津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。



@Shamimaster Shishidoさん送ってくれてありがとうございます〜。

It's here-! The paulownia wooden storage I've always wanted for my shamisens! Now I can take them out with ease!


Hello, I've called 召集するthis meeting of the software development team to share some good news.We've alreadly exceeded our sales projections fo the new software,and I' like to thank you all for the late nights and weekends you spent woking to design such a great products
So the management has decided to give you all a bonus. which will be included inyour next paycheck Thanks again for your exceptinal work


This Saturday,local guitar maker 制作者Adriana Villalobos fufills a lifeling dream of opening her own guitar shop.
Located at Barton Road, The Acousti Galleria has been a work in proggress for many years長年に渡って取り組んできたことの成果である

Just days after her 18th birthay, a young Ms.Billalobos won a blue ribbon最高賞 in the woodwork cateory at the Norton County Fair in Los Cielos. Texas The table she desinged featured detailed inlay work that impressed both the judges and a renowned Los Cielos guitar designer,Javier, Torrez,who offered her an apprenticeship in his studio, Maxio Nivel Music. This early apprenticeship allowed Ms.Villalobos to combine her woodworking skills with another passion - musci

I grew up playing the guitar.so I was excited to learn how to make my own instruments, It was during the apprenticeship that she was able to develop special inlay techniques which involves inserting finely but pieces of wood into guitar fretboards and bodies to create beatiful decorative designs on guitars
Since the apprenticeship, MsBillalobs has spent five years honing 磨く her craft and selling her guitars to boutique music shops
Now that Acoustic Galleria is opening, the guitars will be sold only at the Barton Road location and at,
The store will also house her workshop and classroom for music lessons.Patrons 顧客at Saturday's grand opening will be treatedもてなされるto demonstrations of inlay work and guitar-shaping techniques

Thank you for sending me the ling to,,, about the opening of your shop
I'm deligted that you have achieved this big goal . From the time I first met you at our studio,so many years ago, I knew you had a special talent for making instruments. I've seen some of the instruments that you a have crafted in recent years from online pictures, and they are of the highest quality. You've come such a long way.Javier and I are proud that your started out 一歩を踏み出す with us

We may be traveling to Austin in September If so, we will make a point of 必ず visiting you there at your new shop


Dear Mr. Hashimoto
I am responding to your reference request for Ms. Mu Lee, who was asn employee of the Balestri Corporation up until 2 years ago.

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Ms. Lee for a postion with your company.
Ms. Lee was hired as a budget associate but was promoted in just one year to revenue accouting manger 収入会計課長
because of her exceptional problem-solving skills.For example,she created a unique spreadsheet for conducting statiscal analyses that was used to help one of our top clients become more profitable.
The technique she created for this client was adopted for use throughout the company. That was directlly responsible for her promotion.

A revenue accounting manager, Ms. Lee's leadership contributed substancially to increased producticity in her department.

During her first year in that role, he team was commended for 称賛される finding cost savings in four consecutive quaters.
In addtion , she is a talented speaker,and she successfully represented
the Balestri Corporation at a number of client meetings
After six years with the Balestri Corporation, Ms. Lee resigned to pursue an advanced degreee. She was an asset to the Balestri Corporation,and I am confident she will be an asset to your company ase well.



I met with one of my friends who studied at same elementary school

It was the first time to meet with a friend 
in 15 years because I went to a private junior high school

He said 'I thought you became a doctor  ' 
 Our clock winded again.

No one can tell why I became a shamisen player..

He run a cafe at Hamacho








浜町でHama house ってカフェやってます。





What made me most interested, was that she was trying not to look at her left fingers while trying to keep her eyes on the music notes.
A Jiuta Shamisen player came to learn Tsagaru Shamisen in my class.
In Tsugar Shamisen, it is acceptable to look at the left fingers.
Perhaps, this difference is associated with Jiuta which originated from Koto music.
Koto musicians do not look at their hands when they play since it was formerly played by blind musicians.
Tsugaru Shamisen was also played by blind musicians, but the technique was too fast, and the position jump is quite often, therefore it was easier to play while looking at your left finger.
In addition, when playing fast tunes it is difficult to flip pages because you consistently use both hands to change the page at a moment's notice.
In notable players, Shibata Shiblings look at their left fingers quite often, but Yamanaka Nobuto can play with their eyes closed.

So, it depend on the player whether they wish to look at their left fingers

It's the same Shamisen, but different technique. That's interesting!

Jiuta Shamisen player came to learn Tsugaru Shamisen in my class.

What made me interested most was she was try not to look at her left fingers and try to keep her eyes on music notes

In tsugaru shamisen, we can look at left fingers.

I thinks this difference originated from
Jiuta is related to Koto music,
In Koto music, they are supposed not to look at your hands
because it was formerly played by blind musicians.

Tsugaru Shamisen was also played by blind musicians,
but the technique is too fast, and position jump is quite often,
so it's easier to play with looking at your left finger,

so you can look at left fingers. I think.

In addition ,by playing fast tunes, you can't flip pages
because you use both hands consistently and
change the pages in a moment.

In notable players,
Shibata Shiblings look at their left fingers so much,
but Yamanaka Nobuto san play with closing his eyes.
So it depend on the player, but still you can look at left fingers.

Same shamisen, different idea, that's interesting!


面白かったのは 左手を見ないように、楽譜をしっかり見るようにされていたことでした。












the director of gardens, when he was interviewed by the Bramwell Morning Courier.The old logo displayed the name of the gardens above drawing of an elaborate Victorian Greenhouse.

New designs were subimitted by O'nNeall Graphics .Four of them were posted on the Botanical Gardens Web site.
Members were invited to choose which one would be the best logo.

The board agreed that the members made an excellent choice.

Marie Kim , the manager of the Botanical Garden's on-site visitors shop, is one of those happy with the new logo that members selected.
The new log is now featured on clothing and other marchandize and she is sure to it will help improve sales. Previsously, i was often dissapaointed. Even though a lot of visitors came into the store, many lefe without making a purchase. They didn'T think our imprinted itemes were 刻印する were atttracitive.


I played Akita Ondo,
or Minyo in Akita.
This Minyo is very unique because it have a part with no melody, like rap music.



News from Bramwell Botanical Gardens
BramWell May 26 Visitors to Bramwell Botanical Gardens are now greeted by a colorful new logo painted on the welcome sign at the entry gate. Most people say they are pleased with the new logo, which features a bright bouquet of wildflowers

The management of the botanical gardens decided to replace the old logo based on input from the public.
We collected opinion cards deposited in boxes at the gardens
and reviewed responses to an online survey.We found that receptiveness 反応 to the original logo was no longer positive.
said Jacob Harding.the director 園長 of the gardens when he was


Hi Sergei
I was at Feddre Electronics yesterday.I tried out the Movie Stream
projector that you suggested we use during our presentions at next week's investors meeting in Warsaw.I did like that the device is smal enough to fit in my carrry-on baggage and it can project images onto any surface. I also like htat it can stream material from the Internet in any location that has a wireless Internet connection. Unfortunately, if you place the device more than a meter away from the wall. the image become dim and blurred.That means that the images we want to show would not be large enough for our audience to see.

Thanks for your suggestion, but even at its bargain price,I don'TT think that this projetor will suit our needs. For our upcoming trip, I think we should stick with what we have.


livedoor ピクス
livedoor ピクス


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