津軽三味線、箏(琴)、沖縄三線を 演奏する、 三味線弾きシシド(小山貢山)のブログ。茶道、合気道もたしなむ日本文化体験&発信記。


Dear Aimi Sato
I trust that you have enjoyed the many benefits of belongins to the Drayton Fitness Center.According to our records, your membership will expire at the end of December.I would like to invite you to renew your membership at the discounted rate 400$ per year, a special offer available only to members who renew before their current memberships lapse.This reduced rate still includes full use of our state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition,we will be unveiling enlarged downtown center with new tennis courts, an indoor track.and a swimming pool early next year.
Please stop in to the office by December 31 to ensure that your membership continues uninterrupted


Hello, I'd like to purchase a ticket for the 3 o'clock train to Chicago,
Unfortunaltely ,sir, that train's already full.Here is the copy of daily train schedule.
Why don't you look over and choose a later departure.
At this time of day ,trains to Chicago leave frequently.
Hmm.If I wait for the 3:40 train I'll have time to buy souveneirs
before leaving. Do you know where is the gift shop in the station?
Yes there is one just downstairs to the left.

Where is the conversation taking place.

At a traing station
At an airport
At a bus terminal
At a car rental agency

What does the womansuggest the man do
Drop off his luggage.
Call a travel agent
Look at a schedule
Wait in the lobby

Where will the man probably go next?

To a ticket counter
To a hotel
To a bank machine
To a gift shop


February 6
Mr. Jung Go
288 Prince Street
Buffalo ,NY 14202

Dear Mr. Go
Thank you for your recent order.
Although most of your recent items have already shipped,
the Full-Spetrum Desk Lamp model B07 is temoporarily out of stock.
We are working closely with our suppliers to fill your order.

but the product is not likely to be available for a few weeks.
We would happy to substitute a similar item of your choice,or we can refund your payment for this item.

We appreciate your patience and hope to serve you in a timelier manner in the future. Meanwhile please contact our order department with any questions.


Can I borrow that book or are you still reading it?
One of my favorite authors.
They're stored on the bottom shelf.
I'm only through it.

Clarkson Library wll be closed for renovations
from May 3 to July 15, during which time the collection will not be open to the public.

Opend just six months ago, Finson's Grill has become one of the most popular restaurants in Delton.

Contrary to analysts' predictions, McKnight Electronic engineers were able to create a battery capable of lasting twice as long as previous models.

秋田民謡と津軽民謡の違い The difference between akita minyo and tsugaru minyo



津軽民謡は アレンジが利く。歌い手によって節を伸ばしたりする。
津軽民謡は声質や節回し、等 津軽っぽさを求められる


有名なのは梅若流 五星会(ごせいかい)


Tsugaru minyo is sung by closing throat.
Vibrato is bigger pictch bend.
Tsugaru minyo can be arranged with each singer.
Sometimes singer lengthen the melody.
The background of this way of singing is the competition of singers, held in various area.
Tsugaru minyo requires the atomosphere of Tsugaru area.

Akita minyo is sung by open throat.
The melody is set, or decided, so it can't be arranged so much.
Vibrato is smaller picth bend than tsugaru - minyo



粘り撥と言って 独特の間がある

What decides the skill of minyo taiko ?

Rythm, Posture,
It's not played in tempo.

off rythm on purpose.

You can learn tsugaru minyo at

Tsugaru Shamisen Shishido NY


Artists at Zadone Gallery are able to create reproduction複製 of famous paitings that are remarkably authentic looking.


Ever since book critic Martha Taynbe praised Leinaldo Da Silva's
The Flag Bearer , demand for it has skyrocketed.

Nabihi Verma, who holds degrees both in architecture and enginnering,
has a range of abilities beyond that of his peers.


You put the stamps in the top drawer didn't you?
My office is on the top floor.
Actually 実はI just use the last one.
I've always like to draw.

How do I log into my e-mail account?
We'll have to assign you a password.
He doesn't work in accounting.
No it's only temporary.

What did you decide about the marketing plan?
We've hired a consultant to review it
It just opened for business.
I definitely plannning on it.

Akira Nakayama had to delay the filming of his documentary in the rainforest when his equipment did not arrive on schedule.

In the event that you return after the rental counter closes,place your vehicle's keys in the night return slot.


I've ordered lunch from the cater other catere that Tom recommended
I'm sure it will be delicious
The recipe in that cookbook.
In off for four servings.Enough for four servings 4人分には十分です


Drade technologies has favorably responded to our proposal for its new advertising campaign.

Angus Wienholt's seminar provides a practical approch to starting a business using resources that are widely available.

Shruti wants to go to museum with us.
No,I didn't see them.
There are over 20 exibits in this wing.
all right, I'll reserve another ticket

When will the renovations be done?
They haven't given us a date.
A new heating system.
Through the side entrance.津用口から


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