津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Waikiki Orchid Hotel
Scheduled guest activities in February
All activities begin at 10:00 am at the guest service desk in the lobby.

Activity and instuctor guide description
Every Monday
Surfing lesson
Conducted by Kekoa Kalena

Learn to surf the waves of Waikiki.
Must be a good swimmer , 50$ per person
Participants must be at least 12 years old.

Every Tuesday
Hawaiian flower crafts
History tour
Conducted by Lani Okinmoto
In this 90-minute walking tour , participants will learn the history
of Waikiki, no charge.

Every Thirsty
Hawaiian cookery clas
Conducted by head chef Sarah Wang

Learn how to cook traditional local Hawaian dishes.
Lesson can be tailored to include vegetarian recipes only.
Participants must be at least 12 years old. 20$ per person

Hi all,
I need to updates this month's programn of guest activities.
Jesicca Agvayani and Sarah Wang will be away February 10-16
I will lead Jessica's activities and Tom Anaya will lead Sarah's.Everything will return to normal on Februaty 17th , when Jessica and Sarah both return.

Waikiki Orchid Hotel
MY family and I had a pleasurable stay at your hotel.
We enjoyed the activities you had scheduled and I would like to give my compliments to all the instructors.I had to skip the activity led by Mr.Okimoto, but my family told me they learned a lot from her.
My daughter and I truly enjoyed learning how to make flower garlands 花輪 and my husband has already made some of he dishes he learned how to make in Mr. Anaya's class.Finally , my son and daughter both had great fun with MR. Kalena.They are looking forward to putting his lessons to use when we travel on holiday to Morroco next year.

What activity can be customized?

What is the purpose of the e-mail?
To introduce two new employeses
To respond to a guest inquiry
To make changes to a schedule
To arrange training coursed for staff.

Who guided guests i making flower crafts?

What are Ms. Toivanen's children planning to do in Morocco
Go surfin
Learn Morocccan crafts
Take a tour
Make Moroccan food


Hello,everyone,welcome to architechtual conference at the west
wind Eco inn.This hotel was constructed last year using the latest energy efficient , non-polluting materials in addition the lodge offers easy access to surrounging forests and rivers that the region is famous for.we're very happy to host your group of international architects.I'm sure you will have many quetions about effiiciency and cost of material we've used.and why you consider using them in your own building design.















私たちはいつでも ニューヨークなのだ。

私たちはいつでも ニューヨークなのだ。(スペイン語で)


三味線用語 in English

This is the glossary of shamisen terms!

更新しました。 元々は英語の先生に質問して作ったものをベースに、本から使えそうな表現をピックアップしたり追加しておりましたが、

最近では実際の演奏や教室、バチドーのカイルさんの本や動画で 採集した英語をさらにネイティブにチェックしてもらっており、生の英語です!

We hope you enjoy the performance.と言います。

Please enjoy は

皆さんこんばんは、本日は獅子道 津軽三味線演奏会にお越しくださいましてありがとうございます。
.Thank you for coming to tonight's Shishidou presentation of Tsugaru Shamisen, featuring Oyama Kozan

Tonight, he will present a selection of traditional shamisen music, as well as modern and folk music

We hope you enjoy the performance.

始めの曲は津軽三味線の合奏曲六段 ろくだん です。
The first song of the night is a traditional ensemble shamisen piece called rokudan.

The next song is kyokubiki. It shows off many of the phrases and techniques which are indicative of tsugaru shamisen

Next, is Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi, a well-known traditional tsugaru song, which will be accompanied by dancers performing as well.

それでは、次は三味線を使った現代的な曲 ストームをお楽しみください。
Next is some modern tsugaru shamisen music, storm.

次は 津軽三味線 のロック調の曲、ライジングです。
Next is a tsugaru piece in more of a rock music vein, rising.
vein= 血管から転じて、スタイルの意味

Next is also a modern song called awakening.

This next song is a passionate piece of tsugaru music called firebird.

Next is a modern version of tsugaru jonkara bushi, jonkara bushi shinbushi.

Finally, we'd like to perform hanagasa odori from yamagata prefecture one of the three principal bon odori dances from Japan. The Japanese folk dance institute of NY will be again performing for us this beautiful dance.

