the cause of the problem?
A tour was cancelled
A room is not available
A conferene date has changed
A flight was delayed

What is Mr.Farino asked to do?
Make a new appointment
Confirm a conference schedule
Provide contact information
use a different method of transportation.


What is the purpose of the memo?
To share details about a product test.
To provide an opinion of one of the drinks.
To explain the results of a customer satisfaction survey
To recommend changes to focus group procedures.

Why wre some of the samples labeled
To provide health information
To communicate the task to participants
To compare the name of the drink to the taste
To help participants keep the drink samples organized.

What is NOT mentioned about the survey?
ITs participants were divided into groups
It was conducted by Ms.Lee's assistant.

Its participants were selected by chance
It was held away from the cooporation's offices.

According to the mmo, what will occur next week?
More people will sample the drinks.
The drinks will be put on the market
The proccedure will be redesigned
REsults of the study will be availab


studeny from India[画像:d0363528.jpg]



New Products Department
Arianna Lee, Foucus Group nuber 4282
On October 1om I conducted a formal tastes test of the four new bottled iced tea drinks developed as summer specials.
The flavors tested were Summer Raspberry ,Fresh Mint, Fresh Mint wit Lemon and Hinto of Peach .ピーチ風味 Several of you have been asking about the taste test, so I'd like to provie a brief summary.

Two groups with twelve participants each from the local area were selected at random.They met during the day of October 10 at an off-site location 社外の場所で. Participants in the first group were given a sample of each flavor and asked to rate each sample on a scla of 1 to 10m with 1 siginifying that the drink was highly enjoyable .
Participants in the second group were given the same samples,
but the samples were labled by name. They were then asked to rate the samples on two scales from 1- to 10
how much they enjoyed the drink and how well it satisfied the expectation created by its name.Te purpose of this test was to determine if the flavors of the drinks actually match the expectation created by the name of the product.

Results of the group taste test are being processed and analyzed and will be availale next week.As always,the results are confidential , so my assistant will hand deliver 手渡しする  a paper copy of the report directly to you offices rather than sending it as an e-mail attachment. Remember , our competition is eager to find out the results.

If you think you need to share any details with anyone outside our department , please check with me first.


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