Mr. Oyama teaches in NYC every April and November, and also teaches Tsugaru Shamisen over skype.

He also offers free trials lessons, so if you would like to learn tsugaru shamisen, please contact him at mail address


This is 93.9 WGKP radio.And Now for the local news.

Next week is the annual Milwood County Fair.
The annual festival celebrating Milwood's agricultural heritage
will open with the parade Friday at noon on Elm Street.
And in with the fireworks show, on Saturday night after dark.

The weather is expecetd to be sunny and warm most of the week
But there could be rain showers on Saturday.

So you may want to bring an umbrella.

What is the broad cast mainly about?
Local traffic conditions
An annual celebration
An agricultural report
A town meeting schedule

What does the speaker say will happen on Eml street?
Produce will be sold.
Street repairs will be completed.
A new shop will open.
A parade will take place.

What does the speaker suggest listeners do on Saturday
Avoid parking on Elm Street
Visit an amusment park
Prepare for rain
Listen to a radio news report.


Ok, sir,your total for these two shirts is $45 Oh, wait, I have a discount
coupon I want to use while it's still valid.I think I've got it  here somewhere.

Oh,here it is.Ok, thanks.Hmm, looks like the computer isn' t accepting it.

Let me take a look.

Ah, I see the problem.
Is it ok if I go back and browse a bit more to see if there's anything else
that I need?

Certainly.I can keep these shirts here at the register for you if you would lile.

shamisen busking

in central park



Product Development staff

Saud Dawodu

Product Expansion

Dear Product Development Team,

As you may know from recent sales reports for Aswebo Toys,
our products are enjoying great success in  international markets.
The response to our electronic and handcrafted wooden toys has been very favorable.

We have, in fact,had several request from a few of our principal clients to expand the number
of wooden toys we currently make for children from birth to age five.

Consequently,in an effort to assess the prospects for Aswebo toys,future growth in this area,

the management team has decided that our company will,as a preliminary step,準備段階

produce one new item intended for the early-childhood market.Belinobo Consulting
has been hired to conduct market research on the type of toy that we will introduce.
Using the results of their product study,the prototype will be refined 改良する
and put on the market as soon as it is feasible to do so.

This plan presents our company with an exciting opportunity.
I'm certain we can count on your dedication and initiative.

Prepared Aswebo Toys アスウェボ 玩具向け
By Belinobo Consulting

Building set 組み立てブロック

Survey respones were collected from 120 participants.
all of whom are parents of children in the focus age group.
Participants were first asked which toy they would be most likely to purchase.

They were then presented with one prototype from each category
and asked the same question a  second time.

They were given to survey participants to keep


 Excuse me, I'm trying to change my diet.

And I want to eat something differnt for breakfast.

You know,something healthier. like maybe yogurt,

Is there a yogurt that's low in calories but also has

a lot of protein?We have a lot of options you might like.

Here's one of our most popular brands of blueberry yogurt.

See , there is a lot of protein.Mmm. Nice.But my doctor told me
I shouldn't eat a lot of sweet foods.

and it would put me over the daily amout he recommended.
That's more than 30 grams.

In that case,I suggest buying the plain version of this yogurt.
Adding your own fresh fruit.

Why is the man looking for a certain product?
He want to eat healty food.
He is allergic to particular ingredient.
He had a coupon for a discount.
He had a favorite brand.

Which of the ingredients does the man express concern about?
Sodium ナトリウム

What does the woman suggest the man do?
Try a free sample
Go to a larger branch
Speak with his doctor
Purchase a diffrent item.


How is the meeting?


We talked about the ways to increase sales.

And, seems like we tried everything.
Well ,radio advertising's pretty effective,
though I can't believe how much they charge.

but one guy talked about easy changes to store layout.
They just moved some displays around and
it really made a difference.
I've ofen thought we should move the shoe department from the back of the store
to the front.

so it's across from the store entrance.
and here's an even better idea.put the shoes next to the fitting room.
If people are trying on cloths in the fitting rooms, they all probably
want to get the shoes at the same time.


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